15 Best Wireless Earbuds 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are a music lover who always wants to listen to their favorite songs on the go, having wireless earbuds is definitely a great idea for you. Whether you are just taking a stroll or working out at the gym, it will make your experience worthwhile for sure.

Cables can be annoying, especially, when you are performing your workouts and they may get in your way time and again. So, it is always better to get something that can help get rid of the issue.

You can find all sorts of earbuds in the market and there may be some that are a bit costly while others may be inexpensive enough to suit every budget and need. The trend of wireless earbuds was first initiated by Apple when they first released their EarPods while all the other popular brands followed the trend to come up with their own wire-free earphones.

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Apple AirPods Item Weight : 3.5 ounces

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backpac Jaybird X3 Sport Dimensions: 21.5 x 0.5 x 0.9 inches

Item Weight : 0.48 ounces
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backpac SENSO Bluetooth Headphones Dimensions: 4.9 x 4.7 x 1.3 inches

Item Weight : 0.16 ounces
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backpac Bose SoundSport Wireless Dimensions: 0.98 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches

Item Weight : 0.8 ounces
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backpac Jabra Elite Active 65t Dimensions: 1.06 x 1.18 x 0.88 inches

Item Weight : 11.2 ounces
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backpac Sony WF-SP700N Wireless Dimensions: 0.96 x 0.86 x 0.64 inches

Item Weight : 0.53 ounces
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backpac Anker SoundBuds NB10 Dimensions: 15.94 x 1.89 x 0.98 inches

Item Weight : 0.6 ounces
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backpac Samsung Gear IconX Dimensions: 6.1 x 5.16 x 2.64 inches

Item Weight : 11.8 ounces
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backpac LG Tone Pro Dimensions: 1.6 x 7.4 x 8.6 inches

Item Weight : 1.27 ounces
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backpac Samsung Level U Pro Dimensions: 7.6 x 1.68 x 7.5 inches

Items Weight: 6.4 ounces
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If you think the term “truly wireless” is nothing but sales jargon, it actually represents a complete lack of cable between the earpieces. After the initial cable-free designs were introduced by Apple and other brands started to follow the trend, there were some design limitations, poor battery life, and quirky operational problems that used to be associated with these wireless offerings.

As a matter of fact, these were present in most of the products on market and we didn’t have any clear winners at that time. Ever since, however, these products have matured quite a lot and, finally, we are able to have a few standout products which beat the rest with a huge margin.

So, if you are interested in finding out the best wireless earbuds 2021, here we have a list for you. Let’s check out.

Apple AirPods – Best Among All – Ultra-Lightweight and Fully Wireless Headphones

Apple AirPods – Best Among All – Ultra-Lightweight and Fully Wireless Headphones


  • Dimensions: 0.65 x 0.71 x 1.59 inches; 3.5 Ounces
  • Item Weight : 3.5 ounces
  • Item model number : MV7N2AM/A

If you are a music lover who always wants to listen to their favorite songs on the go, having wireless earbuds is definitely a great idea for you. Whether you are just taking a stroll or working out at the gym, it will make your experience worthwhile for sure.

Cables can be annoying, especially, when you are performing your workouts and they may get in your way time and again. So, it is always better to get something which can help get rid of the issue.

You can find all sorts of earbuds in the market and there may be some that are a bit costly while others may be inexpensive enough to suit every budget and need. The trend of wireless earbuds was first initiated by Apple when they first released their EarPods while all the other popular brands followed the trend to come up with their own wire-free earphones.

If you think the term “truly wireless” is nothing but a sales jargon, it actually represents complete lack of cable between the earpieces. After the initial cable-free designs were introduced by Apple and other brands started to follow the trend, there were some design limitations, poor battery life and quirky operational problems which used to be associated to these wireless offerings.

As a matter of fact, these were present in most of the products on market and we didn’t have any clear winners at that time. Ever since, however, these products have matured quite a lot and, finally, we are able to have a few standout products which beat the rest with a huge margin.

So, if you are interested in finding out the best wireless earbuds 2020, here we have a list for you. Let’s check out.

Whether you believe the AirPod earphones from Apple will give you more of a goofy look or not, the bigger question to be answered is that whether they’re really good or not.

Are they really worth buying as compared to other “truly wireless” earbuds models around, with separate right and left earpieces, not just against typical in-ear Bluetooth headphones – the old-fashioned models which connected two earbuds using a real cable?

Well, the short and simple answer would be that Apple’s earphones – priced at $159 – are comparatively much better than what you’d have expected and that’s particularly true for those who are already using products from Apple. The opinion from the general public has certainly helped them become a perfect hit they’re today.

Besides, they are also priced well as compared to other competing products like Bose SoundSport Free and Jaybird Run as these two products will cost you more.

However, what you may hear from others and even feel yourself is that only those will like these earphones to whose ears’ shape these AirPods it perfectly.

Even though they fit reasonably well in the ears of most of the people, there are some for whom they fit just incredibly well. All they have to do is to drop the AirPods into their ears and they’ll stay right there.

