10 Best Rakes For Grass - Reviewed & Buying Guide

10 Best Rakes For Grass - Reviewed & Buying Guide

Last updated: 2 December, 2022

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When we love gardening, we sometimes enjoy leaving motorized tools in favor of manuals. Those with a green thumb will tell you, gardening is a must-have experience.

But in certain cases, one can only resort to the material of manual use. Far from being a chore, gardening without an engine allows, among other things, to pollute the environment less, combat stress, and save money. In this article, find out about the different uses for a rake, how to choose the best tool as well as the list of the top 10 best-rated products on the market.

Comparison of the 10 best rakes for your garden

You don't have time to dig through the many models presented on the web, here is the list of the 10 best rakes sold on the current market.

Best of The 2021
Fiskars Solid Leaf Rake XL

The rake model 10156451 is a product of the famous brand Fiskars.

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Comb formed from 14 solid steel teeth
Rigid Rake JAD 01801

Are you looking for a rake model that is both robust and easy to use?

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Powerful tool with a solid structure
Combisystem Gardena Rake

There are rakes designed for single use and there are others that have the ability to be versatile.

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Has 22 silver galvanized teeth

SHW-FIRE is a manufacturer that seems new to the public

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Equipment available at an attractive price
Connex Rake

The Connex brand FLOR 50070 lawn rake is one of the best value for money products on the market.

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Large format rake, efficient and resistant
UPP Landscaping Rake

For professional use, this versatile rake from the UPP brand is sure to suit you.

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Comb with 15 teeth and telescopic handle made of stainless steel
ROSEBAR Foldable And Adjustable Rake

Are you looking for a practical rake that you can carry everywhere without being in the clutter?

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Rake head can be split into two parts
Gardirex Telescopic Leaf Collector

Because the management of risks and / or work accidents is important for manual workers

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Double rake 56 cm wide and with 28 tines each
Double Rake Ribiland 07519

If you're a multi-tool junkie, you'll love using the Ribiland 07519 Rake.

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40 cm wide comb, with 16 teeth and made of forged and hardened steel
Leborgne Rigid Rake

If you need a strong rake for tough jobs, the Leborgne Rake is what you need.

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1. Fiskars Solid Leaf Rake XL - Best of The 2021

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Black/Orange
  • Width: 65 cm
  • Length: 175 cm
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The rake model 10156451 is a product of the famous brand Fiskars. It is a leaf broom equipped with an extra-large comb to better cover the ground and thus facilitate the collection of leaves, flowers, weeds pruned by a branch cutter or a brush cutter. 

This type of rake, as you might expect, has soft teeth. A total of 27 curved, plastic-made flat teeth are spaced so that the tool width is around 65cm. 

Now, faced with the many leaves littering your lawn, you have a quick and efficient solution. In addition to the design of its comb which makes it an effective tool, we must now add the quality of the manufacturing materials.

Indeed, if some models have a metal head which we can fear the risk of corrosion, this is not the case for this rake from Fiskars. The leaf broom, described here, is made of stainless steel. It is actually an alloy of iron and carbon which provides a protective layer to the surface it is applied to. 

In this model, absolutely all the details are taken into account. Fiskars had an ergonomic handle added to the head of the tool to make picking up easier. 

When using a manual tool, the height and the working position are important elements for the user. For comfortable use, it measures 1.75 m and weighs only 800 g. If you want a strong yet light rake, we recommend this model from Fiskars.

  • Comb formed by 27 flat curved plastic teeth
  • Perfect for sweeping leaves, flowers and weeds from the garden
  • Stainless steel design for long lasting use
  • Handle length 175 cm to avoid back and shoulder pain
  • Robust and premium material
  • Ergonomic handle for easy pickup
  • Only suitable for raking leaves

2. Rigid rake JAD 01801 - Comb formed from 14 solid steel teeth

  • Dimensions: Dimensions
  • Weight: 1.21 lbs
  • Material : Metal
  • Cut: ancho 36 cm
  • Style: Width: 36 cm / 14 teeth
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 Do not miss this model. Manufactured by the JAD brand, it is a top quality tool. It has a sturdy steel comb. 

Apart from basic weeding jobs, you can use it for harsher leveling or loosening tasks. This rake can also be used for hoeing or removing a rock garden. Its head, composed of 14 teeth, has a blue coating that protects against corrosion.

