12 Best Wireless Routers 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Wireless technology is something on which our lives rely a lot, from gaming to watching our favorite serials on Netflix, most of our likings depend on online entertainment and when your Wi-Fi speed doesn’t match your surfing criteria, then you have to consider other options and among all Wireless Router is that product which has it all.

Combating slow-speed Internet is not a difficult task in presence of Wireless Routers. Unlike the past, where downloading by one of your friends directly impacts your internet speed, now you can manage your wi-fi speed regardless of all other members.

Currently, numbers of Best Wireless Routers are available in the market and it becomes so hard to choose that Router that could exactly meet your demands. But now you are in the safe zone, as we are here to address this issue and provide you a filtered list of the most affordable Wireless Routers along with their complete features and specifications.

List of Best Wireless Routers – Top Picks

Image Product Details   Price
backpac NETGEAR Nighthawk R6700 Dimensions: 11.22 x 7.2 x 2.44 inches

Item Weight : 1.58 pounds
Check Price
backpac TP Link Archer C1200 Dimensions: 21.5 x 0.5 x 0.9 inches

Item Weight : 0.48 ounces
Check Price
backpac TP Google Wifi  Dimensions: 4.17 x 4.17 x 2.7 inches

Item Weight : 11.8 ounces
Check Price
backpac TP D-Link Covr-C1203  Dimensions: 4.37 x 4.3 x 2.08 inches

Item Weight : 8.8 ounces
Check Price
backpac TP Asus RT-AC88U Dimensions: 30 x 6.5 x 18.8 inches

Item Weight : 2.6 pounds

Check Price
backpac Amped Wireless RTA2600 Athena Dimensions: 13 x 10.3 x 3.3 inches

Item Weight : 2.6 pounds
Check Price
backpac Linksys Max-Stream AC2200 Item Weight : 1 pounds

Item model number : EA8300
Check Price
backpac Samsung Connect Home Dimensions: 4.72 x 4.72 x 1.16 inches

Item Weight : 7.4 ounces
Check Price
backpac Eero Home Wi-Fi System Data Transfer Rate : 1200 Megabits Per Second

Wireless Communication Standard : 802.11a
Check Price
backpac BT Smart Hub Manufacturer reference : 084319

Item Weight : 1.08 kg
Check Price

Before starting our detailed review of the Best Wireless Routers, we are going to discuss some of the main features of a good Wireless Router and you should consider them before placing your order.

  • Good Wi-Fi Coverage
  • Built-in Security
  • Number of Ports
  • Guest Access
  • High performance CPU/RAM
  • Quality Services

NETGEAR Nighthawk R6700 – Extensive Range – Preferable for Large Homes

NETGEAR Nighthawk R6700 – Extensive Range – Preferable for Large Homes


  • Dimensions: 11.22 x 7.2 x 2.44 inches
  • Item Weight : 1.58 pounds
  • Item model number : R6700-100NAS
  • Brand : NETGEAR

Nighthawk R6700 is one of the fastest and powerful Wireless Router ever introduced by America Tech giants NETGEAR. This mid range router comes with bundle of latest protocols and honestly competes against many triple-stream routers available in market with comparatively high tag prices.

Starting our review from design, Nighthawk R6700 comes in high-quality black plastic casing with three antennas attached to the back side of the body which helps to boost the signal range and maximize signals coverage in large homes. Although you cannot replace those antennas instead they can be adjust as per your needs.


On front side of the panel, group of LED lights keeps you update from router’s status by blinking during different situations but you can also turn them off. Having 11.22 x 7.26 x 1.97in measurements and 750g weight, Nighthawk is extremely portable and you can place this router anywhere in your home, even you can hang it with wall.

Nighthawk R6700 with 1GHz dual-Core processor is purely aimed to meet the needs of large homes and capable to support up-to 450 Mbps on the 2.4 Ghz frequency band and extend to 1300 Mbps on 5Ghz frequency band. Having Dual band 802.11ac router and AC 1750 protocol, Nighthawk guarantees you high speed performance.

