Best Lawn Scarifiers For Small Yards - Money Value & Self Propelled (Gas & Electric)

Best Lawn Scarifiers For Small Yards - Money Value & Self Propelled (Gas & Electric)

Last updated: 26 November, 2021

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Best Lawn Scarifiers – Electric & Lawn Rakes Reviewed. More and more types of scarifiers are available in stores specializing in garden tools. You can spend hours between the shelves and leave the establishment without having been able to make up your mind. And on online sales sites, the reluctance is even more felt.

You can only base your choice on the photo and description of the device. We can make your choice easier. Indeed, we have done some research in the field and have been able to identify the characteristics that the majority of consumers are looking for. 

We share the results of this little survey in our buying guide. We also recommend a few machines. 

The Bosch AVR 1100is the first. It has been able to satisfy all its users with its 11,000 W. With its working width of 32 cm, it can handle large lawns. 

It can also be used as a classic mower. The Gardena 03395-20 is also a good option. It is a manual model intended for small surfaces. It is nevertheless very effective.

Having a beautiful green carpet in your garden is a great thing as long as you have the right tools to take care of it. Precisely, the scarifier is one of the essential tools for those who have the great advantage of having a lawn. Indeed, it is important for the health of the lawn to be scarified at least twice a year.

Best Lawn Scarifiers – Get Your Lawn in Shape Just Within a Few Minutes

So, if you want to know how to choose the best scarifiers for 2021, going to a comparative scarifier will help you considerably. However, before you take this step and compare prices, knowing the top 5 scarifiers of the moment will be of great help to you.

Get, Set, Go!

Comparison table:

Very Efficient Machine
Bosch Scarifier AVR 1100 With 14 Blades

If you have a large lawn, between 600 and 800 m 2 , this model is ideal for you.

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Easy to handle
Gardena Scarifier On Wheels Combisystem 32 Cm

In case you have a small garden, that is, a garden that does not exceed 50 m² in area.

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Ideal for a 1200 m² Lawn
AL-KO Combi Care 38 P Comfort Scarifier

It is true that the Combi Care 38 P Comfort thermal scarifier from AL-KO.

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A Powerful Device
Einhell Electric Scarifier GC-SA 1231 1200 W

Einhell 1200W 28l is suitable for use on an area of ​​300 m 2.

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Power of 3600W
Cramer Cara 60 Motor Scarifier

If you are one of those people who are wondering which professional scarifier to buy.

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1. Bosch Scarifier AVR 1100 with 14 Blades - Very Efficient Machine

A very efficient machine

The high-performance scarifier models are characterized above all by the power of their motor and the high quality of their blades. With a motor with a power of 1100W, the Bosch AVR 1100 is able to provide excellent rotation speed to its blades to efficiently and quickly scarify your lawn. Question blades, this scarifier has 14, made with steel, a material known for its robustness.

These 14 blades are mounted on a working roller with a width of 32 cm. In no time at all, you can take care of a medium-sized grass area. Unwanted plants and vegetables will be effectively removed from your lawn, resulting in a crisp, clean and aesthetically pleasing result. Indeed, your lawn will be free of lichens, moss as well as various weeds that can prevent the grass from flourishing.

A large capacity bin

If you have a large lawn, between 600 and 800 m 2 , this model is ideal for you. It is for this reason that the use of this device is not only domestic, but it can be perfectly used in professional environments, such as hotels and public places. Such use is possible thanks to the capacity of its container. The latter having a volume of 50 liters does not require frequent emptying.

What makes the use of this scarifier very convenient is its speed of scarifying a lawn which is significantly faster and saves you time by not emptying the bin in the middle of a job. So you can work over a larger area without interruption. To add extra practicality to this machine, know that its tray consists of two removable parts that can be superimposed as needed.

The device's waste collection system

We are going to stop on this important characteristic of this model. Indeed, it contributes significantly to the reliability and comfort of use of this scarifier. Bosch AVR 1100 is equipped with a system called Jet Collect which takes care of the waste collection, more precisely the waste is directly propelled into the bin of the scarifier. They are no longer scattered on freshly mown grass as in the case of certain models of scarifiers.