And, for them, these AirPods are just fantastic. If you are not among that small percentage of people, and your ears aren’t just tailor made for the AirPod vessels, you may not have the equally amazing experience as others would have. Still, they are quite compact in the small charging case. And, they also sound just great and work equally well too.

As you will start using these AirPods from Apple, you’ll surely start to fall in love with them even more. Quite a few early bugs have been quashed by Apple already and they don’t even cut out in phone conversations done through iPhone 6S anymore as well.

Remember, however, that Apple did not ever acknowledge that bug. Also, with newer iOS versions now available, it is possible to double-tap your ear bud for advancing forward and backward through your tracks. There are different functions that can be assigned to this double-tap feature associated to each of the ear buds.

All such tweaks combined, along with the act that they’re still quite reasonably priced as compared to other top rated truly wireless ear buds, make the rating of these earphones from Apple to go up a notch. It is also quite worth noticing that now you can finally get your AirPods without much of waiting around. You can find your pack at stores as well as online.

Now, if you are looking to have some more in depth look into the best things that Apple’s AirPods have to offer, here we have them listed. Just take a look and find out what’s so great about this cool product from the tech giant.

Fit & Comfort

AirPods from Apple are quite lightweight and will stay in your ears much better than the EarPods from Apple itself which is the default earphones – the wired version – which Apple ships with all its iPhone devices.

Even though AirPods seem quite similar to their wired counterparts, there are a few design upgrades made to the wireless version which helps them become a much better fit.

The cords of the EarPods from Apple are a lot slim but they still add some weight to these ear buds and often make them to easily slip out of the ears if they’re not a perfect fit. However, in case of AirPods, there is nothing to drag them down and they sit loosely nestled into your ears.

For some people, they’ll fit snugly as well. Furthermore, you will also find your AirPods to be easy to put in and out of the ear and they’ll be quite comfortable as well courtesy their light weight.

They Offer Seamless Pairing With W1 Chip

The customized Bluetooth chip from Apple, the W1 chip, is designed specifically for auto-pairing with the devices from Apple that run iOS 10 and later, Watch OS 3 and later, or MacOS Sierra and later. It delivers to perfection as well:

All you have to do is to place the earphones close to the compatible devices so that they can be detected automatically and just ask to pair.

There is no need to dive deep into the settings menu. It is also possible to easily transition between the Apple devices and you can also toggle between sound of the computer and that of your iPhone/iPad as well. It’s all quite seamless.

For anyone who owns Apple Watch, it’s really important to have such seamless transitions between the iPhone and the Watch, and that’s probably one of the major reasons why AirPods make an appealing accessory to the Apple Watch owners.

In addition, AirPods also work with the Bluetooth audio devices that are not from Apple – such Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus – but you may not be able to access the special features in this type of pairing.

Flexibility & Special Features

You can also make your AirPods to work as mono or stereo headsets and, if you’re interested, it is possible to use just a single bud, either right or the left one. As Apple states it, they come equipped with a couple of “beam-forming microphones for focusing on your voice’s sound.” When you make calls with these AirPods, the receivers of your calls will definitely be quite impressed with call quality that they’ll get.

Courtesy their dual optical sensors as well as accelerometers that come as part of each of these earpieces, the device that is connected to your AirPods – iPhone, iPad or Mac – will know exactly when your AirPods have been placed into the ears and they’ll pause the music as soon as you remove one of these or both of them.

Based on music app that you are listening to, the music will also be resumed when you will put your AirPods back into the ears.

Not to anyone’s surprise, the AirPods work just flawlessly with the Apple Music app, but when it comes to Spotify, when you will take both AirPods out of your ears then you will have to restart the music again manually when you’d want to listen to it again.

So, you can expect this much of effort to be put into it if you’re not using Apple’s Music app to listen to your favorite music with your favorite ear buds.

Reliable Wireless

Both the earbuds are wirelessly connected with a rock solid connection and there may be occasional hiccups only. There have been quite a few truly wireless earbuds around where some of early models have seen dropouts.

The latest competitors of Apple’s AirPods – including Jabra Sport Elite, Bose SoundSport Free, Skybuds and Bragi The Headphone – all offer reliable connections but AirPods really give you a top of the line solution.

Double-Tap Enhancements

Quite dissimilar to the inline remotes – which have play/pause and volume controls – that you must be accustomed to using with conventional wired earphones, AirPods’ only initial control was ability of accessing Siri using double tap.

Siri can then be commanded further to move between tracks, but the commands have been designed in a way that they work only with the Apple Music with no support for other streaming services such as Tidal and Spotify.

Your Apple Watch can also be used as your remote, but then everybody doesn’t have an Apple Watch. Initially, limited controls on AirPods were considered more of a downside. But with the release of iOS 11 from Apple, there was a small yet really important enhancement to AirPods: the double-tap functionality for both the buds can now be programmed separately.

You can access AirPod settings by going to Bluetooth settings on the Apple device you are using and then clicking on info button.

You may set double-tapping right earbud to make it advance the soundtrack regardless of the service being used. Similarly, double-tapping on left earbud can be set to bring up Siri or, maybe, “Previous Track”, “Next Track”, “Play/Pause”, or “Off”. The speed at which your tracks will advance with double-taps is certainly worth noting.