Nighthawk offers entry level features including advance technology for lag- free gaming and live streaming even for mobile devices. Highly improvised amplifiers enable this router to extend the signal range to the maximum level like never before. Moreover, automatic back-up software for Windows and Macs along with ability to auto-adjust speed when slow devices connect are other dominating features of this Wireless Router.

You can also remotely control Nighthawk router via mobile software. This router works with Netgear’s genie app and after installing this app you can fully control. Through QR codes you can easily connect other wireless devices with this router.

Opposite to its competitors, Nighthawk R6700 provides multiple options for security as this wireless router is equipped with VPN Support to secure remote access. Whereas Guest network access is separate and also secured with Double Firewall Protection and DoS attack prevention.

As far as performance is concerned, Nighthawk R6700 provides class level Wi-Fi speed even for the devices placed far away from it. Not only this, you always get stable and consistent speed from this router regardless of your distance. The Nighthawk offers five Gigabit Ethernet ports including 4 LAN Ports and a single WAN port with one USB 3.0 port for wire connection. The accessories comes with shipment package includes Ethernet cable, installation guide and power adopter.

  • Preferable for Large Homes
  • Amazing Speed
  • Easy Networking Management
  • Poor Design

TP Link Archer C1200 – Fast Speed – Super Fast Speed

TP Link Archer C1200 – Fast Speed – Super Fast Speed


  • Dimensions: 12.8 x 9.25 x 2.95 inches
  • Item Weight : 1.06 pounds
  • Manufacturer : TP-LINK
  • ASIN : B0743HB9H2

The Dual Band Gigabit Router Archer C1200 is updated sequel of Archer C5 manufactured by well re-owned Chinese Networking firm TP Link. Archer C1200 is designed to deliver way more better in practical manners than its old successor.

From smooth Live Streaming of your games to watching favorite series in HD Content, Archer C1200 provides you a promising and hustle free performance without any lagging. Moreover, 3 external antennas ensure wide and expanded coverage of strong signals.

Archer C1200 comes in shiny black plastic body, with 243 x 160 x 32.5mm (WDH) measurements and weighs only 2.3 pounds. In order to keep you update about ongoing operations of the router, number of LED Lights lightens on the front side, whereas three powerful antennas are placed on the back side of the frame which could be adjusted in all directions.


TP Link Archer C1200 is paired with Broadcom BCM 47189 processor which works at 900 MHz, along with that this router offers 128 MB of RAM and 16 MB of storage. The networking standard supported by this router includes IEEE 802.11a, 802.11n and 802.11ac.

The Dual-Band 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology enables Archer C1200 to provide maximum speed range of 1200 Mbps with number of devices attached whereas the highest frequency controlled by this router is up-to 867 Mbits which could be lower down to minimum 300Mbits. The signal rate of Archer C1200 for 5Ghz reaches up-to 867Mbps and 300Mbps for 2.4 GHz.

Archer C1200 is supported by IPv4 and IPv6 Protocols whereas this router is protected by Firewall Security including MAC Address Filter, SPI Firewall and MAC Address Binding. You can also secure your Guest Access through this security system.

Archer C1200 comes with single USB Port which is easily compatible with all storage devices and enables you to exchange data and files. Moreover, for fast and lag free wired connection this router is equipped with 4 Gigabit Ethernet Ports.

In order to remotely control the router operations, you need to install TP Link’s tether app and you can also attach your devices via QR Codes. Moreover, this router is compatible with Microsoft windows, Windows 7, MAC OS, NetWare and Linux.

In case you decide to book your parcel, you are going to get a complete package including 1 Dual Band Gigabit Router Archer C1200, 1 Power Supply Unit, Ethernet Cable and a quick installation guide which helps you to set up your router in no time.

