10 Best Sprinklers For Small Lawn 2023 – Reviewed & Buying Guide

Best Sprinklers For Small Lawn – Water Your Home Turf Without Hassles. Gone are the days of long and exhausting manual watering. Watering your green space can be done with a minimum of effort. All you need to do is purchase a sprinkler.

Given the success of this gardening tool, it was predictable that it would be available in a slew of types and models. How to choose the one that will suit your garden among so many products? We offer our help to make the best choice. Following our research, we were able to establish a list of qualities that a good sprinkler must-have.

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Gardena Oscillating Sprinkler Color: Gray

Brand: Gardena
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backpac Gardena Automatic Dimension: 6.75″D x 9.5″W x 6.5″H

Color: Gray
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backpac Kupton 360 ° Color: Green

Brand: Kuptone
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backpac Gardena Oscillating Sprinkler Color: Estándar

Brand: Gardena
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backpac GARDENA 1971 Aquazoom Color: Gray

Brand: Gardena
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We have also unearthed models that hold them. The first is the Gardena Aquazoom. It can be installed on a tripod and can cover an area of ​​250 m² thanks to its adjustable jet. Its maximum flow rate is 1050L / h. 

The second is the Gardena 1197-20, a device that can support 6 different irrigation networks. Depending on the needs, it can be put on the floor or fixed to a wall.

Best Sprinkler For Small Lawn – Innovative tool with Quick Assembly

Be careful in choosing a sprinkler, because this tool will guarantee the maintenance of your lawn, your flowers, your plants, and your trees. We suggest you view the 5 models of our sprinkler comparison so that you can easily find the best automatic sprinkler that will best suit your garden and your habits.

I am here with the Best Sprinkler For Small Lawn 2021 Reviews that will help you to find the most functional one out there. However, for the right decision, you should read the entire article so that you can know about the sprinkler’ types, performance, and features. 

Get, Set, Go!

Gardena Oscillating Sprinkler Aquazoom 250/1 Comfort – Best of The 2021

Gardena Oscillating Sprinkler Aquazoom 250/1 Comfort – Best of The 2021


  • Dimension: 6.6 x 3.6 x 22.4 inches
  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: Gardena

This device makes it possible to water the garden with a certain precision. The throw range as well as its width can be adjusted according to your needs. It is one of the most useful equipment to have a greener lawn than at the neighbors.

Main drawback

The only problem with this device would be the fact that it is not programmable. This is an annoying detail for many users. They are tired of having to make a tedious adjustment of the flow before each watering.

Verdict: 9.7 / 10

You will be able to discover the many advantages of Gardena Aquazoom from the first use. Note that we give it a score of 9.7 out of 10.

Main Features Explained

Well-designed equipment

Part of the 7-18mm sprinkler range, this model is the right size to meet all types of needs. It is a versatile material. It has dimensions that make it suitable for household use, in order to have a perfect lawn. 

It is a tool that may also be suitable for professionals. In any case, its manufacturer intends it for automatic watering of rectangular gardens.

As a reminder, this device is 40 cm long, 19.5 cm wide, and 9.5 cm high. It can be placed on the ground or on an elevation. In both scenarios, the watered area will have a square shape with sides of 15 meters. You can easily move it since it weighs only 0.6 kg.

Intended for a medium-sized surface

Offering a flow rate of 1050 liters per hour, this sprinkler is primarily intended for individuals. It is a suitable power to take care of an area between 105 and 250 m². Indeed, this gardening utility offers an adjustable irrigation distance. The range of the jets can thus vary between 7 and 18 m.

However, rest assured that the water does not always fall in the same place. It covers the entire square area in the middle of which you will place the sprinkler. The precious liquid will be distributed practically evenly. For more efficiency, you can use a tripod. 

This support allows the plants to be reached from above. It would be better than water from the side. You will discover many other ways to exploit this device by using it. To buy it is to adopt it.

Maintenance-free in particular

This product is made of high-quality polypropylene. In other words, it’s tough plastic. Its filters are made of stainless steel. It is therefore not afraid of shocks and does not deteriorate, even if it remains in the ambient humidity for a very long time. You can leave your sprinkler outside without worrying about rust or other forms of degradation.

