Best Massage Chairs Reviews 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Last updated on January 10th, 2020

Best Massaging ChairsThis is for sure that even in the world of hustle and bustle, living in a busy society and full of competition we all are somewhere and somehow suffering from fitness challenges. We don’t have enough time to go for work out or do something physical productive. We are carrying lots of life reducing factors along with us and we are unaware of that at the same time.

Engaging ourselves in work continuously without a break makes us so weak internally and a time comes when we badly need to relax physically and mentally.

Now days, different techniques of massaging as well as technological gadgets have been introduced in the markets and that’s the reason we must go through these ones to get relaxed and comfortable. I have compiled a dedicated list of best Massaging Chairs for those who really need this badly. After reading this buying guide or list of 10 Best Massaging Chairs, you would get a lot of information and all the confusions in your mind would be wiped out.

Saving your time in reading, I would like to add few things rapidly in this article. I have reviewed massage chairs that are top rated ones and few of them are experienced by me personally. In this list of best massaging chairs, the economical (Pocket Friendly), automatic, lightweight, professional/domestic use and adjustable sizes of chairs are added. So you can buy any of the mentioned Massage chairs below.

1. Shiatsu Chair Zero Gravity – All Massaging Features

This is one of the best models by Shiatsu Chair and exactly does the perfect job for the purpose this chair is made for.  Moreover this chair is actually the economical and pocket friendly for those who cannot afford expensive, but best Massage chair.

Few of the prominent features of this Massage chair is automatic features, 3D technology which scans the curvature of back bone and other physical features. Another best thing is that you will sure experience of message of your own desire and the way you will customize the massage.

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In this 2020 model, there are few changes that have done by the company, but those are pretty minors ones. This chair is made from high quality Pu Leather, while it can bear up to 440 pound and can be extended to 6.3 foot in height.

Keeping the technological touch in the Massaging chair, you will get a Bluetooth audio playing and LED lights.  It also has Zero-Gravity one button on it where you would feel a virtual weightless. You will also get the various massage choices based on different modes. These massage modes are auto mode, manual programs and specific mode with 3 levels of roller speed and airbags intensity.

Moreover this chair comes in free different parts and yes they are quite easy to assemble as the “User Manual” inside it will help you doing that very straightforward and with ease too. On the other side, the airbag, roller massage and its intensity is easily adjustable.

  • Easy To Assemble
  • 8 Massage Rollers
  • Pure Leather
  • Speed Intensity Adjustable
  • Only Brown & Khaki Color

2. Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus – Medical Massage Chair

If you are looking for a maintained, technically up-to-date and comfortable massage chair based on medical reasons, then I would recommend you Luraco iRobotics latest model and there are various reasons to count in my recommendations and that I will explain these to you as well.

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When we talk about the important and medically necessary massaging features then this chair is actually an all-rounder one. This chair does not give you an extra vibratory experience like many others in the market. Over-vibration is actually so irritating and does not help in comforting the individual.

Most prominent feature of this chair is its easily adjustable and moreover contains large numbers of adjustment settings. It also molds itself as per to the frame of person to give an excellent massage experience. It can easily bear weight of 300 pounds.

In order to give high relaxation to the stiff muscles, the unique side features are available in this chair to help in that order. When it comes to the neck massage to the next level, then this chair hasn’t disappointed me at all and I can surely say that its neck massage feature is matchless with any other chair. Shoulder Rub, foot roller and intensive backbone massage is pretty accurate and comfortable that helps in releasing the stress in muscles.

  • Heavy Duty
  • Pause & Resume Features
  • Noise-Free
  • All Rollers
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Costly For Some
  • Black-Pink-Blue In Color Only

3. Human Touch Novo XT – Zero Gravity Full Body Massage

A chair with elegant design and various helpful massaging features according to me is Touch XT by Novo and it should be because it’s a tremendous massage recliner which can fit easily in small rooms and limited spaces. For many people it may be costly, but it does justice with its price on the behalf of comfortable massage it provides and many other technical up to dated features. The best part of this massage chair is the 30 different massaging features as well as rocking and full immersion.

It comes with LCD remote control, while the striking design also helps in the giving a high class performance. Giving a therapeutic massage to the human body is one of the most prominent and custom-tailored features of this Massage chair.

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Using the 5 intensity settings a 3 deep-tissue massage helps in soothing, stretching and rejuvenating experience to the entire body. This chair will help you in relaxing after a long day hard work at office, whether you are going for intense workout or want to be recovered from lingering injury, this chair is perfect for that purpose even beyond your expectations.