  • Super Fast Speed
  • Wide Coverage
  • Honest Price
  • Needs Wi-Fi for App

TP Google Wifi – Easy To Use – Elegant Design

TP Google Wifi – Easy To Use – Elegant Design


  • Dimensions: 4.17 x 4.17 x 2.7 inches
  • Item Weight : 11.8 ounces
  • ASIN : B01MAW2294
  • Item model number : NLS-1304-25

Google Wi-Fi is next generation Wireless Router which comes with comprehensive solution of all internet related problems i-e weak connection, signal detection fail and the list goes on. Google Wi-Fi is pure combination of simple set-up along with entry level networking system.

Unlike other Wireless Routers, Google Wi-Fi cannot focus on blasting signals in specific location. Instead this router covers a wide area with consistent high quality Wi-Fi delivery. So you can fix this router for Wi-Fi coverage in multiple locations. Three Wi-Fi points enables Google Router to cover up-to 418 square meters in a home or office.

Buy Google Wifi Instantly

Google Wi-Fi comes in simple Cylinder shape design having diameter of 106mm with 69mm height and weighs only 340g. Whereas white LED band is placed in its center. It is worth noting that Google Wi-Fi is too small and easily portable for one place to another. Opposite to ordinary mesh systems, Google Wi-Fi can work with Multi-Node system to provide fast internet pushing speed.

Google Wi-Fi also functions as Core Router and capable to spread both wired and wireless internet. The Ethernet and USB Ports helps you to connect your devices with this router through wires. The set-up of Google Wi-Fi is as easy as you think and you can simply overview the entire details and process by using iOS or Android app. Which means you can control all the operations of Google Wi-FI through your Smartphone.

In order to use Android app, you have to sign in through your Google account but once you done that, this app will provide you many other useful features including internet speed test, Ookla mesh test and connection strength measurement.

When it comes to performance, Google Wi-Fi provides best value to your money as this router can deliver 100Mbps Wi-Fi service without any distortion. Moreover, if you accidentally unplugged the Wi-Fi points, Google will automatically repair itself.

Google Wi-Fi is equipped with Quad-Core Arm CPU (each core up-to710MHz) whereas this is one of the best Wireless Routers provides 512 MB RAM and 4GB EMMC flash storage. The connectivity ports of Google include 2 x Gigabit Ethernet ports per Wi-Fi (1 WAN and 1 LAN Port.) Wireless Connectivity offered by this router includes IEEE 802,11a/b/n/ac, AC 1200 2 x 2Wave 2 Wi-Fi with expandable mesh, dual band 2.4Ghz and 5GHz.

On placing your order you are going to get two Wi-Fi nodes with power supply along with Ethernet Cable. On opening your box you just need to connect your Ethernet Cable with 1st Wi-Fi point of existing modem or router and rest will be automatically done and you will get your Internet Access Points.

  • Elegant Design
  • Easy Set-up
  • Wide Area Coverage
  • Little High Price

TP D-Link Covr-C1203 – Heavy Signal’s Range – Extended Signal Coverage

TP D-Link Covr-C1203 – Heavy Signal’s Range – Extended Signal Coverage


  • Dimensions: 4.37 x 4.3 x 2.08 inches
  • Item Weight : 8.8 ounces
  • Item model number : COVR-C1203-US
  • Voltage : 120240 volts

When it comes to Mesh Networking, mostly routers available in market perform below expectations either those router fail to deliver required speed or they starting lagging in other possible way. But D-Link Covr-C1203 router is designed to spread super fast speed without noticeable lag regardless of your home or office size and in this way this mesh router provides best value to your money.

Having 109 x 117 x 51mm measurements and 250g weight, D-Link Covr-C1203 is truly portable and you can place this router in any corner of your home. This mesh router comes in triple unit package which includes 1 main unit which provides you initial point for internet access and two satellite units to extend signals strength. Each unit of this router contains three internal antennas and is powered by 802.11ac circuitry.

Although all these units looks identical but on close inspection you are going to get that one unit is labeled as Point A and it is the main unit of this router whereas other two units are termed as Point B and Point C.