This avoids additional work to collect the waste produced by your machine. This system is thus very beneficial in terms of time and effort allocated to the scarification work. Note that the system works mainly at the level of the blades which automatically direct the weeds into the tank. Also, with this template you can choose the size of your lawn cut.

  • Scarifying your lawn is child's play with this scarifier equipped with 14 blades
  • The model can also be used to mow the lawn
  • The height of the handlebars of this device is not adjustable

2. Gardena Scarifier on wheels Combisystem 32 cm - Easy to handle

In case you have a small garden, that is, a garden that does not exceed 50 m² in area, then what you need is a manual scarifier. Exactly, if you are wondering which is the best manual scarifier on the market today, then the Gardena 03395-20 might be the answer you have been waiting for!

This design, solid and very light manual scarifier has a working width of 32 cm on which there are 11 steel blades that will allow you to scarify your lawn. 

Certainly, it is true that you will do more or less unpleasant physical exercises with this tool, but you will have the satisfaction of seeing the lawn of your small garden being well scarified.

In addition, it is advisable to use a handle with a length between 150 cm or 180 cm when choosing this tool. Of course, this manual scarifier does not have the same efficiency as an electric or thermal model, but with it you will have more space and you will be forced to do a little physical exercise. 

Also, note that it is very affordable and that you can keep it for years at home. Gardena is the best brand of scarifiers and this manual model might be right for you if you have a small garden.

  • It is made for lawns of 50 m²
  • Easy to handle
  • Gardena made this manual scarifier easy to handle.
  • You will have to iron after this tool after its use
  • It is necessary that you iron after it to pick up the waste from the scarification.

3. AL-KO Combi Care 38 P Comfort Scarifier - Ideal for a 1200 m² Lawn

Indeed, the Combi Care 38 P Comfort thermal scarifier from AL-KO is not the best thermal scarifier on the market, but in any case, it is one of the best models of thermal scarifiers. Indeed, this device is equipped with a heat engine with a power of 1300W and which is very affordable can quickly be your ideal ally for scarification if you have a lawn with an area of ​​1200 m².

Also, note that it is easy to handle and that thanks to it, you will be able to scarify and aerate your lawn quickly. Certainly, it has a working width of 38 cm, a blade roller, a claw roller, and above all, it can offer you 5 working heights to help you scarify your lawn well. Also, this device has an adjustable and foldable handlebar, and despite its great power, the noise it makes is bearable.

However, when opting for it, expect to frequently empty its collection box with a capacity of 50 liters; this is its only flaw. Its large, sturdy wheels will certainly make your work easier, and its storage system will save you time and space. In short, in terms of quality/price, this thermal scarifier is really interesting!

In our opinion, the AL-KO Combi Care 38 P Comfort thermal model can be compared with similar ones; you may be amazed. So if you are wondering which scarifier to choose, this model might be a possible answer.

  • This thermal scarifier would suit you well if you have a large lawn
  • This cutting height is reasonable and allows you to finish your job quickly.
  • You can really take care of your lawn with these 5 working heights.
  • It's quite expensive
  • This is a thermal model and it is normal for it to make noise

4. Einhell Electric scarifier GC-SA 1231 1200 W - A Powerful Device

Einhell 1200W 28l is suitable for use on an area of ​​300 m 2 . Its power is equivalent to 1200 W. Hence its efficiency at each cut and its ability to play its role without wasting a lot of time. 

For work done over a width of 31 cm and 3 depths up to 9 mm, this equipment is suitable for various scarification work. It suits the specific needs of each gardener depending on the soil being treated.

Thanks to its roller with 8 double blades and one with 42 claws, you can make cuts and aerate the soil efficiently. Even though there is a lot of moss, his rake removes them without difficulty. 

The device does not require you to put in much effort to achieve the desired result. Accompanied by a 28 l collection bag, it allows you to work continuously over a long period of time. It doesn't require you to stop frequently to drain it.