The configuration of the teeth also facilitates the accumulation of stones. The JAD 01801 rake is equipped with a light wooden handle. The latter 1.5 m long promotes comfortable use, especially since the tool weighs less than 2 kg. With this rake, you will suffer less back problem or shoulder pain. 

Even if the JAD brand model is manoeuvrable and can move forward on rough ground, care must be taken not to exert too much pressure on the sleeve. You risk breaking it.

  • Comb formed from 14 solid steel teeth
  • Multi task: leveling, leveling, leveling driveways and floors
  • Blue head coating to protect against rust
  • Comfortable sleeve length 150 cm
  • Top quality material
  • Easy to replace wood
  • Cannot take too much pressure

3. Combisystem Gardena Rake - Powerful tool with a solid structure

  • Dimensions: 18.8 x 14.7 x 6.5 cm
  • Weight: 278 grams
  • Style: Width: 18.5 cm / 10 teeth
  • Number of pieces : 1
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This is the case with the Combisystem model from the Gardena brand. 

This manufacturer is well known in the industrial world of gardening tools and it is not really surprising to quote him in this comparison, in view of all the innovation it brings. Perfect for professionals but also for individuals, this Gardena rake is sold without a handle.

However, thanks to its universal tip, it can easily be adapted to any handle. On the model, we therefore find a solid head 15 cm wide and having 8 teeth. By using this gravel rake, you will be able to rake, weed, level and loosen a lot. 

As usual from Gardena, the Combisystem rake is a high quality product, made of steel covered with Duroplast. This is a thermosetting composite that serves to protect the comb from rust and ensure its durability. It weighs 244.94 grams; a weight that greatly facilitates its handling.

  • Powerful tool with a solid structure
  • Suitable for hobbyists and gardening experts alike
  • Light weight (244.94 grams)
  • Can be attached to a universal handle
  • Rust protection with Duroplast coating
  • Versatile use
  • Supplied without handle

4. SHW- FIRE rake - Has 22 silver galvanized teeth

  • Dimensions: 0.05 x 0.05 x 0.05 cm
  • Weight: 1.45 lbs
  • Quantity of items: 1
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Nevertheless, it is not the case. Moreover, its seniority and better still, its know-how in the agricultural industry since 1267, have earned it to be cited in this comparison. It should be noted that the brand's products are remarkable for the excellent finish given to each tool and for the superior quality materials used for manufacturing. We present here a model of leaf rake with 22 teeth and with an ash handle. This classically styled tool makes cleaning your lawn or garden easy.

To achieve this, it is equipped with a large calculation blade that will stop at nothing: leaves, branches, herbs, remains of plants and other waste to collect. If it is also effective, it is also thanks to its dimensions. There is 47 cm wide for the comb, 1.35 m for the total length of the handle and to top it off, a weight of less than 1 kg. An impressive lightness which offers its operator a comfortable use especially since the rake also has a handle.

By opting for this model, you will be able to work effortlessly because the handle does not slip out of your hand. Thanks to the length of the handle, the work does not strain the muscles of the shoulder or back. 

In view of these characteristics, there is no doubt that the professional galvanized leaf rake from SHW-FIRE will be a better ally for the maintenance of your green space for a long time.

  • Has 22 silver galvanized teeth
  • Long wooden handle for a better grip
  • Light weight making the tool easy to handle for all types of users
  • Versatile and efficient equipment
  • Easy to hang up when storing
  • Use not recommended for hard floors
  • Comb width not adjustable

5. Connex Rake - Equipment available at an attractive price

  • Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 8 cm
  • Weight: 0.79 Kilograms
  • Batteries included?: No
  • Number of pieces : 1
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If you do not know this brand, know that it is a manufacturer of gardening tools and accessories. It offers a wide range to satisfy everyone's needs. 

You will find among other things rakes to cut, sweep, rake or rakes used even to plant seedlings. To assure you of the quality and the know-how of its team, Connex uses particularly robust materials, transformed in a stable way to serve a long use regardless of the intensity of the gardening task to be carried out. It is therefore quite legitimate that the FLOR 50070 lawn rake is included in our comparison.

