Best DSLR Stabilizers & Gimbals Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

If you invest thousands of dollars in buying expensive DSLR Camera and that too for the excellent video content, but you ignore the video stability element or equipment that are important for the video stability, then you are wasting money on DSLR and time in working way very hard to bring perfection into the shoot.

Not every tech guy is unaware of the fact that smart work is better than the hard work, isn’t? And that too comes after experiences. I have also spent a lot time in making videos with DSLR for too many purposes, but later found that I was fool until I reached to the point where I realized Gimbals are too important, In fact DSLR without Gimbal is like holding a camera of early 2000s in hand.

That part of my thought insisted me that I may stick to the wrong gimbals because not every Gimbal is excellent or good for DSLR. Then I went for testing few and I did not hesitate in doing that because I bought an expensive camera and I was not afraid of investing few dollars in buying a much important accessory to take my videos to the next level of creativity that could amaze the viewer.

So I did too many experiments, test many DSLRs and did my research in my own way. Although it took my lots of time and money, but I was willing to do that. So after testing, buying and experimenting different Gimbals, I decided to compile a list of 10 Best DSLR Stabilizers & Gimbals that is mentioned below. The good thing about my reviewed DSLR Gimbals (Stabilizers) is, mostly of them are two in one like Mobile & DSLR Friendly.

So give few important minutes of reading the reviews including PROS & CONS of these products with prices and features you may need.

1. Zhiyun Weebill Lab 3 – Perfect Stabilizer

This is one of the finest and perfect DSLR Stabilizer & Gimbals I have found during the testing phase and you would also love to have this in your studio for making professional videos or outdoor travelling Vlogs. Yes you read it right, I did these both things together as I used this Gimbal in my studio for video shooting and then I went out of city taking this gimbal with and it worked beyond my expectations.  And you know what? I also tested this Gimbal with my Mobile (iPhone) and the result was amazing.

Two main features in this Gimbal I loved the most are its touch sensors and buttons placed on the handle. Yes, you will not have to take fingers to the DSLR menu button to Play or Pause the video and professionals know the importance of these buttons because away buttons distract the mind a lot.

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I was running on the camp side while shooting the video and when I watched the video of that specific part, I was really shocked to see that video was shockingly so stable that shoots were taken through drone camera which was taking a low ground flight. Yes, there are few draw backs of Zhiyun Weebill, but they have nothing to do with ruining your video shots.

  • Two In One (Mobile+DSLR)
  • Easy To Carry
  • Light Weight
  • Solid Hardware Material
  • Buttons Near Handle
  • Best For Professionals & Beginners
  • Compatible Design
  • Excellent Battery Timing
  • Little Expensive
  • Needs Some Manual Improvements

2. FeiyuTech A2000 – Solid Grip Perfect Stability


If you ever used DSLR Gimbals & Stabilizers, then you must be familiar of Feiyutech as this is a dedicated Gimbals manufacturing company and yes they have also revolutionized the industry of Gimbals by introducing modern master pieces.

A2000 Model of Feiyu Tech is an excellent product designed and made by this company ever is one of the popular Stabilizers as well. Many Youtubers and Professional Photographers have shown their keen interest in using this model (FeiyuTech a2000 Axis 3) after its initial launch. During my use, I found this Gimbal a powerful item that is able to carry a Camera that weighs more than 5 Pounds (3 KGs) and that made me do not think any more about camera weight impact.

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Another good thing is it’s joystick that helps in controlling the camera as well as balancing the dimension and angels of camera while shooting in different modes. Well, the added an amazing feature (Hardware) in its design that you can handle this Gimbal with both hands as it comes with both, single and double Handle Grip. Now you don’t have to pay to other companies for double handle grip.


  • Panasonic: GH5, GH4
  • Canon: 5D3, 5D4, 6D, 80D, 7D2
  • Sony: A99, A77, A9,
  • Sony: A7s, A6300, A6500
  • Nikon: D1810, D750, D610, D7500

If you are not a professional or beginner photographer, then the double handle grip is surely going to help you in shooting the marvelous stable videos and anti-blurry pictures. You must not think about the money you are investing because you are actually buying a perfect Gimbal or Stabilizer that is much lightweight, stylish in look and easy to handle design.

  • Single & Double Handler
  • Easily Carries Heavyweight Cameras
  • LCD Touch Screen
  • Moves All Angels (360 Degrees)
  • Compatible With Many (Not Optional)
  • Little Slippery from Bottom Handles
  • Expensive

3. Zhiyun Cane 2 – Excellent Compatibility

I used Zhiyun Cane 2 with both Mobile and DSLR, and it helped a lot in making the perfect video content that I was looking for. First of all, the thing that attracted me first its features because this Stabilizer has too many features which other gimbals were lacking till my experience came to this perfect piece. I repeat, the features in Zhiyun Cane 2 are amazingly director friendly ones.