You don’t really have any delays whatsoever. It would also be nice if you can have the buds equipped with touch volume controls, but it may not be equally important as allowing you to quickly advance through the tracks without any need of pulling your smartphone out.

Perfect Sound Quality

Apple’s AirPods offer open and airy sound quality because they are the non noise-isolating and open earbuds. What this means is that these earbuds do not need to have tight seal for getting best possible sound. All you need to do is to simply plop your earbuds into the ears and that’s it.

  • Decent Sonics
  • Ultra-Lightweight and Fully Wireless Headphones
  • Reliable Wireless Connection
  • Seamless Pairing with the Apple Devices
  • Open Design Lets Ambient Noise To Get In
  • Will Fit Securely In Only Some Ears

Jaybird X3 Sport – Best Sports Wireless Headphone – Sweat-Proof Design

Jaybird X3 Sport – Best Sports Wireless Headphone – Sweat-Proof Design


  • Dimensions: 21.5 x 0.5 x 0.9 inches
  • Item Weight : 0.48 ounces
  • ASIN : B01M7NCT5O
  • Item model number : 985-000580

If there is one company which has perfected its wireless earphones over the years, it is Jaybird. It’s been years since the company has been manufacturing earphones and X series from the brand is known to be among the best. Even though Jaybirds are pricier compared to other earphones on market, the prices are well justified because the earphones offer some amazing features.

Talking about the latest models, Jaybird X3, it’s the 3rd iteration in this series and has enjoyed some amazing success. To begin with, the Jaybird X3 comes with its amazing sweat-proof design and offers some reasonable upgrades.

If you’re wondering how this new model is different from X2, it’s basically smaller in size compared to the X2 line. There’s been a design change given to inline microphone and the device has been added with new battery which aims at providing improved battery life.

As the Jaybird is now owned by Logitech, there have been a few tweaks in 6mm drivers as well. So, you can expect a much better sound with X3 earbuds from the brand. When it comes to the performance, the X3 devices from Jaybird turn out to be the best performing wireless earphones around.

Remember, however, that if you like fuller sound signature more than anything else, then it may not be there with these wireless earphones.

These earphones feature enough noise cancellation as well. But this might be one of major safety concerns for the runners as they can block considerable noise from outside world. On the positive side, however, you get a cool carrying pouch with these earphones as well.

On the whole, Jaybird X3 make one of the most amazing wireless earphones on market. They really sound amazing and can be carried around quite easily. One downside is that they may not be too comfortable for the most regular users.

  • Sweat-Proof Design
  • Improved design of Inline microphones
  • Improved Sound With Tweaked 6mm Drivers
  • Small Wire

SENSO Bluetooth Headphones – Highly Budget Friendly (Within $30) – Perfect Sound For What You Pay

SENSO Bluetooth Headphones – Highly Budget Friendly (Within $30) – Perfect Sound For What You Pay


  • Dimensions: 4.9 x 4.7 x 1.3 inches
  • Item Weight : 0.16 ounces
  • Item model number : 659257974666
  • ASIN : B01G8JO5F2

When it comes to the SENSO Bluetooth Headphones, it’s something very unconventional. If you are looking for something that is an oriented high-value product, this is what we have for you. These Bluetooth headphones from SENSO really fit perfectly in most budget sizes.

Yes, they don’t cost you a fortune and you’d definitely be surprised about the perfection with which the design of these earphones will fit. It is not something outspoken with its entire design following a simple and elegant black/red color scheme. The manufacturer has really done a wonderful job when it comes to keeping things minimal.

These earphones have a nice and cool carrying case to accompany and you’ll get ear tips in multiple sizes as well. If the fit of the earphones is a major concern for you, they do come with soft textured and flexible ear clips which make things easy to control.

The product is accompanied by a car charger as well for its wireless earphones. Even though that’s quite unusual, more and more companies are expected to adopt the trend.


When it comes to overall performance and sound quality of these earphones, these two areas are a major cause of concern for most of the budget-friendly models.

However, in case of SENSO earphones, you can expect actual Hi-Fi sound quality. As for performance, it’s a fact that you may not be getting something as good as what you get from those high-end models, but whatever is coming your way is certainly good enough to own one.

IPX7 rating is certainly a plus point for these earphones among many others. What this rating means is that these are perfect for use even during those high-intensity workouts. So, you can expect a wonderful overall experience, both with your workout and also with your earphone’s quality.

So, all in all, there aren’t any major concerns about the product. They’re Hi-Fi cable, have perfect noise cancellation, IPX7 certified, offer top sound quality, and are quite comfortable at the same time as well. We believe, SENSO has really done a wonderful job and, except the fact that these earpieces may feel a bit bigger to some, there aren’t many downsides to owning these.

