Best Electric Water Heaters Reviews 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Last updated on January 12th, 2020

After the too much arrival of different companies and models in the “Water Heaters” industry, this is quite tough to pick a best water heater that is exactly made for the purpose we want. Many of us really get a normal product rather we receive an extra ordinary article while that is also available from where we own the one we spend money on. So solving this problem, I recently reviewed many water heaters and concluded a list of 10 best water heaters to make easier for those persons who want to have these water heaters for permanent use.

It is not less than a miracle when we are in bathroom and temperature is in minus outside and hot water comes out of the tap, but it can be converted into the real disaster when you come to know that your recent water heater is out of order and suddenly cold water comes on your body. This thing would never happen again because this guide includes top rated and durable water heaters and that too in fewer budgets.


Now there are too many questions being raised in your mind, but don’t worry answers to all the questions are mentioned below in the Buying Guide and Conclusion section of this article. All the mentioned water heaters are not only top rated, but they are also best in performance, economical in budget and durable with maximum capacity of water in it.  Give a look at the mentioned electric water heaters and you can pick any of them with closed eyes because are too much worthy.

1. Bosch Tronic 3000T – Convenient Hot Water

In the list of best electric water heaters, Bosch Tronic 3000T stands at top position on the behalf reasons in bulk. This electric geyser is minnow in size, but high in performance. If we consider its size and design, then pretty Wall-Friendly and can even fit under the sink. Its thermal efficiency is also so impressive, while the size dimension 17.5Hx14.5”.

If you are up to install this heater whether horizontally or vertically, then you can choose both of them because it can be installed vertically or horizontally. It has maximum capacity of 7-Gallon and has reliable water source whether at home or at office.

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The most important thing that I have noticed is its heating capacity that is 1440 watts, while temperature ranges from 65-145 maximum. I also got the brackets and Male NPT after I un-boxed this model.

  • Vast Mounting Options
  • Excellent Thermal Efficiency
  • Wall-Friendly
  • CFC-Free Foam Design
  • Not Largest Capacity

2. Ecosmart ECO Mini 2.5 – Best for Compact Space

Having less space at home or at office and you want to have a best electric heater that meet the needs even with narrow space, then Ecosmart Eco Mini 2.5 might be a perfect choice for you. This heater is double in performance than its original size and gives you instant hot water within few minutes. Another important feature of this heater is its recovery time because even the switch is turned off; you will be still getting hot water (Limited Quantity).

When we look into the hardware and powerful design, then it is for sure that Ecosmart is much stronger because its tank is made up of stainless steel that is pretty durable and also coated with anti-corrosion-material and bonded glass lining is also there to prevent from rusting.

Water heater with tank or without, this era is way too modern and mini gadgets are taking the nerves to the next level. The size of this model is pretty unique, but high in performance and best suitable for home or office use. Now a day the water heaters are not meant to be heavy, bulky or might in size and this model is the best example.

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Keeping the safety and precautions in mind, then this model is also perfect for that because it has simple design which is pretty reliable, on the other side it is certified and tested by CSA. This is quite easy to install because its installation process is quite straightforward and smooth.

  • Certified By CSA
  • Quick & Efficient Hot Water
  • Compact Design
  • Anti-Rust Material
  • Over Heating If Not Adjusted Correctly

3. Marey ECO 150 – Instant & Bulk Hot Water

If you are a busy man or family and you don’t have enough time to wait for the hot water to come out and even don’t want to skip you daily morning bath, then I would prefer you Marey ECO 150 water heater because it can perform as per your urgency.

And the best part that if you are a TECH Lover and trust smart technology then it might be a gift for you. It doesn’t only give you hot water, but also give you bulk hot water and that too quickly as well. Unlike others, this heater does not require any pre-heating.

On the other side, this heater also saves lots of energy because this heater does not require much electricity and can help in saving your electricity bill.  This electric heater is controlled by a micro computer, while the digital display and navigation helps you to understand easily and adjust the temperature with ease any time.

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If I give it a name of two in one then it would not be wrong because it can entertain two members with hot water simultaneously. Like if one person if taking bath, then other one can wash the dishes at the same time. If this heater is installed in your home or office, then it means you are not tension free and already get rid of hot water shortage.

  • Save Electricity by 60%
  • Digital Display
  • No Pre-Heating Required
  • Easy Temperature Protection
  • Microcomputer Controller
  • Need To Buy Few Extra Parts of Kit

4. Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus – Continuous Flow

Stiebel Eltron is one of the best companies in the geyser and electric gadgets and this company’ advanced and reliable model Stiebel Eltron Termpra 24 Plus is a proof of their excellence and domestic friendly approach. This electric heater might give you the best experience of continuous hot water flow and that too with an extra advantage of automatic water temperature maintenance.

Like mentioned above that the automatic water temperature maintenance helps in reducing the flow if demand exceeds the capacity and the hot showers will never be interrupted. On the other side, if we consider Space & Energy, then it is pretty fine for us because it saves space as well as energy. No venting is required, no extra space is required because it can be fitted anywhere within the inches.

Easy to use, yes this is one of the prominent features this electric heater because the advanced electronic sensors for the flow placed on the solid copper interior heating system helps in using the hot water easily.

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This model of electric heater is not only the top rated of Stiebel Eltron Company, but overall this is a top rated one amongst others too. The best part of this electric heater is that it comes with 7-Year leakage warranty and 3-year spare parts warranty.

  • Smart Technology
  • Continuous Flow
  • Space & Energy Saver
  • Easy Operation
  • Warranty Included
  • To Be Installed by Professional

5. Hayward HP21404T – Durable & Effective

According to me this is a master piece being an electric water heater on the behalf of too many reasons, but it works so perfectly in giving the continuous flow of hot water. The big technical factor behind its efficient performance is its acoustic compressor.

The unique design and mechanically perfection makes this electric heater a “Pro” in the industry of minnow electric heaters.  It has an Ultra-Gold corrosion evaporator fin that is made for extreme durability. To avoid from rust and deterioration, it has durable injection molded UV-resistant body panels on it.

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The round design is especially made for the easy fitness and installation that takes less space on equipment pad.  You may this electric heater best for your home or official use and no doubt it deserves to have that tag too.

  • Acoustic Compressor Cover
  • Ultra-Gold Corrosion
  • Titanium Heat Exchanger
  • Durable Injection
  • Round Design
  • Only Black Color

5 Best Electric Water Heaters

The above mentioned list of Best electric water heaters is much more recommended as well because they are also among the top rated ones and you can also buy any of them with closed eyes.

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