Why D-Link

D-Link Covr-C1203 is equipped with Dual Band 802.11ac technology which works with 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. This mesh router can easily cover the range of 5000sq.ft whereas maximum speed on 5GHz band reaches up-to 866Mbps and 300Mbps for 2.4GHz band. D-Link Covr-C1203 supports Multi User, Multiple Input and Multiple Output and also offers Smart Steering feature.

If the number of attached devices increased on first band, Covr-C1203 automatically shifts from 5GHz to 2.4GHz to provide you better results. D-Link Covr-C1203 comes with D-Link app which helps you to control all the network operations of this router remotely including changing Wi-Fi settings, enabling guest access and checking of connected devices with your router.

This app is compatible with Android and iOS. The other dominating features of D-Link Covr-C1203 include IPv6 and VLAN Protocols, easy guest access, dynamic DNS support. In order to secure your network access, this mesh router is equipped with Firewall Security system.

D-Link Covr-C1203 is powered with USB Type-C ports along with two Gigabit Ethernet ports on each unit. Unlike many other mesh routers, D-Link Covr-C1203 offers limited LAN options to connect your wired devices which might disappoint you.

The set-up of D-Link Covr-C1203 is very easily as after downloading the app or scanning QR code, you need to follow the on-screen instructions and connect unit A with your modem and power it up to get network access.

  • Extended Signal Coverage
  • Elegant Design
  • Honest Price
  • Limited LAN ports

TP Asus RT-AC88U – High Performance – 8 Gigabit LAN Ports

TP Asus RT-AC88U – High Performance – 8 Gigabit LAN Ports


  • Dimensions: 30 x 6.5 x 18.8 inches
  • Item Weight : 2.6 pounds
  • Item model number : RT-AC88U
  • Brand : ASUS

Asus being famous for their high end gaming laptops have also marked their footprints in Networking market and comes out with one of the best dual band router Asus RT-AC88U. From looks to performance, Asus RT-AC88U reflects class in all directions and treats honestly with your pocket.

Asus RT-AC88U is the only router available in market that comes with 8 Gigabit LAN ports along with Dual WAN ports support, which ensures continuous delivery of high speed internet without any lag in performance. Moreover, you can also convert LAN ports into WAN ports and for superfast connection you can combine two LAN ports together.

If your are regular user of Asus products, you might be aware of the fact that all the gadgets of this company displays real craftsmen aesthetics and same in the case of Asus RT-AC88U, as this mesh router comes in complete black color having dual triangular shape body along four detachable antennas, two on the back side and two at reach of each side. Although these air vents make this router bulky but indeed help to enhance signals strength.

In order to keep you update from router’s operation, number of indicating lights are placed on chassis including Internet Connection status indicator, USB, LAN and WPS indicator and Power on/off indicator. On back side you are going to find 8 Ethernet Gigabit ports, 1 Ethernet Internet, 1 USB 2.0 Port and few buttons including Reset, Power and WPS button. This simple layout makes the using operation of Asus RT-AC88U quite easy.

Specifications & Range

Asus RT-AC88U works with Dual Core processor works at 1.4 GHz, whereas this router offers you 512MB RAM and 128MB Flash Storage. Asus RT-AC88U comes with 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi standards and supported by MU-MIMO.

Asus RT-AC88U offers amazing sharing speed as it provides 2,167 Mbps on 5Ghz band and 1,000Mbps for 2.4 Ghz band. Moreover, this router uses Broadcam BCM47094, BCM4366 and BCM4366 Chipset which is currently used by most powerful routers available in market. Unlike many other dual band routers, Asus RT-AC88U provides multi-client data streaming and its connection speed remained extremely fast on both bands.

You can also read, write and transfer files through this router on same speed. In addition to that, Asus RT-AC88U offers many other features including ASUS WRT firmware, AiCloud, AiProtection, High Power Mode, Dual WAN Port, VPN Server, Guest Access, DLNA server, Download Master Application and Automatic IP detection.