  • Perfect Sound For What You Pay
  • Lots Of Accessories Included In The Package
  • Best Earphones With IPX7 Rating And Ability To Play The Hi-Fi Audio Files
  • Earpieces May Be A Little Too Big Than What You Might Have Expected

Bose SoundSport Wireless – Excellent Quality – Great Design

Bose SoundSport Wireless – Excellent Quality – Great Design


  • Dimensions: 0.98 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches
  • Item Weight : 0.8 ounces
  • Item model number : 761529-0010

When you’re having a look at a product from Bose, you really need to keep it in mind that they have been at the forefront of bringing revolution in sound today. Now, that may appear to be an exaggeration, but they’re really considered as the manufacturers of some finest wireless earbuds in audio industry. They’re the ones who are perfecting the art of active noise cancellation.

As for Bose SoundSport Wireless earphones, they are the ones for anyone who prefers to listen to their favorite music as they work out. Remember, however, that these earphones really are expensive but you have to live with that price tag because you are getting that Bose’s tag with it.

These wireless earphones can be bought in a couple of different colors i.e. aqua or black. However, the color doesn’t make any difference to the performance of these earphones. When it comes to performance, this earpiece performs just up to your expectations and provides good enough sound quality.

Given that, you should not expect noise level to be at a point which is typically linked with those high-end earpieces but Bose has still been able to do a commendable job with this SoundSport model.

One great aspect that you’d love about the earphones is that they’re quite comfortable. There shouldn’t be any issues in wearing these even for those extended work out sessions. One more thing that you’d like about these earphones is that they can be used as your headset when you have to make calls as well.

The battery life of this particular model is good enough as well and you can easily have 6 hours of up time. However, the mileage might vary based on how loud you want the music to play.

Bear in mind that none of the earphones available in market today are perfect. And, probably, the only issue with this model from Bose is that its ear tips might protrude out of users’ ears. Even though that may not be much of an issue for many, it still looks a bit odd. If you are happy to live with that, you’ll really find these wireless earphones amazing.

  • Good Quality Sound For The Price You Have To Pay
  • Great Design
  • Comfortable To Wear Even For The Extended Usage
  • The Eartips May Look A Bit Weird As They Protrude From Your Ear

Jabra Elite Active 65t – Extremely Comfortable & Durable

Jabra Elite Active 65t – Extremely Comfortable & Durable


  • Dimensions: 1.06 x 1.18 x 0.88 inches
  • Item Weight : 11.2 ounces
  • Item model number : 100-99010000-02
  • ASIN : B07BHF993Q

The AirPods from Apple have been dominating the category of truly wireless earphones ever since they arrived back in 2016, however, Jabra Elite 65t as well as Elite Active 65t turn out to be among a few models that make for the most compelling alternatives around today.

It goes without saying that they have some performance advantages and offer a better and secure fit with improved noise isolation as compared to their counterparts from Apple.

In comparison to the Elite predecessors of theirs, this model comes with a better, comfortable design, somewhat better battery life, improved sound, amazing call quality as well as voice support for most of the virtual assistants available today while on the go.

If you take step-up Active Elite 65t, it appears very much identical to standard version but comes with some minor cosmetic differences.

These include a bit grippier finish and some feature upgrades like sweat-resistance that secures IP56 rating, built-in accelerometer feature, and quick charging features that let you get around 1.5 hours of additional battery with only 15 minutes of quick charging.

The charging case which is included in the package is coated with that same, rubberized finish that is present on the earbuds.

Even though it won’t be safe to say that those minor upgrades have any major impact, they do make this already-perfect wireless earpieces a bit better.

Talking of the differences that it comes with, unlike earlier models of Elite Sport, there isn’t any heart-rate monitor built into the earphones. However, that’s really something great. By getting rid of that heart-rate monitor, Jabra Elite has really been able to simply its operation and have a design trim down. In addition, it has also allowed for better battery life that lasts for an additional 5 hours now. That is something very much similar to what you get with Apple’s AirPods.

The charging case that comes with Jabra Elite offers a couple of additional charges. Even though it is not that small similar to the charging case that comes with the AirPods, it is still compact enough that it can fit into your pocket quite easily.

Perfect Device

When it comes to the design part, it seems Jabra has completely nailed it. You can find these earphones in 3 different eartip sizes and even though they don’t have any fins or wings that can hold these earbuds into place, they’d stay secure into your ears for the most part. The largest tips will surely give you a perfectly tight seal and that’s crucial for maximizing the bass response.

You might also find them fitting quite similar to Jaybird Run wireless earphones. Similar to that particular model, wearing these earpieces for some time will make the ear canals of the user to itch a bit.

So, if you don’t mind quickly scratching through your ears once in a while after removing the earbuds, you’re good to go with these. Technically speaking, Elite 65t isn’t a sports wear despite the fact that its IP55 rating makes it a dust-resistant and splash-resistant earbud. It survives the regular gym usage to perfection.

However, if you talk about Elite Active 65t, that particular model apparently seems to have better sweat-resistance which certainly makes them a durable option when you’re looking for something that stays with you for a longer term.

Whether it is the standard model or the Elite Active 65t, they’ll stay in your ears quite securely as you perform those modest paced runs and that special coating on Active model won’t really make a major difference as far as their fit is concerned.