However, it is preferable to store this material during the winter. It is not designed to withstand freezing and extremely low temperatures. The risk lies at the level of the oscillator. This part allows this equipment to constantly change where the water reaches the ground. 

The only maintenance you will have to do will be the descaling of the nozzles. Do this with a thin, round file, only when you notice that the evacuation holes are blocked by the lime deposit.

  • Well-designed equipment
  • Intended for a medium-sized surface
  • Maintenance-free in particular
  • The only problem with this device would be the fact that it is not programmable.

Gardena Automatic 6-way dispenser selector – Editor’s Choice

Gardena Automatic 6-way dispenser selector – Editor’s Choice


  • Dimension: 6.75″D x 9.5″W x 6.5″H
  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: Gardena

The Gardena Selector automatic water dispenser allows you to water 6 different areas of your spacious garden, one after the other, thanks to its 6 nozzles. To program it according to your needs, pair it with the Gardena 1060 watering programmer.

Each nozzle can cover different areas of your green space. Use for example the lawn sprinkler and the Micro-Drip drip system for flower beds, potted plants, hedges, and vegetable gardens. The water outlets are opened automatically, one after the other, according to the timer setting.

This water dispenser offers optimal flexibility since you can treat 2 to 6 areas depending on your requirement. You can deactivate water outlets not required by the adjustment lever. You can independently regulate the watering time of each nozzle to provide different plants with the necessary water ration.

If you don’t know how to choose the best sprinklers for 2021, first define the area of ​​your garden and the different types of plants to water. For a large garden consisting of lawns and varied plants, turn to the Gardena Selector which comes with a 26.5mm external thread, 5 tap fittings, and 3 plugs.

If Gardena is considered to be the best sprinkler brand around, it’s not without reason. It has developed a whole line of products designed to help you maintain your garden perfectly. Thus, the Gardena Selector will allow you to manage up to 6 different watering zones.

For the

Automatic watering: This automatic selector is very efficient. Combined with a C1060 Gardena programmer, it will be able to supply up to 6 independent watering networks.

Installation: Thanks to its well-thought-out design, this device can be installed both on the floor and on the wall. The 6 outlets it has are all oriented in the same direction, which helps to facilitate the installation of the selector.

Easy to use: You will have perfect control of the 6 areas to be watered. You will easily be able to close unused outlets without having to resort to any tools. User reviews on its effectiveness are overwhelmingly positive.

  • Automatic watering
  • Easy to use
  • 6 outlets
  • Flexible
  • Programmer required

Kupton 360 ° Rotating Garden Sprinkler – 360 ° Rotating

Kupton 360 ° Rotating Garden Sprinkler – 360 ° Rotating


  • Dimension: 26 x 19 x 9 Centimetres
  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Kuptone

One model among many others may well suit you, but the quality is offered to you with this sprinkler from Kupton. Because the water distribution must be done in a balanced way to obtain a stable thrust of the herbs, the rotary system with the 3 arms of this product will be very useful to you. 

Best of all, its rotating nozzle can cover up to 1000m² at one time, which will save a lot of time.

However, reaching a great distance is not enough, and this is why this model has a mobile system adjustable at will. In this sense, the nozzles will not be fixed on a point and this maneuver allows an equal distribution of the water. Also in this context, you can save water with the diffusion speed adjustment and at the same time allow children to enjoy a play area.

On the other hand, you should know that the jets are powerful enough for the optimization. of your tasks. In addition, the equipment is already equipped with accessories as soon as it is purchased, in particular, a master key connector and a quick connector to make it easier for you to get started.

In terms of strength, the durability of this sprinkler is demonstrated by its ABS plastic construction and its anti-rust polymer.

For the

Mobility: The 3 arms of the nozzle associated with the 360 ​​° rotation allow good mobility of the material. In this sense, your field of action will not be restricted, thus reducing working time.

Maneuverability: The direction of the water jets can be predicted in advance, given the indicated range of the device. As a result, you can control the surface to be worked as you wish, without breaking your head.

Distribution: The system that this model feature allows you to properly dose the amount of water to spread in your lawn. At the same time, you will experience balanced growth of your garden lawn with simple adjustments.