The manufacturers of Asus RT-AC88U also offers you many other accessories inside the box including Power Brick, Power Cables (3types) , Ethernet Cable, Antenna Bands, Warranty Card and Instructions Booklet which helps you to set-up your system in no time.

  • 8 Gigabit LAN Ports
  • High Speed Performance
  • Easy to Use
  • NAS Performance is below average when attached with External Hard Drive

Amped Wireless RTA2600 Athena – Powerful Antennas – Easy Set-up

Amped Wireless RTA2600 Athena – Powerful Antennas – Easy Set-up


  • Dimensions: 13 x 10.3 x 3.3 inches
  • Item Weight : 2.6 pounds
  • Item model number : RTA2600
  • ASIN : B00ZOO2R8A

Amped Wireless RTA2600 Athena with almost same price its competitors have, delivers more high speed and long range connection services along with many other distinguishing features. That why’s you should keep this router in your consideration list.

Amped Wireless RTA2600 Athena comes in unique and appealing design as angled sides frame with 4 antennas on the back side, dipped in black color looks spectacular and you never want to hidden this router from view. Moreover, lightweight manufacturing plastic makes this router extremely portable even you can wall mounted it.

All 4 antennas of Amped Wireless RTA2600 Athena are detachable and powered by 5dBi Dual Band which ensures to deliver super fast connection speed in all directions and expand the signals strength to cover maximum area. Each antenna has four amplifiers to boost the signals for incoming and outgoing traffic on all bands.

Specifications & Range

Having quick run through specifications, Amped Wireless RTA2600 Athena comes with 1.3Ghz Quad Core Processor and offers 128 MB Flash and 256MBDDR3 Memory. In order to host storage devices, this router supports 2.0 and 3.0 USB Ports.

Amped Wireless RTA2600 Athena is equipped with number of latest networking protocols including 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Standard Wireless and compatible with both 2.4 and 5GHz Frequency bands. Although the connection speed varies for both bands.

This dual band router delivers 600Gbps of data over the 2.4Ghz band and 1.743Gbps with 5Ghz band. Equipped with MU-MIMO technology, this router sends and receives data to multiple storage devices at the same time with high speed.

As far as connectivity is concerned, Amped Wireless RTA2600 Athena offers you 1 RJ-45 WAN port for modem, 4 RJ-45 LAN Ports for other wired devices, 1 USB 2.0 Port for USB Storage and 1 USB 3.0 Port for USB Storage.

Opposite to many rivals, Amped Wireless RTA2600 Athena offers you 8 Guest networks which could be made separately and did not interfere into your personal network. Moreover, this router can automatically stop your access to does sites which are unsafe for surfing.

Amped Wireless RTA2600 Athena is compatible with all Android and iOS apps whereas you can also configured this router with your PC and Mac. After plugging antennas you just need to connect your device with this router and start getting signals.

Amped Wireless RTA2600 Athena comes with 1 year warranty, along with that you also get many other accessories inside the shipment includes 4 antennas, 1 power adopter, RJ-45 Ethernet cable and set-up guide with easy instructions.

  • Easy Set-up
  • High Speed Performance
  • Powerful Antennas
  • Limited Range

Linksys Max-Stream AC2200 – Quality Coverage – High Quality Coverage and Performance

Linksys Max-Stream AC2200 – Quality Coverage – High Quality Coverage and Performance


  • Dimensions: 6.37 x 8.41 x 2.16 inches
  • Item Weight : 1 pounds
  • Item model number : EA8300
  • Color : Black, Blue

If you are mainstream user and looking for short range wireless router with super cool performance then Linksys Max-Stream AC2200 is best choice for you. As this router is pure mixture of Tri Band and MU MIMO technology which ensures 4 times more high speed than ordinary routers available in market.

Having 213.7 x 161.8 x 54.8mm (LWH) measurements and 1.3pounds weight, Linksys Max-Stream AC2200 is extremely portable and reflects professional looks. This lightweight router can be placed in any corner of your house or office. Instead of indicating lights, Linksys Max-Stream AC2200 comes with small panel on the chassis which blink in different colors depends of running operations.