At present, accelerometer can be used – which Jabra has named as its notion sensor – for counting your steps in association with the companion Sound+ app from the manufacturer for both Android and iOS platforms. There should also be some other applications for that, however, like the ones that can count your workout reps in future.

Both Elite models from Jabra come equipped with the Bluetooth 5.0 that is relatively new in most of the devices and can help create more stable connections wirelessly without many dropouts. It is also backwards compatible and can work just fine with earlier Bluetooth versions as well. So, you don’t really need to worry about that.

  • Completely sweat-resistant and truly wireless earphones
  • Ultimate Comfort and Security
  • The sound is excellent and performance is reliable
  • Comparatively Tight with Noise-isolating fit

Sony WF-SP700N Wireless – In-Ear Sports Headphones – Comfortable Fit And Secure

Bose SoundSport Wireless – Excellent Quality – Great Design


  • Dimensions: 0.96 x 0.86 x 0.64 inches
  • Item Weight : 0.53 ounces
  • ASIN : B07HK8F3PM
  • Item model number : TrueFree

In 2021, we have seen quite a few amazing wireless earphones in the market and they have all been trying to beat the competition and even the best in the market like Apple’s AirPods.

The latest WF-SP700N from Sony is available at $180 and turns out to be the perfect sports version released for WF-1000X from the same brand earlier. Both the earphones come with active noise-cancellation features while help them muffle any kind of ambient noise. Now, that’s something we don’t even have in Apple’s AirPods which also are a bit on the higher side as far as the price is concerned.

These wireless earphones have sweat-resistant design and enjoy PX4 “splashproof” rating. That means they really have some things working in their favor.

As for the starters, they are comparatively lightweight besides providing a comfortable and secure fit. It’s quite secure to wear these even when you are running because they have sports fins included in them. T

he product sounds really good as well, especially, considering the fact that they are wireless earphones. They are quite reliable and work with minimal dropout only.

There’s a “power” button on each of the earbuds and it serves as universal button on the product as well which can be used any time for pausing/playing music, answering/ending calls, and even skipping your tracks forward/backward just with the help of double/triple click.

Remember, however, that this button is smaller in size. Nevertheless, it works well. The earbuds don’t have their own volume controls.

You can use their associated app for tweaking with sound as it allows you to toggle through different pre-set equalizer modes that include one which gives a boost to the bass as well. Remember, however, that it doesn’t allow you to create a custom setting of your own.

By default, it’s set to “off” and even with that it offers a perfect and balanced sound which is certainly second to none. There’s good enough kick to the bass but you can’t classify it as something that is a bit bloated which is usually the case when you have bass-boost mode turned on.

Furthermore, you won’t get a treble push in some other modes such as “Bright”, “Treble Boost”, and “Excited”. “Mellow” seems to be one of the best settings around.

For those who get tight seal, the earphones offer better bass as well as richer sound as compared to AirPods, especially, in those noisier environments. They turn out to be among truly wireless earbuds that sound the best.

It is still worth to mention here that such wireless earphones may still not be a perfect match to those decent in-ear wired headsets which cost comparatively less and, therefore, you should set realistic expectations.

  • Comfortable Fit And Secure
  • Top Quality Sound For Wireless Earphones
  • In-built Noise Cancellation Features
  • Battery Life Is Just 3 Hours

Anker SoundBuds NB10 – Worldwide Popular – Good Quality Sound

Anker SoundBuds NB10 – Worldwide Popular – Good Quality Sound


  • Dimensions: 15.94 x 1.89 x 0.98 inches
  • Item Weight : 0.6 ounces
  • Item model number : AK-A3260011
  • ASIN : B01IUP89LS

Now, that is something quite surprising. For anyone who doesn’t know that already, Anker is among those top few companies which make the best chargers and power banks today. When they decided to come up with their wireless earphones, however, it rang many bells and everyone seemed genuinely excited because Anker sounded quite a familiar name with some quality products already on the market.

So, here we have this SoundBuds NB10 release from Anker. Remember, however, that it does not really qualify for being a truly wireless earphone. And if you are getting curious why that is so, truly wireless earphones do not have any kind of wires on them.

Nevertheless, the model seems surprisingly good if you compare it with a few of other earphones around that fall in the same price category. Even though you may not call their sound to be spectacular, it is still very well justified for the cost that you will have to pay.

One more thing that is so good about these earphones is that they have decent fit and they’re quite stable and comfortable. They have a perfect fit which make for a great seal around the ears blocking any kind of possible noise from the outside. Considering their active noise cancellation capabilities to be still passive, you can’t expect any kind of artificial effect.

These wireless earphones offer 3.5 hours battery backup. Even though that might appear a bit smaller, that’s what we have prevalent in most of the earphones available today. Take any other truly wireless earphones around and you’ll find out that tend to have a shorter battery span than 3.5 hours most of the time.

To conclude, Anker SoundBuds NB10 makes for a perfect fit to their price. And, even though they may not be the market leaders at the moment, the affordable price tag and the performance they have to offer really makes them a good enough buy.

