Best Waterproof Gopro Gimbals & Stabilizers Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

Last updated on January 12th, 2020

Gopro camera just changed the dimension of HD videography and after its arrival (in fact invention), the taste of video graphy went to the next level for video maker and for the viewer as well. Like always and with every gadget, there are other sister inventions or discoveries that happen all over the world and this is called evolution.  I have experienced few Waterproof Gimbals for Gopro camera and that’s because I love to travel while beach is my favorite destination category. Here I am giving you some unbiased yet self experienced “Gopro Waterproof Gimbals or Stabilizers” for readers who trust “Techypes”.

The following detailed reviews of Gopro Waterproof Gimbal or Stabilizers are based on different elements. When you invest a lot of money in buying expensive Gopro then you must have few extra bucks to invest in buying the Gimbals or Stabilizers to get the perfect stability in video and that’s the pioneer aim of any video director or recorder. So I have collected the detailed reviews of 10 Best Waterproof Gopro Gimbals & Stabilizers just on the behalf of important and yes technical elements that are mentioned below.

  • Waterproof Design
  • Battery Timing
  • Durability
  • Compatibility
  • Stability
  • 360 Angel
  • Accessories
  • Vibrating Motor
I am sure and even I can assure you that, this list of 10 Best Waterproof Gimbal for Gopro camera will definitely satisfy you because I have collected the top rated ones and yet complete Gimbal & Stabilizers. So can buy any among these 10 listed gadgets with closed eyes. You won’t be disappointed.

1. Feiyu G5 – Pioneer Gimbal

This is one of the pioneer waterproof Gorpro Stabilizers with excellent results as well as a mega number of satisfied customers all over the world. I also personally used this gimbal and you know what, this gadget really impressed me and I found it quite lightweight. The stability in video is outstanding and yet you were to take my opinion, then I must say that this Stabilizer is made for Gopro (Any Model).

This Gimbals contains lots of undiscovered features for many people like it has different shooting modes including One-Touch self timer which I think a big advantage in getting the best result of professional video.

The big plus point of this gimbals is its compatibility because I attached this Stabilizer with different action cameras and found YES in compatibility. Its Brush-less motor literally plays a vital role in bringing the stability and perfection in video.

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  • Lightweight Design
  • Contains Brushless Motor
  • Best in Compatibility
  • Splash-Proof
  • Solid Grip
  • Excellent Battery Timing
  • Little Expensive

2. Feiyu Tech WG2 – Smooth Grip

Feiyu Tech WG2 is one of the best waterproof Gopro Stabilizers compatible to different models like Hero 5 and others. The design and body of this Gimbal is totally based on waterproof technology especially for the Gopro cameras.

I strongly verify its waterproof built-in features as well as water resistance structure. This stabilizer is good for video shooting under water (Scuba Diving), snowfall and while in rain. You can also attach this Stabilizer with the helmet without any hesitation.

If you buy this stabilizer, then you can get the satisfactory stable video with different variations. Its slip ring motor helps you to 360 degree angel video which is not less than miracle. This multi mode Gimbal includes pan mode, panning and tilting mode and last, but not the least auto-rotation mode. The optimized algorithm of wearable stabilizer gives you perfect results and excellent experience.

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  • Motion Sensor
  • Auto-Rotation
  • Optimized Algorithm
  • Compatible Beyond Gopro
  • Attaches To Helmet
  • Need To Buy Extra Mic & Adaptor
  • Built-In Battery

3. DOBOT Rigiet – Two In One

This Gopro Stabilizer also successfully managed to get the place among top 10 on the behalf of its excellent design, durable material and perfect stability. Dobot is one of the best Gimbals not only for Gopro, but also for smart phones because of its grip that safely holds Gopro camera and mobiles both.

I have used the new version of Dobot Rigiet Gimbal which is the finest piece in its own. This waterproof stabilizer helps in making videos as per the expectations because the level stability comes in video is really impressive literally.

This Gimbal is kind of All in One gadget on the behalf of its multi-functionality, super advance technology and different modes.  This is not compatible with the Gopro Hero5 or Hero4, but also with Iphone, Samsung Galaxy S series, Edge series and different models of Huawei. You can take pictures from any angel on the behalf of auto tracking mode.

You won’t get shaky video result during the video shooting because its stable motors and precise machining helps in making perfect videos.

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  • GoPro + Mobiles Compatibility
  • Perfect Stability
  • Waterproof Design
  • Auto-Tracker
  • Cheap
  • Less Battery Timing

4. Removu S1 – Perfect Performance

I wonder that how a Gimbal can be so perfect in performance with too many features and that’s why I fell in love with Removu S1 stabilizers. If you were to take my opinion, then I would highly recommend the Removu S1 stabilizers and I can give you thousands of reasons for that.

Removu S1 is seriously compatible with all the models of Gopro including HERO6, HERO5 session and HERO Session, if any model is missing then I have already mentioned that this Gimbal is compatible with all the models of GoPro.

It also contains different modes like Pan, Follow and Lock. Removu also acquires the excellent quality bresh-less DC motors and auto rotatory sensors. The body of this stabilizer is especially made for the water resistant purposes. Moreover I found that this is exactly Mountable, Wearable and perfectly handled.

If you use frame housing mode, then you can use this Gimbal with Gopro in DRY Operation. It amazingly helps in shooting stable professional videos and it’s body is dedicatedly designed for water resistant.

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  • Expensive

5. Hohem iSteady Pro – Complete Stabilizer

If you are looking for a complete Gopro Gimbal, then Hohem iSteady pro is the best choice at least for me because it has all the features that a professional and passionate video grapher needs. If you are planning to go on trip and the trip destination is really unique as it has beaches, rain or snowfall, then you can shoot videos using this Gimbal without any doubt.

I found it pretty lightweight and shake-free Gimbal that are excellent symptoms of a perfect stabilizer. Make your each moment delicate and capture in camera with perfect stability. It has a button in the center and there is a joystick also there. It can also compatible with other DSLR Cameras.

The longer support arm helps you shooting the action videos. I have also found a pan motor that helps in rotating the 360 angel which brings incredible inception effect. The most interesting part of this Gimbal is its Motion Time-Lapse sensors, 360 Panorama.

Now if we talk about the design of this stabilizer then it has a splash-proof design, perfect compatibility and durable.

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  • Economical
  • Perfect Compatible
  • Lightweight
  • Button & Joystick
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Long Battery Life
  • Power Bank Backup
  • Tricky Calibration

Waterproof Gopro Gimbals Under $100

I have also compiled a list of Waterproof Gopro Gimbals that are under $100 and yes they are actually best under the limited budget and they also help you making the perfect videos. It does not matter that Gopro Gimbals are actually low in cost and they might not be that effective compare with expensive or branded Stabilizers.

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This list is based on few factors and they are enough to buy any of them with any fear because these are also best in results, perfect in stability and obtaining features in it.

  • Rating: The following table contains the rating of these Stabilizers and this is unbiased and self experienced ratings my thousands of users in the entire world.
  • Stability: Well, if you are good video grapher, then you don’t need the Gimbal, but if you are not to accurate and want perfect stability in your videos then these Gimbals are perfect.
  • Compatibility: All of the mentioned stabilizers are actually compatible with all the models of Gopro including Gopro5, GoPro4 and other ones. Few of them are even compatible with the smart phones and other DSLR Cameras.
1. Zhiyun Smooth Check Prices
2. X Steady Electro Check Prices
3. Feiyu Tech LITE Check Prices
4. Wewow Sport X1 Check Prices
5. Fantaseal 3 Axis Inertia Check Prices

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