Delivered without a handle, it lets you mount the comb with the handle of your choice. However, it is advisable to combine it with a high waist and less heavy handle, in order to prevent shoulder and back fatigue during your work. As for the rake head, it is 70 cm wide and has hardened teeth. Moreover, its large width allows it to cover a large area in one go. 

The teeth and the support on the comb have been designed to easily accumulate grasses and leaves without damaging your lawn. You can also use this gardening tool for collecting. It should be noted that the spacing between the teeth is not very large. Thanks to this structure, the capacity of the rake to collect waste is considerably optimized. Connex guarantees you a long-lasting tool,

  • Equipment available at an attractive price
  • Comb consisting of hardened teeth
  • Anti corrosion device
  • Pick-up facilitated by close tines
  • Flexibility in the choice of handle
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Inability to adjust the width of the comb

6. UPP Landscaping Rake - Large format rake, efficient and resistant

  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 64.5 x 39.5 cm
  • Weight: 0.5 Kilograms
  • Requires batteries : No
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As can be seen, this is a large format model that comes with a telescopic handle to ensure a better user experience. The most interesting feature about this tool is its two-sided comb.

You therefore have on either side of the transverse comb support, teeth of varying sizes to help you carry out several tasks. Specifically, this tool has, on one side, 30 short teeth for raking weeds, small leaves, waste, small stones. 

On the opposite side, we can count 16 long teeth; which are used to get rid of leaves and grasses, as well as wood chips left by the branch cutters.

Unlike the comb usually found on the market, this one is made of black but sturdy plastic and is able to withstand even strong thrusts. With its aluminum handle, the weight of the device is lightened to allow you to easily handle it during your work. As for its telescopic nature, it leaves the user free will to set its length between 72 and 120 cm. 

This ergonomic factor is important because it saves the operator from back worries. This professional rake has received many positive opinions on the web. If he is criticized for anything, it is the fact that he does not have a handle. However, you have the option of ordering a standard wooden one that can be adjusted to the model.

  • Large format rake, efficient and resistant
  • Original design and sustainable design
  • Aluminum and telescopic handle
  • Two-sided multi-use comb
  • Very light in use
  • Can break
  • No handle

7. ROSEBAR foldable and adjustable rake - Comb with 15 teeth and telescopic handle made of stainless steel

  • Dimensions: 77 x 20 x 4 cm
  • Weight: 860 grams
  • Batteries included? : No
  • Components included : Rake
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Then this model has everything you need to seduce you. The ROSEBAR folding rake that we present to you here can be used for raking leaves on lawns or lawns. 

It can also be used to clean dead leaves, weeds, debris like gravel effectively. To use it, the operator just has to hit the black loop, then stretch upwards to widen the mast so that the molars open automatically.

ROSEBAR's rake is non-slip and won't slip out of your hands while you work. It also has a retractable handle for easy, space-saving storage. So you can take it absolutely everywhere (on vacation or at your workplace if you are a professional gardener, etc.). 

The manufacturer has taken all the necessary care to provide you with practical and presentable equipment. By opting for this model, you will not have to make any effort, since its weight does not exceed one kilogram (comb and handle included).

  • Comb with 15 teeth and telescopic handle made of stainless steel
  • Robust and ergonomic design
  • Ultralight and easy to handle
  • Portable thanks to a retractable handle
  • Versatile tool for multiple gardening tasks
  • Nothing to report

8. Gardirex telescopic leaf collector - Rake head can be split into two parts

  • Dimensions: 177 x 53.5 x 4.5 cm
  • Weight: 1.5 Kilograms
  • Components included : 1 product
  • Cut: 65 cm
  • Batteries included? : No
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Gardirex has taken care to develop its range of gardening tools according to the standards in force. No wonder his leaf picker rake is one of the best-selling products on Amazon. 

Arousing several positive opinions on the web, this leaf rake that we present to you here benefits from a particular design. Indeed, the head of the rake (composed of a part painted in yellow and another painted in green) can be separated into two parts.

This feature allows you to pick up grass clippings without getting dirty. In addition, the Gardirex rake has a telescopic handle that can be extended up to 2 meters to allow you to adopt a comfortable position in your work according to your morphology. 

Efficient and ergonomic, this tool has 24 flexible teeth marked by curved ends. Their function is simple: rake the dead leaves that fill your space without leaving any. With this rake, you can easily access every corner of your garden to effectively clean them in a single pass.