  • Good Quality Sound
  • Makes Perfect Passive Noise Cancellation
  • Comfortable Wear
  • The battery life may not suit everybody’s needs

Samsung Gear IconX 2020 – Luxury & Budget Friendly

Samsung Gear IconX 2020 – Luxury & Budget Friendly


  • Dimensions: 6.1 x 5.16 x 2.64 inches
  • Item Weight : 11.8 ounces
  • Item model number : Level iConX Kit

Samsung came better of Apple as they unveiled their first wireless earphones in 2016, around six months earlier than the AirPods which have managed to become the industry standard today. Unlike Apple, the Gear IconX from Samsung comes equipped with heart-rate monitoring features as well.

However, the models from the first generation had a serious flaw as their battery life couldn’t hold up to more than 90 minutes during charges through their battery case.

When Samsung released the second generation of its Gear IconX in 2020, it got rid of heart-rate monitor which didn’t just help improve its battery life but also made the earphones more compact, smaller and comfortable as compared to the predecessor.

AirPods may be your first choice, but you can’t still ignore IconX as they’re good too – particularly for those who own Samsung smartphones as they’d be able to use all the features these earphones have to offer.

The measurement of these latest IconX earphones is 21.8×18.9×22.8mm which is quite small in comparison to 18.9×26.4×26.0 mm of the previous model. The extra space allowed Samsung to move up to 82mAh battery from 47mAh in previous models.

The manufacturer has shrunk its charging case as well which now incorporates 340mAH batter in comparison to 315mAh that came with previous model.

Both the earbuds and the case have soft-to-touch and smooth finish and they have good enough grip to offer as well. The buds come with quite a snug fit and they have fins included as well making them comparatively easier to wear and ensuring that they fit securely in the ears.

Your new IconX would perfectly double up as your everyday earbuds and the sports headphones. You can wear them anytime whether you are performing your workouts at the local gym or simply having a run outside. Furthermore, they are sweat-resistant as well.

They come with noise-isolating design – allowing you to jam those tips into the ears – but they also have Ambient Sound mode as well which allows you to hear to outside world at the same time as well. Now, that’s something we can classify as a perfect safety feature that works for anyone who chooses to run outside.

You can use the touch controls of these wireless earphones for accessing the feature. However, the touch controls are miss or hit type, especially, when it’s about lowering/raising volume using swipe gestures. So, you cannot always count on it.

You have the option to tap the earbuds for pausing or playing music while double-tapping them will make you move forward through the tracks.

If you want to talk to your Google Assistant, Bixby Assistant or Siri Assistant, you’ll have to tap it and then hold for a second or two. You can also toggle through several other menu options as well. All these options are audible.

  • Small Size With Comfortable Wear
  • Completely Wireless
  • Good Enough Battery Life
  • A few of the features won’t work with your iOS device

LG Tone Pro – With Neckband – Best Battery Life

LG Tone Pro – With Neckband – Best Battery Life


  • Dimensions: 1.6 x 7.4 x 8.6 inches
  • Item Weight : 1.27 ounces
  • Item model number : HBS-750.ACUSBKK

When OEMs work hard for reaching out to the customers through different channels, it’s a nice scene to witness. We now have a wireless earphones version from LG as well which goes by the name LG Tone Pro. This may not be the very first time that earphones have been released by an OEM, and that’s why you’d be excited to find out how they really work.

The LG Tone Pro earphones are based on neckband design allowing the unit to sit comfortably on the user’s neck while earphones pop out from it. Even though it may not be your truly wireless earphones, and might even give a bit of ridiculous look and feel, there are all sorts of controls included in the neckband as you normally have in other wireless earphones.

Besides simply keeping those controls, this neckband also comes equipped with some type of vibrator which starts vibrating whenever you have a notification coming your way. These wireless earphones from LG are made particularly for those who stay active most of the times.

The earphones extend support for Bluetooth 4.1 as well as technologies like aptX, making sure that you have a perfectly smooth listening experience.

When it comes to sound quality of these wireless earbuds from LG, it’s good enough and you will surely enjoy it. In case, if you’ve already experienced LG QuadBeats, they have a pretty much similar sound. The real benefit of owning the LG Tone Pro, however, is that they are wireless as well as a lot cooler in looks as compared to QuadBeats.

Overall, LG Tone Pro makes good enough wireless earbuds which aren’t just comfortable in wearing but they don’t overdo in any aspect. So, if you can live with their weird looks which are primarily because of that neck band, you really have something good at hand.

  • Best Battery Life
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Neck Band Vibration With Notifications
  • Neck band seems a bit obnoxious and out-of-place

Samsung Level U Pro – Budget Friendly & Strong Grip Neckband

Samsung Level U Pro – Budget Friendly & Strong Grip Neckband


  • Dimensions: 7.6 x 1.68 x 7.5 inches
  • Items Weight: 6.4 ounces
  • Item model number : EO-BN920CBEGUS
  • ASIN : B017KE9KOU

Soon after the release of wireless earphones from LG, Samsung were the next to follow as they released their wireless earphones with the name Samsung Level U Pro.