Linksys Max-Stream AC2200 offers ton of features including Auto Firmware update, Advanced SPI and DoS protection security, Airtime Fairness, Smart Connect Band Steering, Smart Wi-Fi management and Advanced Beamforming+ technology.

In order to provide strong signals range, Linksys Max-Stream AC2200 is equipped with 4 antennas, although these antennas are adjustable and not detachable. Two of them offer dual band technology and remaining two works with single band technology.

Specifications & Range

Linksys Max-Stream AC2200 comes with quad core 716MHz processor with 256MB of RAM as well as flash memory. Along with that, this router offers one gigabit WAN Port to connect with internet and four standard gigabit LAN ports for wired devices.

This Tri Band router is compatible with 802.11ac Wi-Fi standards and you can easily upgrade them whereas MU-MIMO technology enables this router to connect with multiple devices at the same time with dedicated speed. Linksys Max-Stream AC2200 offers 5Ghz and 2.4GHz bands, in which the top speed for 5GHz reaches 867Mbps and 400Mbps for 2.4GHz band.

But theoretically the speed range varies and depends upon the distance from the router. In order to remotely control all the operations of this router, you need to download Linksys app whereas this router is compatible with latest versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer (latest versions).

Linksys Max-Stream AC2200 offers many operation modes including Wireless Router, Access Point (wired bridge), Wireless Bridge and Wireless Repeater. In addition, this router supports FAT, NTFS and HSF+ Storage files.

For better security, this router is powered with WPA and WPA 2 along with 128 bit AES Link encryption. Moreover, the parental control enables you to control the surfing of all connected devices by yourself and only offer specific content sites.

  • High Quality Coverage and Performance
  • Best for Short Range
  • Easy to Use
  • Little Bit Expensive

Samsung Connect Home – Superb Network Coverage

Samsung Connect Home – Compatible Mesh Routers – Superb Network Coverage


  • Dimensions: 4.72 x 4.72 x 1.16 inches
  • Item Weight : 7.4 ounces
  • Part Number : ET-WV520B
  • Batteries: 1 AA batteries required.

Samsung Connect Home is a fully featured and versatile mesh Wi-Fi system which offers you ton of other options rather than working as ordinary router. This Compact hub enables you to control your home network and other smart devices, adjust room temperature, switch on lights, enabling guest access and the list goes on.

Samsung Connect Home works as Router as well as Smart things Hub at the same time and its multi-tasking ability make it convenient for many users. Moreover, this 3 unit mesh system is accompanied by User-Friendly software which makes it operation quite easy.

Having quick run through design, Samsung Connect Home comes in three unit package with 3.1 x 5.8 x 5.8 inches measurement and heavily rounded corners shape with a Samsung logo on the top. Each of the unit shares same connection whereas red and green indicating lights blink to show different statuses.

Specifications & Range

Samsung Home Connect comes with 802.11ac Dual Band Wi-Fi Support whereas it works with Qualcomm IPQ8065 Wi-Fi Chip. Having 1.7GHz Dual Core Processer, this mesh router offers 512MB RAM and 4GB Flash Memory.

This device also offers updated MU-MIMO technology which enables you to share and receive and transfer storage files, watching 4K movies and playing games online with dedicated connection speed for multi-users.

This AC1300 Network Router speeds up-to 866 Mbps at 5GHz bands and 400Mbps at 2.4GHz band. The maximum signal range offered by Samsung Home Connect is 70 feet, although the signal strength directly impacts on speed as the range increases.

Samsung Connect Home offers Implicit and Explicit beamforming for both 2.4 and 5Ghz bands whereas this router comes with 2 gigabit Ethernet ports which includes 1 WAN Port for internet access and 1 LAN Port for wired devices.