Multifunction: More than just a sprinkler, you can also easily create a play area for your children. Indeed, this is something to occupy and impress young and old alike.

  • Multifunction
  • Distribution
  • Maneuverability
  • Without hose

Gardena Oscillating Sprinkler – Best Budget

Gardena Oscillating Sprinkler – Best Budget


  • Dimension: 10.51 x 3.11 x 10.63 inches
  • Color: Estándar
  • Brand: Gardena

The Gardena ZoomMaxx Oscillating Sprinkler is suitable for any garden area, wide or narrow. It can be programmed according to your different needs. It is the ideal watering tool to cover a garden of 9 to 216 m². Thanks to the flow adjustment function, you can continuously and precisely adjust the force of the water jet to reach the area to be irrigated.

Thanks to its sled made of solid plastic, this device can be put without difficulty on a space with a slope of up to 15%. To precisely reach the areas to be irrigated, you have the possibility of adjusting the watering width which varies from 3 to 12 m using the slide, and the watering range using the adjustment ring which s’ extends from 3 to 18 m.

The nozzles of this sprinkler are protected against possible clogging, thanks to the fine mesh filter which has the function of trapping dirt and sand. You can easily remove and wash this filter to maintain its effectiveness.

By deciding to buy this product from Gardena, you are making a profitable investment over time, thanks to its unmatched performance, ease of maintenance, and great robustness.

The Gardena ZoomMaxx occupies a special place in the ranking of the best sprinklers. Its multiple adjustment possibilities (width and watering range) allow it to be adapted to an area of ​​9 to 216 m².

For the

Multiple settings: Thanks to the possibility of adjusting the flow, this variable oscillating sprinkler can be used on a wide or narrow surface. The slide adjusts the watering width, while a ring will be used to adjust the watering range.

Fine mesh filter: This filter has the job of preventing the nozzle from being clogged by protecting it from sand and dirt. In addition, you can remove and maintain it easily so that it always remains effective.

Need for strong pressure: Strong pressure is required to reach the maximum reach of the sprinkler.

  • Multiple settings
  • Compact oscillating sprinkler
  • Fine mesh filter
  • Need for strong pressure

GARDENA 1971 Aquazoom 2700-Square Foot Oscillating Sprinkler

GARDENA 1971 Aquazoom 2700-Square Foot Oscillating Sprinkler – Wide-Range Sprinklers


  • Dimension: 4.75 x 0.25 x 0.75 inches
  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: Gardena

The Gardena Aquazoom oscillating sprinkler is your precious ally for properly watering your garden of rectangular areas ranging from 105 to 205 m². It greatly simplifies your watering work, since you have to connect it to a tap and place it where you want to irrigate.

You can fine-tune the watering length, from 7 to 17 m, to reach exactly the parts you want to water. The width of the water jet is 15 meters to sufficiently cover all the plants all around the tool.

If you are asking yourself the question: “what is the best sprinkler on the market?” », We suggest this model which offers great ease of use and incomparable performance. Equipped with a patented long-lasting motor, this sprinkler delivers a high water flow rate of 1050 liters per hour for a perfect watering operation without puddles.

To reach tall plants, you can attach it to a Gardena sprinkler tripod. To maximize the efficiency of this sprinkler, you should purchase a push-in fitting and a Gardena timer.

Where to buy the best sprinkler for a rectangular garden of around 250 m²? Based on consumer experiences, the most suitable model would be the Gardena brand Aquazoom. The reasons for its success? A jet adjustable in range and width, and the possibility of installing it on a tripod for better efficiency.

Adjustable: You will be able to adjust the range and width of the jet with precision. Depending on your needs, you can adjust a jet of 7 to 15 m. Thus, your sprinkler will be perfectly adapted to the configuration of your garden.

Installation: The Aquazoom can be installed on a GARDENA Sprinkler Tripod. Thus, thanks to this elevated position, the watering of your tall plants will be optimized.

Efficient: If you have a lawn of 105 to 250 m², then this Gardena Aquazoom will be the most efficient sprinkler. Thanks to its adjustable width and reach, it will manage to water your entire lawn efficiently. Its use will be optimized on a rectangular surface.