When you take these wireless earphones to review, you have quite a few good things to talk about. However, there are some downsides linked to them as well. For starters, the Samsung Level U Pro comes with neck-band style as well which is not something many of us would like as the design is too out of fashion nowadays.

Coming to the good things, however, the Samsung Level U Pro offers quite a good wireless earphones pair and their design is much more futuristic which lets them to blend nicely in with the neckband.

Hardware & Performance

Furthermore, the neckband is quite lightweight overall and is equipped with sweat-proof design that makes the product to be a perfect choice for those sweating workouts.

There won’t be any kind of issues whatsoever as you continue with your exercise routine. In addition, the neckband will vibrate whenever a notification is coming so that you may not miss out on anything while you are on the go.

When it comes to the performance of these wireless earbuds, the Level U Pro from Samsung falls among a few of those better sounding earphones available today.

Despite the fact that it’s not a top-of-the-line product, it will provide you with decent quality for the money that you will spend. Furthermore, these earphones are quite comfortable and you will not face any kind of issues while wearing them for longer periods.

To conclude, Samsung Level U Pro make for a decent wireless earphone product and is well worth the price that you will pay. You may not be able to enjoy the sound quality you get with most high-end products, but the deal isn’t still something to be passed on if you factor the price into it. Overall, it’s good to have the product.

  • Perfect Sound Quality
  • Lightweight and Comfortable Neck Band With Sweat-Proof Design
  • Quite Comfortable Earbuds
  • Even though they have taken a minimal approach, the design of neck band still does not seem too pleasing

Jaybird Run – Best Earphones – Wireless Earphones With Sweat-Proof Design

Jaybird Run – Best Earphones – Wireless Earphones With Sweat-Proof Design


  • Dimensions: 0.56 x 0.75 x 0.77 inches
  • Item Weight : 0.48 ounces
  • Item model number : 985-000688
  • ASIN : B07582VVJR

Jaybird Run comes as a fully wireless earbud product that is advertised as the sports-oriented counterpart to the AirPods from Apple. Retailed at $180, these earphones are available in black and white colors.

Jaybird Run are the noise-isolating earphones and that means they have been designed with a snug fit to sit into your ears perfectly sealing out the entire sound inside. In that regard, Jaybird also offers some ear tips and sports fins in different sizes as well including a couple of bigger-sized tips that have oval shape.

Most of the times, you get comfortable and secure fit with largest eartips that come along, and it’s often quite easy to pair your earphones with iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices. The manufacturer has really done a wonderful job to ensure that majority of people won’t just get a perfect seal with these wireless earphones but also to keep the buds stuck in the ears even when they perform rigorous workouts.

Both the sweat-proof earbuds have single button on them which can be used for pausing, playing, and skipping tracks. Besides, you can even use it for answering and ending your calls as well as to access your Google Voice assistant or to call up Siri.

The earbuds also come associated with a smartphone app which can be used for customizing the button settings, and the sound of earphones as well. You have the ability of adjusting treble, bass, and the mid range settings the way you like with that same button. The default settings aren’t too bad either and you can even choose to stick to them too.

Just one bud can be used to make calls effectively and that’s something appreciable for the runners who’d prefer hearing to outside world to ensure safety as well. You can always keep an ear open using one earbud to listen to music as well. They give decent performance when used as headset to make call as well.

  • Wireless Earphones With Sweat-Proof Design
  • Comfortable Fit And Secure
  • Good Quality Sound
  • Occasional Interference Problems And Sound Glitches

Plantronics Back Beat Go 2 – Average Sound & Stylish Look

Plantronics Back Beat Go 2 – Average Sound & Stylish Look


  • Dimensions: 1.85 x 7.09 x 4.92 inches
  • Item Weight : 0.8 ounces
  • Item model number : BACKBEAT GO 2 BLACK

The next on the list is BackBeat Go 2 from Plantronics. The manufacturer takes pride in being among companies that are the best in manufacturing audio products. And, this BackBeat Go 2 model is among the best they have to offer.

They’ve decided to go simple rather than being fancy this time around and that is why this BackBeat Go 2 has a simple, yet elegant, look and feel. Nevertheless, they really perform wonderfully well and you don’t have to worry at all about that.

These earphones really produce a fantastic sound and offer balanced sound signature. Even though people today like the products that offer greater bass, still balanced sound is considered more of a bonus.

Something even better about these earphones is that they suit perfectly to the needs of those who have to do a lot of workouts in their routine. These wireless earphones stay active with their sweat-proof design all the time and prove to be quite comfortable when you wear them for longer periods as they have lightweight design.

Honestly speaking, however, besides a few significant and noticeable improvements from the BackBeat Go 1 model, they have a few disappointing downsides as well. To begin with, these wireless earphones have only 4.5 hours battery life backup to offer.

Furthermore, they do not have any carrying case to accompany them. Don’t worry, however, as the company does sell its carrying case as a separate accessory which can double up to form its portable charger as well.

Overall, these wireless earphones from Plantronics are just amazing. They really sound great and have a very comfortable wear to offer. In case, if you do not have any issues whatsoever with the small inconveniences listed above, it certainly is a product worth buying.