Opposite to many other routers available in market, Samsung Connect Home did not allow you to customize your 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands. Moreover, this mesh router also lacks any security setting, VPN and networking sharing options. You totally relay on Samsung app to control the networking.

Other than Mesh Router, Samsung Connect Home also includes many other features like Voice Assistant, Amazon Echo, Nest Learning Thermostats, Security System, Speakers and Smart Lighting Systems including Hue and Philips.

To start your Home Network via Samsung Connect, you have to install Samsung app which is only compatible with Android and iOS but you can’t connect this app with PC or MAC by using web interface. After installing app, you can set up your account, configure your network name and enter password to get things on.

  • Works as Mesh Router and Home Control at same time
  • Easy to Use
  • Superb Network Coverage
  • Little Tricky Mobile App

Eero Home Wi-Fi System – Tri-Band Technology – Elegant Design

Eero Home Wi-Fi System – Tri-Band Technology – Elegant Design


  • Data Transfer Rate : 1200 Megabits Per Second
  • Wireless Communication Standard : 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • Security Protocol : WPA2-PSK
  • Connectivity Technology : Wi-Fi

Eero Home Wi-Fi System is a premiere mesh router which pleasingly offers high speed performance among amazing security options to control over your network connection. Indeed, this Tri-Band router shares some those features that its competitors could lack and that’s the reason its price is little bit high as compare to its rivals.

Eero Home Wi-Fi System comes with three hardware units which almost share identical design. The main unit works as internet modem whereas other two units with powerful antennas inside works to expand signals range.  With 121 x 121 x 32mm (WDH) measurement, all these units are extremely portable and can be placed anywhere in your home.

Specifications & Range

This mesh router is equipped with Quad Core 700MHz CPU and offers 512MB RAM and 4GB of flash storage. Which means you can easily share, transfer, receive and download storage files with all connected devices at high speed rate. Eero Home Wi-Fi System offers 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Standard Wi-Fi and works with Tri-Band technology to provide balanced performance.

The Wireless frequency of Eero Home Wi-Fi System is compatible with 2.4GHz, 5.2GHz and 5.8Ghz bands. With AC1200 speed rate, Eero Home Wi-Fi System is paired with MU-MIMO technology which can entertain multiple devices at same time whereas this mesh router also features Beamforming for all wired and wireless devices.

For Networking interface, Eero Home Wi-Fi System uses WAN and LAN ports which includes 1 Gigabit Ethernet Port and 2 LAN Ports on each unit for wired devices. Moreover, this router is backed up by WPA2-PSK wireless security to avoid threats and Malware.

Eero Home Wi-Fi System covers 1,500 square feet area and provides super fast speed for all connected devices. Although the connection speed varies for 2.4GHZ and 5GHz bands but practically signals strength remained strong regardless of your distance and number of devices attached.

In order to extend your signal service to wider area this Mesh router also offers bridge mode for connected wired devices.  But in case you use Non Eero router, you might not be able to you the features and settings of Eero Home router.

Eero Home Wi-Fi System comes with numerous updated software along with improved mobile app which makes it very easy to operate. This router is compatible with Eero Mobile app which is available on iOS and Android. You can download this app for free and after carefully reading the onscreen instructions you have to create your account and connect all devices.

  • Elegant Design
  • Tri-Band Technology
  • Good Performance
  • Little bit high Price

BT Smart Hub – Multi-Connection With Vast Range – Good Performance

BT Smart Hub – Multi-Connection With Vast Range – Good Performance


  • Dimensions: 20 x 11 x 13 cm; 1.08 Kilograms
  • Manufacturer reference : 084319
  • Item Weight : 1.08 kg
  • Manufacturer reference : 084319

BT Smart Hub is the upgraded version of Home Hub 5 and offers more fast speed with enhanced signal range as compare to its predecessor. In ISPs routers market where you can see many expensive and high profile routers like TalkTalk and PlusNet, BT Smart Hub is the only beast which provides extremely high connection speed with comparatively low tag price.