  • Rake head can be split into two parts
  • Adjustable telescopic handle (up to 2 meters)
  • Ideal for cleaning the lawn without getting dirty
  • Powerful tool because it is equipped with 24 flexible teeth curved at the ends
  • Avoid back pain
  • Not suitable for hard floors

9. Double rake Ribiland 07519 - Double rake 56 cm wide and with 28 tines each

  • Dimensions: 120 x 13 x 7 cm
  • Weight: 0.7 Kilograms
  • Number of pieces : 1
  • Batteries included? : No
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 Both perfect for professional or home use, the design of this tool ensures a very clean space after use. Indeed, the Ribiland 07519 material consists of two black plastic combs 56 cm wide each and equipped with 28 teeth each. 

The handle with a length of 118 cm is flexible and is made of aluminum and wood. Everything you need to make you enjoy optimal comfort during your work. With this tool in your possession, you can pick up leaves from your garden like a professional. With its 0.7 kg, the Ribiland double rake is easy to handle. Use a screw to assemble and disassemble it without difficulty.

  • Double rake 56 cm wide and with 28 tines each
  • Suitable for both home and professional use
  • 118cm long handle flexible and made of aluminum and wood
  • Ergonomic and durable design
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble with a screw
  • Ultra light (0.7 kg) and easy to handle
  • Only designed for leaf collection

10. Leborgne rigid rake - 40 cm wide comb, with 16 teeth and made of forged and hardened steel

  • Dimensions: 40 x 3 x 150 cm
  • Weight: 0.54 Kilograms
  • Cut: 16 teeth
  • Components included : 1 product
  • Batteries included? : No
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Thanks to its handle made of 100% PEFC certified wood, it gives you better support during your maintenance work. 

As for the comb, 40 cm wide, it is made of forged and tempered steel and has 16 teeth. These characteristics allow it to be used efficiently for the collection of waste, dead leaves and also stones.

You can even use it to break up clods after digging, refine the soil and level it if necessary. It can also be useful for squeezing seedlings and butting plantations. 

The handle and the head of this tool are strongly connected by a socket and a screw. The Leborgne rake will therefore be able to keep you company for several years without losing performance. If the need arises, you can also replace the handle with ease on this model.

  • Perfect for cleaning hard floors
  • 40 cm wide comb, with 16 teeth and made of forged and hardened steel
  • Versatile and ergonomic use
  • 150 cm extra long handle made with 100% PEFC certified wood
  • Decreases fatigue and keeps you away from back pain
  • Easy parts replacement
  • Lightweight with 1.27 kg of weight
  • Not possible to adjust the height of the handle

Buying Guide

A gardening tool used since the dawn of time, the rake, of manual use, was used to move cut hay and mulch from one place to another. Today, available in various forms and made with different materials, the rake has become a must for maintaining the garden or vegetable patch. It is used to collect dead leaves, to rake the ground, or to level the ground.

These tools are differentiated according to the uses for which they are intended. Indeed, not all rakes can perform different gardening tasks with the same precision. For this reason, there are several types of rake namely: the classic, the leveling rake, the arched one, the lawn broom type, and the fanged one.

The classic rake

It is recognizable by its flat and fairly short comb and is used to level an irregular surface. At the same time, it can also be used to aerate a surface or make it more porous. Thanks to its teeth, it is also used to stir the soil around the plants or to put soil on the seeds.

The leveling rake

Unlike the classic rake, its comb is formed by a tube and flat teeth. The support of the teeth of this rake is rounded. This configuration facilitates surface leveling. If you need to spread gravel on a piece of land, this is the rake for you.

The arched model

Equipped with a hoop that connects its comb to its handle, the hoop rake is used to spread the earth, clean the flower beds and loosen the soil. You can also trust it when it comes to raking branches.

Lawn broom rake

Still called a broom, this type of rake can be recognized by its very fine and almost flexible teeth. He takes care of collecting dead leaves and weeds. Of all the rakes, it is the only one that can be used without a handle and can be made of plastic. Depending on the model, the lawn broom rake can be separated into two parts to allow the user to access the smallest places in their green space.