Flow rate: With a maximum flow rate of 1050L / h, the sprinkler has sufficient pressure to cover an area of ​​250 m².

Non-programmable: Those who were able to acquire and test it regretted that it does not have an integrated function that allows watering to be programmed.

  • Very affordable price
  • Flow control
  • Fixed irrigation width

Buying Guide

A sprinkler is a device with small holes that are attached to a hose. It is used to spray water on lawns and plants. This device is essential if you do not have time to water your plants whenever necessary or when you go on vacation. 

To choose the right sprinkler for your plants, use our buying guide to the best sprinklers, and be sure to check your needs, sprinkler programming options, and water usage.

A sprinkler according to the type of plantation

First and foremost, it is important that you know that the sprinkler you choose will depend on the type of planting you have in your home. Indeed, depending on the type of soil and the size of the area to be watered, you will have to buy one sprinkler rather than another.

Our price comparison will allow you to make the right choice. If you have shrubs or grass, your small space will need a large amount of water in a short period of time. In this case, you need a stationary type spray nozzle system that you will adjust according to the needs of your plants.

For lawns, prefer rotor heads that can evenly cover large areas. For lovers of flower beds and vegetable gardens, the drip system is ideal. This type of sprinkler ensures that only specific plants and sections will be watered. In addition, it presents no risk of puddling in your garden and is very economical compared to the other two systems.

Programmable sprinkler

Are you going on vacation? But what will happen to your plants in your absence? Do not panic! By following our advice, you will know how to buy a sprinkler with better value for money. In addition, what you need in this case is an automatic sprinkler that you can program before your departure.

You just need to set a basic schedule, specifying the amount of water that will be sprayed and the duration of the watering. Then, you will have to adapt the watering schedules according to the climate, generally before 10 a.m. in the morning and after 6 p.m. in the evening.

So you will be sure to find your plants as you left them. Therefore, even if you are always present you can just monitor if your sprinkler system is working well.

Save water

Growing vegetables, flowers, or shrubs in your garden is certainly very pleasant, but it can be costly in terms of water consumption. Indeed, you should know that depending on the sprinkler system you choose, you will have a certain water consumption which will be higher or lower. For example, a mobile sprinkler simply connected to a faucet by a hose will consume much more than a drip-type sprinkler. 

An automatic system is therefore not only more economical in time but it also uses less water. Once all of these criteria have been carefully considered, you are free to decide where to buy a new sprinkler.

How to use a sprinkler?

Installing a sprinkler turns out to be a real headache, especially for individuals. However, you just need to have all the necessary materials and learn the basics to apply them later. Only, you still have to be careful in its use to avoid false manipulations.

Check that all components are present

As with mounting other gardening and DIY accessories, a sprinkler comes with additional hardware. If you are missing any, your installation will be incomplete. The programmer, the centerpiece that will control the operation of the equipment seems mandatory.

There is also a solenoid valve, a purge, an elbow with a plug, fittings to connect to the supply pipe. As for the tools, you will need 2 multigrip pliers and a secateurs. Now that you’ve verified that all the necessary items are there, you can start putting each one together step by step.

Start by attaching the cap

Note that in the assembly of all elements, each part does not need gaskets made with Teflon. Most of them are equipped with an O-ring. Screw the cap on the end while making sure to tighten it as much as possible. Then attach the bleed to this seal.

Force a little while being careful not to break the material. The tip will accommodate the solenoid valve. You must screw it incorrectly for this. Once the latter has been securely attached to the elbow, screw on the one for the water inlet. Finally, connect the water supply fitting.

Dig an upstream trench 60 cm deep

The pipe will be installed at this depth to connect to the central. Using a spade and a pickaxe will allow you to get the desired hole. Now you can connect the distribution network to the water inlet pipe, tighten it hard during this operation.

So that its two components can fit together easily, check that the collar and the ring are in the right place. Tighten them all as far as possible up to resistance to ensure the solidity of the assembly. Connect the distribution network of your nozzles to the solenoid valve. Then tighten the collar before proceeding to step two.

