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According to the Federal Trade Commission rules that were applied back in 2015.

On the behalf of the rules that were set to make sure that reader or visitor of a website/webpage or web media must be fully aware that Blogger/Publisher or Owner or specific Web element is being endorsed, or sponsored and partnered with any other company. For Techypes readers, this is important to know that this website is generating revenue and making money by sharing Links or products.

In order to comply with FTC Guidelines,  You must know about the links and posts/products on this site (

Any or All external links available on this site are totally commission based which we receive from third parties/companies and sites.

Affiliate Links Wiki

Such purchases that are made via visiting external links available on Techypes and buying from them after visiting.

Amazon and/or other websites/companies pay Techypes a commission or other compensation on the behalf of user/buyer/customer sent to them through our site.

There are no changes in prices. The provide external links cannot help in increasing or decreasing the price. These affiliate links show same prices on both sides, one the click is placed at and other where links send the user/reader/customer or viewer.

Amazon Affiliate Links

Techypes is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program that is based on commission after sending buyers/customers to Amazon.

Links of Affiliated Products

We are covering Tech products, and we will get commission in different percentage after the visitor clicks the Amazon Products links and buy from them.

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It is for sure that Techypes is totally based on un-biased reviews, so we won’t be accepting the sponsored or advertised content, but in case if we do so, then we will mentioned at the begining of content.