The fanged model

In appearance, the fanged rake is reminiscent of a beaker fork with teeth curved at 90o. Its comb has at least five large and pointed teeth. Thanks to its characteristics, it allows the earth to be effectively stirred while tolerating hard soils (clay, rock.). The beaker hook is used to obtain a first leveling. Thanks to its strong teeth, it moves large volumes and is able to break up thick clods in record time.

How does a rake work?

To use a rake, you must take into account its comb. The shape of the latter varies depending on the model or brand. There are straight and rounded shapes. Designed in this way, they easily remove stones, grass, etc. There are also rakes with sharp teeth. 

Regardless of the shape of the rake's comb, it has teeth ready to penetrate the ground. You can find more or fewer teeth for one model than the other. While some models display 3 to 4 teeth, others have around thirty. To handle the rake, keep it by its handle and move back and forth exactly as you would for a broom. 

The handle can be made of wood or metal. It is often provided with a handle to offer a better grip to the user and allow comfortable use.

Why should you buy a rake?

Among so many gardening equipments such as the scraper, the scraper, the spade, the rake, the rake also finds some use in gardening work. Easy to handle, the rake is an accessory within everyone's reach. For houses where a garden is cultivated, it is easy to ensure maintenance and cleanliness without waiting for a professional. 

As soon as your garden is full of dead leaves, the rake will get rid of them. Also, it is generally light and easy to store. So you don't have to prepare a very large place to store it in your garage. Moreover, several models of rake are equipped with a hooking hole, which makes it easy to fix them in height. 

However, the purchase of a rake is guided by the use that one wishes to make of it.

How to choose your rake?

When choosing a rake, it can be difficult to decide. Lest you choose a model or type that does not match the work you have planned, you should take into account certain criteria. Here, we invite you to discover some of them.

Comb shape and rake type

For a rake, the comb is the centerpiece. Depending on the spacing between the teeth, their length, and the height of the rake, you will have more or less efficiency with your tool. There are therefore on the market combs of different shapes, generally with about ten teeth. 

These can be pointed, curved, or even rounded. However, some rakes, designed for rougher use, may have more than thirty teeth.


Because the rake is a manual tool, ergonomics is a criterion that should not be neglected. To direct the comb in precise directions, you have to rely on the sleeve; which is often rounded and can be either aluminum, steel, or wood. For easier handling, some models have a plastic or rubber handle. 

If you want a comfortable rake for use on rough terrain, you need to make sure that the connection between the handle and the comb is strong. 

The dimensions of the handle also matter. If it is short it would be painful for the operator to use it. At worst, he will hurt his back and shoulders. An ideal length is around 1.5 m. Depending on the manufacturer, some models are delivered sleeveless. Apart from the waist,

Manufacturing materials

The materials used to make the rake are important. Their properties are decisive for the use of the rake. For example, plastic is used in the manufacture of combs with soft teeth. This type of rake is suitable for sweeping dead leaves. 

It will also be impossible to stir hard soil with a plastic comb. For this task, you can resort to a reinforced steel comb and a wooden handle. Formed this way, the rake is more solid.

Anti-corrosion protection

This criterion mainly concerns metal products, whether it is just the handle, the comb, or the entire rake. Corrosion is noticed by the appearance of rust spots on the surface of the tool. To avoid this, there are some models on the market coated with an anti-corrosion layer. 

This is an important point not to be overlooked as it can affect the life of the equipment.

Other optional parameters

This is not common to all rakes, but you can adjust the comb width with some models. This is a very practical feature for lawn maintenance, or for collecting a greater or lesser volume of leaves. 

It is sometimes possible to adjust the spacing between the teeth according to the proposed levels.

What are the brands of rakes and where can I find them?

For a garden or simply a piece of land to maintain, the rake finds its place in the inventory of accessories in a household. If you need to have one handy, you must first know which one to choose. You must start by looking at the rake manufacturers in order to appreciate the value for money of each of them. 

We present to you a selection of the best-known brands when it comes to getting a better quality rake. The list is not exhaustive.

Leborgne rake

Soon two centuries, that Leborgne put its know-how and devotes time to the improvement and the design of gardening and DIY tools. The brand, therefore, has perfect mastery of the field and shows constant innovation. Whether you are an amateur or an expert, Leborgne hand tools are suitable for everyone. 