Speed adjustments, focus adjustment, stretch direction, massage duration, kneading speed, high range adjustment, and underfoot roller speed most prominent features of this chair.  You can also have the experience for warm air technology, heat instantly which flows to the lumber area. The heating feature also helps in gentle soothing, tight muscles, relieving pain and keeping you warm.
  • Home Labor Repair Service
  • 5 Year Premium Warranty
  • Comes Fully Assembled
  • Space Saving Design
  • Warm Air Technology
  • Costly For Some

4. Infinity IYASHI Massage Chair – Best Selling Massage Chair

Infinity IYASHI

This chair earned the best selling massage chair on the basis of its extra ordinary features, low price and solid design that actually helps you giving the best massage.  Foot massage rollers, posture corrective massage and Thai stretch program are its main features that are quite popular in the people who are using and in those who are really interested in buying this product too.

It also offers the longest L-Track comparatively to the other chairs in market and that consists of 49 inches. Another mega feature of Infinity IYASHI Massage chair is its heating mode for the lumber region.

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To make this chair more elegant and best massager, there has been an edge cut in the design to make it longest massage stroke. It has now a synchronic massage technique that is much more advanced than the older one. The zero gravity positions, spinal correction, airbag pressure massage, intersound-technology and lumber heat is what we need in a perfect massage chair.

Giving contribution in the technology, this chair also connects with the smartphones or tablet via Bluetooth through which you can enjoy the combination of soothing massage and relaxation music simultaneously.

  • Longest Lumber Track (49 Inches)
  • Thai Stretch
  • Posture Correction
  • Heating Lumber Region
  • Foot Massage Rollers
  • 2D Rollers Instead of 3D or 4D
  • High in Price For Some

5. Shiatsu Full Body Electric Massage Chair – Complete & Perfect Massage Chair

Looking for a perfect, complete and outstanding massage chair for home, professional or office use, then I would highly recommend you this chair by Shiatsu which is full of efficient and productive features and that too within economical price. Keep in mind that, this is also a Zero-Gravity chair.

First of all talk about the settings of adjustment, and then you will find lots of features related to adjustment that you can set according to your own choice including speed control, width control, intensity control which has 3 different levels.

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Air massage pressure comes in 4 different levels. Four different massage points work together in order to give you a relaxing massage. While it also supports shoulder, neck, waist, leg and foot massage with heating.

Now when it comes to the heat massage and heat therapy, then there are total 21 air bags which are actually placed in the region of arms, hips, shoulder, calves, thighs and feet. This latest and medically researched heating system will surely help you in relaxing the muscles, while the joints will also have effects in positive terms. The heating system of this massage chair also helps in blood circulation with less pain and aches.

Another advanced and accurate feature of this chair is its Body Scanning system which helps in scanning your body technologically and automatic detects the body which points in better massaging experience. On the other side, the Built-In sensors automatically measure the length of spine.

  • Reasonable Price
  • Excellent Massaging Chair
  • Computerized Body Scanning
  • Heat Therapy System
  • Functional Diversity
  • Need Extra Padding For Deep Pressure

6. RelaxonChair MK-II-Plus Shiatsu – Fully Body Excellent Massage

This is one of the economical chairs and fully loaded with the latest and advanced massaging features in which few of them are pioneer in the massaging industry. RelaxonChair is a combination of new techniques and features along with zero gravity mode that makes this chair a value added product in massage.

You need the experience of best foot massage, and then this chair is perfect choice for you because the best part of this chair is its bottom part which is provides a tremendous kind of foot massage. L-Shaped design of this chair allows rollers to glide from the upper back for a thorough massage of entire back part.

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4 automatic massage programs, 3 Manual specific Targeting options (Kneading, Tapping, Combo) and 3 Massage Speed Control are the prominent features for self massaging and what else do you want? These features are enough for a perfect and relaxing body massage and help in getting rid of pain and stress in muscles.

Putting your body on the chair and with relaxing mode and other settings of the chair are opened, then your heart will work less and you will be able to relax more. This chair contains a brand new rolling system that provides a full body massage. The built-in sensor automatically takes the measurement of length of spine and exactly knows what kind of massage to provide. On the other side, Deep Tissue Massage and Full Body Stretching technique is so accurate that you will have the joy of perfect and most relaxed massage.

Various air bags, lower back heating, calf and foot massage, these features also have been added in the latest version of MK-II Plus that are too much required to have a anti-stress and relaxing massage.