Its lightness facilitates the handling of this product. Its use does not tire you quickly even if the work is done in a spacious area. Its assembly is simple so that you do not require the know-how of a professional to be able to use it.

Quality scarifiers are the ones that allow you to work efficiently and in comfort. Such is the case of Einhell 1200W 28l.

  • A powerful device
  • Versatile equipment
  • A light device and simple assembly
  • Small collection bag

5. Cramer Cara 60 Motor scarifier - Power of 3600W

If you are one of those people who are wondering which professional scarifier to buy, then you will finally have a satisfactory answer with the Cramer Cara 60 Pro thermal scarifier.

Certainly, some people find that its design is quite "vintage", but this device with a Honda engine of 3600W of power is really solid and reliable. 

By relying on this thermal scarifier, you can quickly scarify a garden with an area of ​​more than 1500 m² and you will also be entitled to two working heights which will allow you to scarify your lawn in a normal or optimal way.

Moreover, you will not have trouble carrying out your scarification work with this device since this device has an ergonomic handlebar and a working width of 53 cm on which are 42 steel blades. 

In addition, thanks to its two large solid wheels, it will be easy for you to push this machine, but still expect the noise it generates while operating and also to collect waste from scarification.

Despite its size, you will be able to store this device easily, as its handlebars can be folded easily, which makes it really compact. In short, this professional scarifier would be very suitable for individuals who have a large garden!

Cramer Cara 60 Pro may not be the best performing scarifier in our selection, but it can satisfy you anyway.

  • A power of 3600W
  • A model made for large area lawns
  • A working width of 53 cm
  • A noisy device
  • No collection box

Buying Guide

The scarifier is the device that every hobbyist or professional gardener should have in his tool shed. With a good scarifier, you will give your lawn a second life and more, the grass will finally grow evenly. If you want to equip yourself with this gardening accessory, do not miss the advice we provide on our price comparison. 

In addition, you should pay close attention to the operations, specifics, and maintenance of the device before choosing a specific model.

How a scarifier works

Faced with the enormity of the models offered on the market, it is important that you take an interest in the multiple uses of a scarifier. This is the first step that you should take especially if you want to know how to buy a scarifier with better value for money.

The two types of scarifiers are razor-sharp mowers and mowers. These devices work differently. The knife scarifiers are powerful machines that work with an electric motor ranging from 1000 to 1800 w, and with a gasoline engine from 1.8 to 5 HP. 

These scarifiers do a double job, as they not only rid the lawn of moss but also rake weeds. Lawn mowers that have teeth or claws only clean the top layer of the lawn. To allow the whole family to be able to use them, all models of scarifiers are equipped with a folding or adjustable handlebar, which optimizes the ease of work.

The drip tray is optional on the scarifier and the mower. While some models are equipped, others are not. The problem with scarifiers without a drip tray is that you are going to have to pick up the waste. 

Read reviews and pick the best chainsaws option for your game!

Focus on the specificities of scarifiers

The specifics of scarifiers depend above all on the brands, which is why this buying guide for the best scarifiers recommends that you choose the device according to your garden. Scarifiers can also be manual, and these models are recommended if your lawn area is less than 100 m². Beyond that, you could opt for electric models or thermal models.

The most efficient mowers are equipped with 20 teeth or 42 claws. As for the scarifiers, choose directly the models which are equipped with 38 knives that are cut in hardened steel. 

With these models, you will better work your garden. Since scarification is not practiced in a small part of the layer of the lawn, prefer machines that are equipped with an aerator.

Maintenance and safety rules

Scarifiers never clean themselves with water. At the end of the job, it is a good idea to clean the teeth and knives with brushes. Before servicing the engine, you should remove the spark plug from the engine and replace it if it shows signs of wear. The air filter must be systematically cleaned after about 30 hours of use. 

The oil level should also be cleaned regularly. Yes, scarifiers are huge maintenance operations and if that bothers you, the manual models are for you.