Well, I don’t know what important things you prefer and put on priority in Stabilizers while shooting, but I put “Grip” and “Handling” on first priority because this is what Gimbals are made for. Zhiyun is excellent in gripping and handling as it’s not that messy and fishy to grip.

It also comes with the dual handle grip like Feiyutech and its grip amazingly work better than FeiyuTech I must say. Although, you will have to understand the way its vibrators work and that can only be possible by a lot of practice.

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This gimbal owns a weight of more than 5 Pounds and that too because Aluminium is used in its manufacturing which helps this to become durable. While the Lithium-ion battery helps this stabilizers to last for continuously 12 hours, which is impressive.

  • Can Handle heavyweight Cameras
  • Long Lasting Battery
  • Strong Grippy Handles
  • Clear & HD Display
  • Tripod Plates Help in Transferring the Camera to Other Devices
  • Not Compatible With Nikon, But Actually Nikon is responsible for this
  • Little Bit Heavy in Weight (Not Too Much)

4. FieyuTech a1000 3-Axis – Elite & Easy To Use

If you were to take my opinion, then I would definitely rely on Feiyutech a1000 Gimbal because of its excellent compatibility with all the cameras and mobile phones trending the world currently.  I loved it’s vibrator that consists of a rolling motor which helps to get 100% stable videos whether using mobile phones or DSLR cameras.

This stabilizer is extremely lightweight that hardly weighs 1.7 Kilograms and can handle a heavyweight camera on it that advantage really impressed me.  This Gimbal perfectly compatible to many of DSLRs and their wide models as well as it can be connected with vast range of smart phones and that’s the versatility of this Gimbal.

Its PRO design makes this Stabilizer to rotate on 360 Degrees vertically and horizontally. Bluetooth helps you to connect your mobile phones easily with this Gimbal, if it does not happen, then you can use its dedicated remote control to do so both with wire and wireless.

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Moreover it’s automatically rotation feature allows you to shoot even time-lapse videos whether from mobile or Cameras and this is the exact symptom of a perfect DSLR Gimbal that a PRO can understand.

  • Light Weight
  • Automatic Rotations
  • Angled Rolled Arm
  • Widely Compatible
  • Easy Mobile Connectivity
  • Can’t Handle Heavy Cameras (Not More Than 2.5 KGs)
  • Expensive

5. Fosicam FM1-45 – Two In One (Mobile+Cameras)

The list of marvelous collection of DSLR stabilizers continues as I have test Fosicam FM1-45 and this Gimbal actually impressed me a lot and that too on the behalf of its stability and easy handling design. Although, this the most lightweight gimbal in my list so far because it weighs 1.8 pounds only and can carry up to 4 pounds weight cameras. It is also compatible with a wide range of DSLR cameras.

It also contains a built-in Bluetooth feature which helps in connecting with many smart phones with ease. Another advantage of this Gimbal is its Tripod legs which allow having a hands free usage with perfect stabilization on angel of your own choice.

While attaching it with the Sony Camera, it helped that charging as well which means it can have a power bank use, not sure with all camera but, it did with Sony Camera. Beside it’s compatibility with Sony as power bank, it is also compatible shutter with Sony, Nikon and Canon.

Another fantastic thing I found about this Stabilizer, than it can be used as “glidecam” that is not being offered by any other Gimbal in market. I don’t know in future if anyone allows, but currently not a single one is offering.

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This Gimbal can also be expanded in different parts on the bottom including 3/8 and ¼ that helps you to connect this gimbal with external devices such as microphones etc.

  • Excellent Stability
  • Lightweight
  • Can Handle Heavyweight
  • Two In One (Mobile & DSLR)
  • Easy To Setup & Easy To handle
  • Expensive
  • Needs Practice To Grip Perfectly

6. Roxant Pro – Low Priced & Best Grip

Well designed and cheaper in price, if you are looking for that Gimbal, then Roxant Pro could match and end up your search as this the best pocket friendly and easy to carry DSLR Gimbal I have found so far.  This is going to be a budget friendly purchase for the DSLR stabilizer finder because if you are seeking a Gimbal that too under $100, then Roxant Pro can be perfect choice.

Besides its pocket friendly attitude, the structure and design is not that bad too in fact it’s hand friendly I must say because of its strong grip and solid stability in the video. Like every other DSLR Stabilizers, this Gimbal has also few of the PROS and CONS, but eventually when you are using this gadget, you would actually start loving this one.

There were no shaky and less motion effects while making a video using Roxant Pro because I found that its grip comes with “No Slip” genre of material and of course that helped me in shooting a perfect video. I recorded video with Roxant Pro on vehicle with approximately 30 Miles per hour speed and the road was also not good, but this gimbal did not let the shaky video to record and it looked like a Drone Camera is recording a video.

