Internal Vs External Sound Cards? Best Proved [Comparison Guide]

Internal vs External Sound Cards? Best Proved [Comparison Guide]

Last updated: 7 April, 2021

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Whether you are building a PC for gaming passion, professional work, or musical production, you must utilize the maximum potential of PC gadgets and the latest versioned hardware, but staying within the budget. I have also worked a lot in building the elite PC and successfully did that, but failed too many times which I don’t want you to.

Keeping other tools and ingredients aside, let’s directly discuss “Sound Cards” which are as important as fellow spare parts of a beast system. I have tested and experimented with both internal and external sound cards and found a big difference, YES, it's right. Not only in the structure of these cards but also the result is produced.


Besides the comparisons, many of us who got intermediate-level knowledge of external or internal sound cards, raise questions. To answers these normal and general questions I have also created a special and dedicated bar of FAQs that would whitewash all the confusions in your mind. So give also a few minutes to reading those FAQs queries.

Are there any high quality external sound cards available?

Yes, of course, I mean why not. I have listed the best external sound cards for my valuable readers and special ones who are currently reading my article. These are the best ones, believe me. If you pick anyone among the listed items, you won’t regret your decision.

Is External Sound Card Worth it?

To cut the story short, I would say a big YES to this particular question because all the external sound cards worth it. They have value added performances, they are made for money and they are best in performance.

Are external sound Cards Better than Internal?

I have discussed that thing in detail and in fact, I have given the comparison. Yes, they are not even better than internal but also best than internal sound cards. Factors on which behalf they are superior, I have briefly discussed.

You now have to just pick the best according to your PC building strategy. I would prefer you to go with the external sound card rather you pick an internal one.

This is for sure that external and internal sound cards both have their own “PROS” and “CONS” but, picking up the suitable one under money is really important and this detailed article will actually help you out. I have differentiated the big differences for your ease and suggested the best external sound cards too.

  1. Noise Quantity

After a deep comparison, the first and most important factor I noticed that the noise element can be found more in the internal sound card than the external. Internal Sound cards have much higher noise pollution. Internal sound cards depend on virtual control and software built-in interfaces where the volume control is quite difficult which causes noise pollution.

There are too many different models of external sound cards that are awesome in performance which I already reviewed in depth in my other dedicated best external sound cards reviews article. You can visit and have a look at that article.

  1. Connection Compatibility

We have to consider the main and important point of external and internal sound cards and that is it’s “Connectivity” which means a lot to professionals and PROS. Many of the sound cards whether they come with USB or modem are meaningless until their connectivity is not resolved instantly.

I have realized that the connectivity problem is equal to nil in the external sound cards. Yes, you read right, the external sound cards are very much connectivity compatible and easily adopted by the ports of CPU or USBs.
  1. Frequency

The frequency is quite an important element in making sure that sound quality is up to the mark and as per expectations. This is quite an interesting thing for passionate, but they ignore this factor within the blinking eye.

Once the external sound card is installed, you don’t have to worry about latency or frequency. While on the other side, the internal sound cards are not strong enough to absorb or produce a balanced frequency which causes the irritating sound.

  1. Price/For Money

Last but not the least, I found external sound cards best for money as they are cheaper and reliable than the internal ones. You must consider the factors that we have got extremely basic point proven right that “External Sound Cards worth Buying” rather we invest a lot of money on the internal sound cards.

Performance of external sound card is best in every aspect. They deliver the best and as per our expectations, probably did for me I must say.


What are best external soundcards for gaming?

There are too many external and internal soundcards available online especially for gaming purposes, but ASUS Xonar DX and Creative Sound Blaster Omni are the best ones to opt for.

What Makes a good sound card?

Producing an excellent sound quality totally depends on the internal settings and customizations. A great soundcard on the frequency of 96khz at 24 bit produces high quality audio.

What does a sound card do?

External Soundcard or USB sound cards are used to turn digital signals into analog signals. They also allow the single drivers to work with multiple devices.




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