Now the scarifiers will have no secrets for you and you can now focus on the question: where to buy a new scarifier?

Keep your garden green - use a scarifier

To keep your lawn green, it is necessary to scarify it at least once a year. In order to accomplish this task easily, you will need to arm yourself with the correct device.

The importance of scarification

If your lawn is gradually losing its greenery despite your regular maintenance, it is certainly because it is no longer receiving enough nutrients. This can be due to the various residues that have accumulated on its surface and which ended up forming a thick layer preventing water from reaching the ground. 

This layer is called felting and it is made up of intertwining roots, grasses and dead leaves. Felting can also be moss that has formed due to moisture and acidity in the soil. Not only does it prevent water from passing properly in this case, but in addition, it also prevents air from circulating cleanly between the sheets. 

This causes the rapid degradation of your garden. In addition, water is not absorbed by the roots, it accumulates and further promotes rot of the grass.

Therefore, to prevent this layer of felt from damaging your lawn, it will have to be removed as soon as it becomes too present. But since it takes a long time to form, scarification will only be necessary at most twice a year. If you do more, your lawn will not benefit from it, as you will degrade existing soil and foliage.

Moreover, this scarification is only ideal when the soil is neither too dry nor too wet. Therefore, it should be done in early spring, around March to remove the various debris accumulated in winter. And in autumn, around October before the first frosts. 

In this case, it will have to be carried out to limit the accumulation of residues during the winter. However, there are no specific rules about when to do this. If you notice that your lawn is choked with moss, you can start scarifying right away. 

On the other hand, if it is still in good condition, this procedure will not be necessary since it will mainly aim to renew your lawn. Be aware of this fact that if the latter is still young under 3 years old,

This technique simply involves removing the layers of moss and felt that suffocate the grass. After this process, the latter will once again be able to absorb the nutrients it needs to gradually regain its former greenery. In addition, scarification forces the grass to renew its roots instead of growing in length. It will thus become more resistant.

The stages of scarification

Before carrying out a scarification, some measures must be taken. And once the operation is complete, other additional steps will also be necessary to finalize the maintenance of your garden.

To start with, once you've chosen the right time, you will need to mow your lawn to a height of about 2 cm. Then, it will be necessary to adjust your scarifier so that it scrapes the ground only to a maximum depth of 4 cm. Indeed, if the scarification is too deep, the process could pull out the roots instead of aerating them. 


For best results, scarify your garden lengthwise and then wide to avoid oversights or shallow scarification in some places.

Once the waste has been torn off, all that remains is to collect it using a mower fitted with a grass collector or similar tool. However, be aware that the performance of scarifying machines equipped with a container for sucking up debris is generally poor. Therefore, they are not always recommended.

Waste after scarification can be processed to make compost. And the few remaining residues can be used as natural fertilizers to regrow the grass. This is not always sufficient, however, as some areas are likely to be completely bare after scarification. 

You will then need to spread a little fertilizer on these surfaces so that they can be replenished. Finally, avoid trampling your lawn for a few days after scarification so that it can recover properly. And don't forget to water it regularly.

Tools to have for scarification

It is possible to manually scarify with simple tools, but it can be very boring. If the area of ​​your lawn is large enough, motorized devices will be more efficient and recommended.

Note in this case that a scarifying machine at first glance looks like a mower. The difference lies above all in the way he works. A mower cuts at the height of the grass and on a horizontal plane while the device which will scarify the lawn scratches the surface, on a vertical plane, in order to tear off the moss.

If your lawn has a small size of less than 50 square meters, then basic tools can overcome this as there will be little felting on the surface. You just need to scrape the grass with a rake without reaching the roots in this case, in order to remove the various residues that have accumulated.

Otherwise, for a surface of approximately 500 m² maximum, an electric scarifying device will be more suitable. This limitation is mainly due to the fact that the device must be supplied with an electric cable. If you have power points allowing it to work at more than 500 m² then you can use it without any problem on a larger surface. 