Although BT Smart Hub shares simple but unique design, as square shaped plastic frame with curved sides comes in two-tone black chassis, along with BT logo and illuminating light at the center looks very attractive.  This mesh router looks slightly bulky as compare to its old successor but easily portable.

BT Smart Hub lacks any visible antenna whereas the manufacturers claim that this router contains 7 antennas inside hardware which offers better connection distance and extended signal strength. Unlike its old version, BT Smart Hub is also equipped with MU-MIMO technology.

Specifications & Range

BT Smart Hub enables you to use 4 x 4 MIMO 802.11ac Wi-Fi standards in 5GHz band and 3 x 3 MINO over 2.4GHz bands. Whereas you can get speed of 1200Mbits on 5.4GHz and 450Mbits over 2.4GHz with multiple devices connected at the same time.

With four gigabit Ethernet Ports for wireless internet access and single USB 2 port for sharing of data via USB Thumb drive, BT Smart Hub provides way better options than its competitors. Moreover, this router also offers 2 AC wireless connectivity ports.

The set-up of BT Smart Hub is also very easy as after opening the box all you need is to connect the router with the main and then connect the broadband cable with the socket and after few seconds Smart Hub will automatically connect to BT’s server. This whole process hardly takes five minutes and blue light on the chassis glows if you attach all the hardware correctly.

No doubt, BT Smart Hub are hustle free routers as most of the features of this router occurs automatically as this router optimize itself automatically in case of poor signal strength and provides you the best WI-Fi signals and it also select its wireless channels on its own.

Moreover, you can also take over all the operations of this router manually including web interface. For this you have to log in into your BT account and then connect your device with the hub. But if you use advance settings you have to turn off manual mode.

  • Good Performance
  • Better Performance than Home Hub 5
  • Allow multi-device connectivity
  • Limited Signal Range

Buying Guide

Before any purchase of your wi-fi router, you will have to take into consideration the criteria of use that you want to make of it. So, you will first have to identify your needs: are you alone or a large family? Is it for two computers or do you have a multitude of connected devices?

What is the surface to be covered? So remember to list all the criteria that seem important to you so that you don’t forget anything. To make an informed purchase in all conscience, do not hesitate to find out about reviews, buying guides, and product tests to discover the advantages and disadvantages of a particular router.

The best way to find the right product is to seek advice from a specialist. Easier said than done! There are many brands selling wifi routers and it is sometimes difficult to sort through what is on offer.

Customer testing and benchmarking are very practical and easy methods to target the best wifi router, models. In the blink of an eye, they allow you to target the characteristics of the model, its advantages and disadvantages. On the Internet, the advantage is to be able to benefit from the experience of other customers, to be able to read tests and reviews.

If, however, you are a fan of stores, do not hesitate to target the model or models that interest you before going to inquire further on the Internet.


The Signals Range of a Wireless Router depends on the Frequency and Technology it is working on. An ordinary Wireless Router can transmit powerful signals up-to 150 feet indoors and 300 or more feet outdoors.

Wireless Routers are necessary to avail Internet and Cable Network services in homes. These devices connect Internet Service to your Home Appliances. If you want to get Internet Access at home, you need to buy a good wireless router.

Many latest model cars come with W-Fi Technology. However, you cannot use a wireless router to run the internet in a car. However, most car owners use a portable modem or buy external services to enjoy the internet during traveling.

Final Conclusion

Long and mid range wireless routers even for the home or official use, all the models and above mentioned machines do justice with quality, price, and durability. To extend the Wifi signals from few meters to kilometers or above, you can use these wifi routers with closed eyes.

I have tried to cover all aspects of Wifi extenders, their capability and potential to extend under different conditions. Anyone who works on the Internet will tell you, it can be difficult to work efficiently without having a good wifi router.

And finding the best wifi router is complicated when you’re a beginner and you’re drowning among all the references available on the market. That’s why we have put together a buying guide to help you find the best wifi router through reviews, tests, and customer reviews.

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