  • Value Added Experience
  • Excellent Zero Gravity Features
  • Spinal Decompression
  • Lower Back Heating
  • Buttlock L-Tracking System
  • Deep Tissue Massaging
  • Over-Vibration in Foot Massage
  • Requires Improvement in Neck Massage

7. Kahuna LM6800 Recliner – Best Yoga & Heating Therapy

One of the best and most comfortable chairs is Kahuna LM-6800 and hence easy to use. This chair also comes with easy to use display panels and features. All the important and necessary features of massaging that are required to relief from backbone pain are actually available in this chair and LM-6800 can provide all of these. Giving you an experience similar to yoga, this chair will stretch your back and leg’s muscles and will enhance your nimbleness.

Another one of the prominent feature of this chair is it’s Zero Gravity which provides 3 different Zero Gravity positions as per your likeness so you can choose accordingly. No doubt that this chair is excellent for full body massaging, but if you want to massage a specific area of your body, then you can set the settings of this chair accordingly whether upper back, lower back, entire back or lower body.

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On the other side, you can also control the intensity and speed for body massage because there are total 3 different settings that you can choose to influence the rollers and air cells. Heated Message, this feature is perfect for your lower back and legs and made for those who mostly suffer from lower back pain.

Warranty & Services

Warranty & Services
Most of the chairs don’t come with warranty and services advantage, but LM-6800 comes with 3-year warranty certifications. Once you receive the chair, then you will have to register your product on their official website to activate and receive the services availability. You will also be able to avail the on-site repairing of this chairing within the mentioned tenure of warranty. The warranty is divided into three years. Following years include warranty and services accordingly.
  1. In the first year, the warranty covers services of parts and labor costs.
  2. In the 2nd year, warranty covers only part while the repairing will be on you.
  3. In the 3rd year, the warranty only covers structural framework
  • 3 Zero Gravity Levels
  • SH-Chiro Features
  • Dual Foot Rollers
  • L-Track Massage System
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Remote Beeping Sound
  • Sometimes Rough Foot Massage
  • Only Black & Brown Color

8. Shiatsu Full Featured Massage Chair – Zero Gravity & Luxurious Massage

This is one of the top rated massage chairs globally and that on the behalf reasons in bulk because this chair does exactly what is meant to be do so. I must say that this chair a complete “Head To Toe” massage specialist because it provides a luxurious massage of head to toe within the time you choose. It has 3-D intelligent detective massage hands that provide the most comfortable massage.

Shiatsu full featured massage chair is also equipped with four wheel driven muted massage hands along with Vertical Movement on an ergonomically designed L-Tract rolling system. This chair also comes with Built-In heating therapy that is located in the back which helps in best backbone therapy because it has Therapeutic Airbags that are actually placed in the Shoulder, Arm, Foot, Calves and Seat Are.

If you want to enjoy the most relaxing, but complete body massage on auto pilot mode then you can use it’s automatic feature which gives you the multi-functional massage with different combined massage system including Kneading, Spinal, Rolling and Vibrating.

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Turning on the feature of Zero-gravity will really impress you because it has the most perfect Zero gravity function and you can trust this chair with close eyes. In my opinion, I would suggest rather recommend this chair to all of you.

  • Lots of Combined Features Simultaneously
  • Excellent Airbags
  • Best Heating Therapy For Spinal Massage
  • 30 Minutes or More Messaging Session
  • Slightly Loud Remote Beeping
  • Complicated Return Policy, But Works

9. Kahuna SM-9000 Air Float Massage Chair – Best & Highly Recommended

This chair is the master piece and beast in the massaging chair industry because it has quite innovative and luxurious features related to massaging and therapy which I tried to explain here. Few of the prominent features of Massage chair are immersive experience, zero gravity and automatic massage.

In terms to have a professional massage, then it has rollers for that purpose and they are pretty perfect in that matter. On the other side, the airbags of this chair work so accurately by providing the calculative pressure. Although this chair is pretty expensive, but it does justice with the price because you will get the massaging features to the next level and beyond expectations.

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It also has 3D massaging functions that work excellently, while combination of different features like infrared rollers and the airbags will also provide the relaxing experience which any other chair can’t.

Kahuna SM-9000 has an advanced technology of Air Float 3D Massaging mechanism on L-Track system which provides the customized and ultimate massage of spinal and lower. Another latest part of this chair is it has newly invented infrared heating rollers mechanism that allows heat to penetrate into the muscle tissues and helps in opening of the blood vessels.