The advantage in using this type of device is that there will be less effort to perform especially since it is an easy-to-use scarifier. However, we must not overlook the deafening noise that this type of device emits.

For surfaces exceeding 500 m², a thermal scarification device will be the best solution. These models run on gasoline and do not require any power cable. They therefore have a wider field of action and the advantage of being more powerful. Since scarification is not very frequent, the fuel costs associated with this type of device will not be significant.

Also note that depending on the model, the device used to scarify the grass may be equipped with either comb cutting tools, or other knife cutting tools. The comb-shaped tool only allows you to remove the moss under the surface while the one equipped with knives also helps to aerate the soil.

How to use a scarifier?

Over time, the lawn needs to be mowed and cleared of weeds and fallen leaves. It all depends on the quality and extent of the garden. Below we have determined for you the best way to maintain your lawn as well as the right appliance models to bring it to life.

Always use the scarifier on a medium-sized garden

Take into account the extent of the garden to be mowed. With this device, you no longer need to iron the lawn several times because it is equipped with a collection tray avoiding having to clean behind. An electric scarifier is a tool that is used to aerate the grass and offers several possibilities for maintaining the lawn without damaging it.

Always water the lawn

To be able to roll on the grass, consider watering it. In this way, it becomes easier to dull the ground. Carry out the operation two days before placing the appliance on the lawn so that there is no difficulty during the task. The material can then move forward easily on a soft grass surface.

Consider the size of the garden

The choice of machine depends in particular on the size of the lawn. For a lawn with an area not exceeding 50 m², no need to spend a large sum on a sophisticated model. A light manual device with a working width of 32 cm equipped with 11 blades to better scarify the garden will suffice.

Always consider the length of the handle

Take into consideration the length of the neck, which is often between 150 cm and 180 cm, when choosing the instrument. Between the electric and manual scarifier, there is a big difference since with the latter you have to work your biceps. The shorter the handle, the harder it will be to reach tall branches.

Obtain a healthy lawn

If you have a thermal machine, you roll it over the slightly damp grass and you have a brand new lawn. Prepare the ground well before putting the tool in so as not to do the job twice. Remember to use the right machine for the area to be mowed.

Try to use several variations of scarifiers

Admittedly, these are machines that only mow lawns, but they can give a completely different view of the garden depending on the type of machine. Electric, thermal or manual, each tool provides a unique result typical of each category.

Always ensure that waste is collected

After passing the machine, check that the waste is properly stored in the bin. Even after a small touch-up, repeat the same movement, regardless of the size of the surface, because it is enough to come and go with the scarifier so that all the debris disappears and the lawn is well ventilated.

Keep your scarifier for several years

To avoid damaging the blades with each use, always make sure to clean your lawn of gravel and pebbles before walking the device. These obstacles are indeed caught in the blades and can even sensitize the engine.

Most popular brands

Although you clean your lawn often, plant roots and dead leaf debris over the days still manage to form a felt, a layer that suffocates your grass and interferes with its growth. To remedy this, we use the scarifier which will tear it apart to allow water, fertilizers, and air to reach the roots. In your quest, these few names come up often.

Bosch has come a long way since November 1886, a journey filled with social commitment and a spirit of innovation. The workshop for precision mechanics and electrical engineering at that time, without counting its founder Robert Bosch, had only 2 employees. 

Today its activities go beyond the borders of Germany and make many happy around the world. Many see the brand as one of the world leaders in the manufacture of DIY tools.

It is not only DIY that the brand has specialized. It also designs garden maintenance devices such as the scarifier. Its modern models look great and inspire performance at first glance. From the 14 blades to the 10 double-claw steel blade products, all remain synonymous with strength and a job well done.

If Einhell has managed to survive all these years, it is thanks to a well-conducted management policy, but also controlled production and high quality of products and services. To name only its tendency to use recycled products for its packaging, this is already significantly reducing its production costs.

The fact of dedicating its products to several categories of consumers, namely for domestic use through the Classic / Home range, and professional through Expert is well thought out to already guide the consumer to the purchase. Like most of its products, its scarifiers are affordable. 