Install the nozzles

Once you are done positioning the pipe in the trench you dug, begin to implant the nozzles. Some models have a cap. Unscrew it to extract it. Then place a filter inside this element. After that, introduce the nozzle which should screw on easily, either 180 °, 360 °, or 90 ° depending on the specimen you have. It would be more convenient if they were adjustable. Then attach an elbow to the nozzle. Finally, screw it from below.

Cut the pipe with pruning shears

Cut the pipe before beginning the installation to achieve the proper lengths. Once this is done, place Teflon on the elbow to screw it to the fitting. Do not hesitate to force a little during the operation. Now connect the pipe and cut it to the ideal length to be able to mount your nozzle on the fitting. Bury it and make sure it is level with the grass when you fill in the trench. Connect your programmer to the solenoid valve and you’re done.

Most popular brands

In order for a plant to thrive, it needs fertilizer, water, and sunlight. What you are currently lacking is the means that will allow you to water your plants properly. 

You had planned to buy a new sprinkler, but when you saw the number of brands you got lost and put the purchase off for later. Well, it’s time to think about it again, because in the following parts we have given the details about the most reputable brands in the field of watering.

In 1961, the Gardena brand was born. At its beginnings, it was already dedicated to the manufacture of gardening tools and systems that made it easier to maintain the garden. 

Since then, Gardena has come a long way and today it is even a world reference in this field. In this regard, you have several ranges of sprinkler systems at the brand, but also maintenance tools. 

If its notoriety is so strong, it is because producing gardening materials is not just a job for Gardena. It is above all a story of passion. Indeed, the brand has understood that, for many people, their garden is above all a place where they can relax.

If you know Kärcher, it is certainly through the cleaning tools it offers. Indeed, this is its core activity: manufacturing cleaning devices with ever more advanced options allowing you to use them better at home. 

Innovative touches have been added to each model to help you simplify your various cleaning tasks. But this brand does not only offer this type of item. It also has irrigation solutions that may be of interest to you, as these incorporate practical features.

Silverline is a brand that has started manufacturing tools since 1978. Today, it is a very popular brand in the field of tools and gardening. And for good reason, this brand continues to surpass itself with each new product. In this sense, options are added to each new device model. 

It is also thanks to this need to continuously surpass itself that Silverline has been able to obtain several certifications related to the quality of its products, but also to its respect for the environment. So when it comes to the sprinkler you’re looking for, Silverline may be the brand that gives you the solution.

Melnor is a very successful brand in the United States. It specializes in the manufacture of gardening and watering equipment. Its aim is to offer a high level of quality to each user. As a result, it has invested in research into new techniques capable of improving and simplifying the use of its products. Thus, innovations are made to each new item of the brand. 

For your information, this sign was created in 1948. Its first product was the rotary sprinkler system. Since then, Melnor has gained experience in manufacturing these types of equipment and is gaining notoriety.

Watering plants is something to be taken very seriously, Claber says. Indeed, as there are several families of plants, they must be treated in different ways. This is when Claber’s know-how comes into play. She has developed several systems that allow you to water your plants. 

Each model incorporates very advanced techniques offering you a better use. Apart from their ease of use, the products offered by this Italian brand offer watering adapted to each type of plant and also limit water loss. Thus, your plants will benefit from quality watering.


The sprinkler is a device that will have many small holes. Thus, when the water comes into the device, with the pressure, the holes will allow the water to be directed to a specific place to water the lawn or plants correctly.

The sprinklers can be chosen based on the type of planting you have or the programming devices you have

Maintaining the garden does not only require special expertise on the subject. To make the lawn perfectly green, it is important to carry out regular and well-dosed watering. In order to help you with this, it is recommended that you purchase an oscillating sprinkler. This type of equipment will allow you to offer your lawn and your plants the best possible conditions for their development.

Buying Guide

The purchase of a sprinkler is essential for all people who have a certain substantial garden size. Being able to water your lawn regularly is essential to ensure lasting efficiency over the long term.

We recommend our favorite, which is one of the best quality/price ratios that we can have on the market today. However, the other products also perform well and we haven’t had any negative reviews on any of these inexpensive sprinklers we tested.

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