  • Comfortable Wear With Sweat-Proof Design
  • Decent Enough Sound
  • Nice Overall Build
  • The Battery Life Isn’t Too Great

Sony WI-1000X – Excellent Sound Quality & Comfortable

Sony WI-1000X – Excellent Sound Quality & Comfortable


  • Dimensions: 15.94 x 12.8 x 10.43 inches
  • Item Weight : 14.1 ounces
  • Item model number : WI-1000X
  • ASIN : B075XF9VN9

Text to

The amazing WH-1000XM3 turn out to be the gold pick from Sony as far as headphones with active noise cancellation are concerned. However, to some, that over-the-ear design doesn’t seem too pleasing. In case, if you often have to wear your glasses or just have to be active, the over-ear designs may not be too ideal for you.

Worry not however, as you can now have this WI-1000X model from Sony which is making a few waves in the market for its great unique features.

These are the wireless earbuds with noise cancellation features that provide really the best audio sounds and can also survive abuse of daily visits to gym and the commute you have to do every day. One headline feature that these WI-1000X headphones boast of is their top quality sound that comes courtesy aptX HD support.

Must Buy Instantly

Talking about the overall package, Sony WI-1000X have lots of good things to offer that it won’t be justified to fault them for their average battery timing, slower adaptive sound control and lacking multi-point connection. If you are an audiophile who has to travel a lot in daily routine, these earphones really make a serious buy for you.

When it comes to performance, you’d know that it’s been a long time that audiophiles have been rejecting wireless earphones due to the fact that their Bluetooth compression destroys dynamic range, detail and sound staging. Don’t worry, however, as when you’ll listen to this WI-1000X model from Sony – that comes with aptX HD support – you’d be definitely convinced to embrace this wireless revolution for the audiophiles like you.

The listening tests performed with LG G6 that comes with support of aptX HD codec produced some really amazing results. If you aren’t already familiar with aptX HD, it allows transmission of the 24-bit/48kHz audio in comparison to 16-bit/44.1kHz of the regular aptX.

With such increased sound resolution, the Bluetooth audio tends to regain dynamic range which is usually missing in case of wireless audio.

With this aptX HD support, these wireless earphones now produce a better balance in sound signature which offers amazing soundstage depth, particularly for the in-ear headphones. T

his Sony WI-1000X model has wowed many with the aptX HD support to provide deep and rumbling bass and still not sacrificing at all on those sparking highs as well as the mellow mids. As far as the tonal balance of these earphones is concerned.

They offer a bit of warm in mid-bass area that certainly makes them a fun choice for the mainstream music as they do not mud up those mids for the vocal, classical or jazz music.

Overall, the WI-1000X from Sony makes a perfect choice for audiophiles and comes with quite a few unique features that may not be present in many of the other wireless earphones around. Yes, there are a few drawbacks too, but if you can have peace with them, these wireless earphones would beat many competing products on market quite easily.

  • Audiophile Wireless Sound
  • Decent Noise Cancellation
  • Unique Features
  • Average Battery Timing

Buying Guide

To choose your Bluetooth wireless headphones, you must take into account several factors. While audio quality is probably the most important thing to take into account, ergonomics, and ease of use should not be neglected either. Headphones are devices that are used for long hours a week.

It is, therefore, necessary to choose the most comfortable possible. We must not neglect the design, autonomy, waterproofing, and ANC, the noise reduction system. We explain everything in detail in our guide.

The best brands of wireless headphones are Apple, Samsung, Google, JBL, Beats by Dr. Dre, Sony, Bose, Jaybird, Anker, Jabra, Shure, Bang & Olufsen. It should be noted that some independent brands such as Divacore, a French company or Master & Dynamics, manage to break through among the big brand’s thanks to bold features.

For example, Divacore and its Nomad + offer disproportionate autonomy. And Master & Dynamics offers an ingenious design that guarantees unparalleled comfort to the user. The latter even collaborated with Louis Vuitton recently.


The functionality of Wireless Earbuds depends on the Brand and Voltage of the Battery Installed. Earbuds generally work more than eight hours of battery per charge, with 18 to 20 hours additional hours in the Charging Case.

The Wireless Earbuds industry is flourishing day by day. Most of the companies are offering Compact Buds. They are not only Rich Sound but also provide extreme noise cancellation with impressive battery life. Somehow, Quality, Battery Life, and Charging Speed matter for the selection of the Best Earbuds.

There is no reference for Sound Quality affected by Earbuds. It depends on personal taste and preferences. However, a compact earbud offers good audio quality with a more accurate natural sound.


After reviewing different best Wireless Earbuds, we have reached the conclusion that few of the earbuds are beyond expectations.

There are additional few bucks to the total price, but a one-time investment resists a lot of disappointment. Sony MDRXB50BS is the best among all, this device is pretty affordable, with excellent quality of sound and material.

Still, making up your mind? We have shared a wealth of information with you and with all these great wireless earphones around, the choice would have been a lot simpler for you.

Just go through features lists and find one offering the closest match to what you have been looking for. You’re sure to find one that won’t just WOW you but will force you to recommend it to others as well!

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