Electric models are lighter than those of the competition and more maneuverable despite a large collection box. Its machines are also adjustable for more comfort. The brand also markets thermal and wireless ones.   

The name Al-Ko, for those who don't know, comes from Alois Kober, its founder. This large group started from a modest locksmith that was founded in 1931 in Großkötz (Germany). Currently, it has several branches including GardenTech which we also know very well in garden maintenance and garden machinery. 

And if air conditioners and fans are the most talked about products for the brand, you should know that they also make gardening devices.

Its expertise in automotive machinery can be seen in the design of its scarifiers in the Combi Care Comfort range. We also have the Basic Care Classic range, as well as Powerline. In all of them, we notice the presence of electric and thermal models.

With water pumps, sprinklers, garden maintenance devices, household equipment, Gardena has won over many homes through its products. Its range of products is indeed the richest and includes various innovations intended for high-quality gardening. It is not only in France that it sells its products, it is found in more than fifty countries.

Gardena scarifiers benefit from a particularly compact and limited design in order to facilitate handling for owners, whether they are the small models equipped with Combisystem technology that allows the removal of moss, or the rakes-scarifiers for raking waste. There are also traditional electric scarifiers.

Makita cannot be missing from the list of the most sought-after brands by the public in terms of power tools. According to many, it is even among the largest manufacturers in the world. Its specialization in the repair and sale of transformers and electric motors will have earned it later, around 1950, to set up several prototypes of efficient and robust machines. 

Since then, it has filed 600 patents, which is a record compared to the competition.

Its Aparoli range of scarifiers has been a huge success with amateur and professional gardeners. They are available in different powers from 1300 to 1800 W.


How does a scarifier work?

The scarification operation, as we have seen, will improve the quality of your lawn and promote its growth. But how does a scarifier work?

What is the difference between a scarifier and an aerator?

You will certainly not have missed it, some scarifier models come with two rollers, the scarifier roller, and the aerator roller. These two accessories are all very important because they help to maintain your lawn well. Indeed, repeated passages and trampling on the lawn are responsible for its compaction, which can, if one does not pay attention to it, be fatal to the lawn.

When and how to properly scarify your lawn?

Scarification will only do your lawn good if it is done at the right time and in accordance with certain little rules which are more tips for success than anything else. Indeed, you do not get up on a whim to scarify your lawn. Knowing the principles of successful scarification means having the guarantee of a grass that is always strong and magnificent.

Riding mower scarifier: what is it?

The trailed scarifier or scarifier for a ride-on mower is a scarifier that you simply hang on your ride-on mower, whether electric or thermal. It is therefore an accessory but it is very practical for those who lack space at home to acquire a scarifier.

Why to buy a scarifier?

Do not confuse scarifier and lawn mower! Their functions are completely different. The role of the scarifier is to aerate the lawn by freeing it from invasive moss and plant debris. As they accumulate, they end up choking the grass, which can no longer grow properly because it lacks air, nutrients, and water. It is therefore a question here of restoring good health to the grass.

When to use the electric scarifier?

The frequency of use of the scarifier is only twice a year. Prefer spring (March or April) and fall (October). Make sure you wait until the ground is neither soggy (the knives would damage the lawn), nor too dry (the engine of the device could suffer), to make the passage in the best conditions and give your lawn a boost of energy.

How to use an electric scarifier?

It is equipped with claws or steel knives that pierce the asphyxiating felting of the foams and lacerate it by a rotary movement. Make sure before you start that the grass is short enough to pass the electric scarifier.

What is Lawn Mower best Manual or electric scarifier?

It all depends on the size of your garden. Beyond 50 m², manual lawn scarification can become very laborious. If it is economical, the overload of work is consequent.

What depth of penetration must set in Lawn Mower?

You must adjust the depth of penetration according to the humidity of your soil (from 2 to 4 mm). Remember to collect scarification waste if you are not equipped with an integrated bin.




















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