How To Install Kitchen Faucets Easily (Step-by-Step Guide)

Well, installing the Kitchen Faucet is not so difficult task, you have to follow simple following steps, and installation is done. This installing guide contains both, Single Handle Kitchen Faucet as well as Double Handle Faucet. Kitchen faucets are the best addition to your kitchen accessories to make your kitchen easy to handle and time-saving.


You are supposed to go for the kitchen faucet that offers easy  installation without any hassle. Not just the installation but you also need to buy the faucet that can easily be repaired. This is important because in both cases, you wouldn’t like the idea to call a professional and ask him to install or repair your faucet, right? Instead you’d go for something that can be handled by you easily without any outside help.

Consider Number of Holes

The second most important thing to consider is the number of holes inside your sink. You should be buying the faucet that requires just the same number of holes that are inside the deck of your kitchen sink. Honestly, our suggestion here for you would be to opt for a single hole kitchen faucet because this one offers easy maintenance and easier operation too.

List of Best Faucets For Your Kitchen

Today we are here with the 10 best kitchen faucet reviews that will make things easier for you. We have compiled a list of some of the best faucets in town that won’t disappoint you in terms of quality and functionality.

In short, the faucets that we are going to review for you, are totally worth your time and money so take notes. Once you find a faucet matching your needs and requirements, you can then buy it without being disappointed at all.

Remove Old Faucets

We all know about the traditional faucets and how they have handles that can be rotated in a single given direction. But now things have changed and people prefer faucets that come with a single handle.

Why use two different handles for hot and cold when you can easily operate it with a single handle? It’s always better to go for a lever handle that can easily be turned on and off even with your elbow (in case your hands are all oily/greasy).

Install New Faucets

After the removal of old faucets, you need to install the new one whether it’s single handled or double handled. This pretty simple thing to do because you don’t need any tool or hard thing but only the power of hand. Move the new faucets Anti-Clockwise as you can see in the image given below.

Spray Settings

There are faucets in the market that offer 3 spray settings. There’s this setting where you get a stream of water which is typically used for filling pots and pans. The second setting is about your faucet turned into a spray for easier dishwashing and the third setting is the one where the water comes in pauses so that there’s no splashing etc.

If you want something that’s worth your money then go for the kitchen faucet that offers these 3 settings. These are the most important things to consider before you buy a kitchen faucet. With the tips mentioned above, you can land on a quality faucet that will work for you for years! The wiser thing to do in this case is to read online reviews and this is exactly what we are here for today.

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