This is also the case for the rakes that the brand manufactures and markets. A wide choice awaits you. From the classic whole rake to the plastic comb, Leborgne guarantees quality and longevity on its entire range of raking accessories.

Fiskars rake

Fiskars is a global group of Finnish origin that manufactures high-quality gardening tools. It specializes in providing functional and innovative tools for manual use. The brand's mission is to make manual work less restrictive and more enjoyable for gardeners, handymen, and other craftsmen. 

It is therefore possible to find at Fiskars, any model of rake for the maintenance of the garden. Apart from these, it offers other products such as branch cutters, weed killers, pruning shears, etc. All the brand's products are easily recognizable by their black and orange color and their unique design.

Gardena rake

If you are looking for products that promise a long lifespan, those from the German brand Gardena should satisfy you. Gardena has been a specialist in gardening equipment since 1961. Launched by Werness Kress and Eberhard Kastner, the firm very quickly succeeded in positioning itself in the market for hand tool manufacturers as a leader. 

The list of products that Gardena markets are enormous. You will not fail to find at the brand, the rake of your choice, according to your needs and your budget because it exists in different sizes and designs. 

The Gardena brand is present in more than 80 countries and markets products through many gardening and DIY stores.

Silverline Rake

One might think that the Silverline brand is only intended for professionals. Nevertheless, it is not the case. If there is any evidence to be established, it is the domestic use for which many of the brand's products are intended. 

Present for more than 30 years in the gardening and DIY sector, the company Silverline is assimilated to the great experts in the manufacture of hand tools such as rakes, forks, hoes, forks, etc. 

Even though its products are mid-range, the results with us are highly appreciated by consumers. Also, the firm reaches the general public through its products.

Bahco rake

If you run out of accessories for your gardening activity, you can count on the Swedish brand Bahco to equip you in the best way. Founded in 1886, the brand strives to provide professionals and individuals with quality products. Bahco is known worldwide as a specialist in high technology and modernity in gardening tools. 

Made in Europe, its articles have proven themselves on the market and have met the professional requirements of the field. For all those looking for a rake for the maintenance of their garden, Bahco has different models at affordable prices. 

Easy to handle, the brand's rakes will be of great use to you in keeping your green space clean.

FAQ: The answers to all your questions about the garden rake

How to choose the right rake?

Choosing between these different types of rakes is not always easy. It is easy to choose a model that is not suitable for the intended use. To avoid this, it is necessary to ask the right questions before making a purchasing decision. As selection criteria, the main ones are:

Manufacturing materials: They must not only be adapted to the task to be accomplished but also guarantee certain durability to your tool.

The length of the handle: Long enough to avoid back pain and ensure a better working position.

The features: If you find yourself faced with a telescopic rake, do not hesitate. This feature will allow you to adjust the height of the handle to your liking and benefit from better comfort. Rakes capable of folding will also allow easy transport and storage, wherever you are.

Maneuverability: Your tool must be light enough to allow you to handle it without exerting great effort.
Opt for a hook model if the terrain to be worked is dense.

How much should you budget for a rake?

The marketing price of a rake can vary depending on several factors such as the quality of the material used for the design, the use for which it is intended, or its dimensions. Entry-level rake models are available for 10 euros. The price can go up to 50 euros for high-quality rakes.

Where to go to find good brand rakes?

Products from well-known brands are not hard to find. You just have to go and look for DIY or gardening items in the store. Looking for a specific brand, the sales agent could always assist you, on request. 

You can also do without the trip to a supermarket and take advantage of the internet. Go to online stores like Amazon, Mano Mano, Cdiscount, etc. 

The advantage of looking for your tool online remains the different varieties of products that you can access with just a few clicks and the free delivery in some cases. However, you have to be careful in choosing the product. Usually, feedback from customers who have used it before can help.


The rake remains an invaluable tool when it comes to carrying out maintenance work in the garden. Both practical and accessible to all, it saves you from having to call on the services of a gardening professional all the time and at the same time allows you to save some money. 

Since not all rakes are intended for the same use and benefit from the same design, there are many details that you need to pay attention to such as materials of construction, number of teeth, as well as options that may give you the benefit of certain practicality during your work. 

If you want to be sure of getting a good deal, it's simple, choose the rake that suits you best in our comparison!





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