According to me, this chair is the recommended one but I would say “Highly Recommended” from my side because this chair is a perfect massaging chair equipped with latest technology, advanced features and luxurious massaging elements in it.

  • 8 Settings of Massage
  • Pro Styles & Techniques
  • 3D Massage
  • 4 Auto Programs
  • Accurate Intensity & Speed Control
  • Difficult Manual Instructions
  • Little Loud Remote’ Sound
  • Bit Pricey

10. Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity – Executive Massaging Chair   

This is one of the comprehensive and well designed massage chairs which comes with a reliable zero gravity function and actually easy-to-use Control panel. This chair is based on a 3D technology which scans and adapts its features as per to the spine, body, foot and head of the person sitting on it.

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In order to helping the user what he demands a kind of massage,  it provides the personalized massage settings with a good mixture of advanced features and technologies to provide a preferred massage. You will have a vast range of options for choosing between roller, air massage, seat vibration and heat therapy.

This chair also has 6 unique Pre-Set programs and upgraded PU which helps in increasing the durability and comfortable massage. Inspired by the NASA, this chair has 2 Stage Zero-Gravity positioning which really is a luxurious thing itself. It provides deep massage in Foot, Calves, Arms, Hips and shoulders through air pressure, while auto timer settings can go till 5-30 minutes.

As mentioned above, there is a vast range of options which you choose as per your desired whether Swedish, Tapping, Rolling, Kneading or shiatsu. The heated massage feature is so perfect which helps in relaxing the tissues and muscles.

  • Large Display
  • Excellent Heating Features
  • Two-Stage Zero Gravity
  • Back Pillow Might be Uncomfortable for Few
  • Size Problem for Tall People

Massage Chair Buying Guide – Pick Best One

This is the most important part of my article because picking up one among the best is quite difficult, but once you read this buying guide of massage chair, you cannot face too much difficulty. The massage chairs exist for decades and they have been evaluating with the passage of time as technology replaced many different parts of it. Making my buying guide shorter to save your time, I would like to mention few important things rather writing about useless things. And these important things are mentioned below which you should at least consider while buying.

Muscles Relaxation/Pain Relief (Design)

It is obvious that every massage chair is meant to relief pain and muscles relaxation, but this is only possible because of friendly design from head to toe. This feature is ignored in many chairs’ design, but those I have mentioned above have the friendly design which is much more important and needed.

Body Scanning Function

This is the most advanced and fruitful which any massage chair must have. The scanner is made out of a series of infrared sensors that actually detect when a person sits and body touches the parts of chairs. So you should bother the scanning system while buying the massaging chair.

Pre-Programmed Massage Sessions

This feature is also one of the important ones in order to have a luxurious and comfortable massage. The Pre-Programmed Massage is a technique in which you set or predefined the list of massage sessions, you just need to sit on the chair, have to select the favorite session and enjoy the relaxing duration. You will have to use remote or control panel on the chair for this purpose.

Massaging Techniques

Well, this is the most important and pioneer factor which we should prefer while buying a massage chair I must say. If we consider this element as priority then I think we cannot buy a poor chair at all. So the different massaging techniques make a massage more comfortable and worthy.

  • Rolling: Helps in relaxing the muscles and tissues of the backbone and spinal and every chair must have the durable and effective rollers
  • Tapping: is one of the most important massaging techniques that really help in getting the relief.
  • Gripping: Every chair holds the airbags to have strong grip to your arms and legs, so the gripping must be so powerful which can provide comfortable massage.

FAQS – Frequently Asked Questions

There are composed and comprehensive answers to the frequently asked questions globally by the massage chair seekers. I have tried to give answers to those questions, but if any questions skipped, then you can ask me in comments, I will surely respond to that.

Which Brand of Massage Chair Is the Best?

If you raise or ask question like which Brand of Massage Chair is best, then I would write down top 5 as my answer.

  1. Shiatsu
  2. Osaki
  3. Kahuna
  4. Inada Dream
  5. Iyashi

Which is Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

These are the top 5 best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs that can reduce the stress and help you beyond your expectations.

  1. Kahuna LM-6800
  2. Oaski OS-4000
  3. iRobotic 7
  4. Shiatsu Chair
  5. Kahuna SM-9000

Is Massage on Chair Painful?

Many people think that having a massage on chair may be painful, but it is not like that the way you think. It’s a different thing that if you have backbone pain and you are not getting relief even after the massage, then you really need to consult a physician.

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