At first look (Images on the Internet), I thought that it’s not gonna be suitable with the Smart phones because its design was not that impressive for mobile shooting. Later it arrived, I Un-Boxed it, used it with Samsung and iPhone, and the experience I got cannot be explained in words.

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Because of its structure and design, the mobile compatibility is actually a fun. Its elite comfortable Handle edition is a must buy. I would sum up my review of Roxant pro, you can shoot videos in tight space, on vehicles, on mountains, while running/walking and even on stairs.

  • Cheap Price
  • Easy To Assemble
  • Solid Grip (No-Slip Material)
  • Handles Heavyweight
  • Smooth & Stable Content
  • Durable
  • Single Handle
  • Less Expansion
  • Needs Practice

7. DJI Ronin-M3 – Highly Professional & Perfect Gimbal

This is actually a master piece in the world of Gimbals because of its excellent design, structure and compatibility limit which actually is unlimited. A solid DSLR Stabilizer that weighs around less than 5 pounds and that can handle the weight of four times more than its own weight. The users may find this highly expensive, but yes it does completely justice with its design and structure.

The two in one feature, like good for beginners and excellent for professionals at the same time. There are hundreds of advantages that I cannot mention here because it will consume your time. But I can mention few them without bothering your time because they are really important that must be in your notice.

It has long battery life that can lasts for 6 hours and that’s fair enough for a video or photographer to shoot continuously, the Auto-Tune stability works actually in the favor of camera man. The entire DJI Ronin M3 Gimbal is made of Magnesium Frame that allows exceeding the durability and strength.

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If you have an extra budget, then you can definitely go for the DJI Ronin M3 on the behalf of its structure and perfection in video stability. This Gimbal is compatible to all cameras and modern Smartphones. Its structure and shape is full of fun, easy to handle, strong grip.

  • Best For High Level Professional
  • Great Design & Shape
  • Durable
  • Long Battery Life (6 Hours)
  • Extensive Compatibility
  • Difficult to Setup
  • Big in Size
  • Highly Expensive

8. Beholder DS1 – Tiny & Powerful

Another small in size, but giant in performance DSLR Gmibal that I keep in my list on the behalf of its extremely friendly design, structure and price. This small gadget owes the weight of 2 pounds hardly and can bear weight more than 5 times of its actual weight.

I really wonder that how a small stabilizer can provide such an excellent stability, but that when I explored it, I found its premium features including 3-Axis Stabilization. There is an external remote control comes with this Gimbal and dual sensors also help the videographer to shot the stable and perfect video.

Now it’s turn of Compatibility, and of course this Stabilizer is compatible to vast range Mobile phones and DSLRs of different companies with different sizes. Especially Canon 7D/5D, Nex Series, Sony A7 arrangement, DMC series, D810 and Nikon D800.

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When we look at its design, its pretty solid and having a Grip-Friendly material. We can connect this with the external remote (With Wire ND Wireless Both), it also has 3 Axis with 360 Degrees with no dead enlargement.

  • Solid Build
  • Small in Size
  • Easy Balancing
  • Under $500
  • External Remote
  • Compatible
  • Mediocre Battery Life
  • Limited Motor Operation

9. ASHANKS HD2000 – Money Value

If you keep ASHANKS HD2000 in your watch list, then it does not deserve it because you must purchase it at least after reading my review about Ashanks. Yes, I mean it because this Stabilizer is an amazing product of a well known company and great in results, in fact what I wanted, I got it.

I assure you that it’s going to be perfect choice for you in future if you want actual stability during any physical situation (Walking, Running, Vehicle or Hiking). It helps you in shooting perfect and stable video at high and lowest angels.

Its built-in features help you making excellent videos on the behalf of its fine adjustment system of any direction. It also creates vibrations that help you in removing shakes moments and making a smooth video content for the viewer. It’s not a heavyweight DSLR stabilizer like others or as it looks like, but it can bear a heavy weight of more than 2 KGs.

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This is the best thing that a stabilizer can do and that stability adjustment in the video during your any state/position of shooting videos. While the design and material is so comprehensive that it allows us to make videos with relaxed mind rather worried if anything about to be broken. It is made of Fiber and aluminum and there is not plastic used in it which is really an advantage. It is compatible to many different cameras and smart phones.

  • Lightweight
  • No Plastic Body
  • Excellent Stability
  • Economical
  • Complicated, but Easy Adjustment
  • Long Screw

10. Dazzne HD-2000 – Cheap & Comfortable

The actual purpose of this DSLR Stabilizer is to help the professional videographers who love to make smooth and stable video in different angels and circumstances. This is highly compatible with the professional cameras, camcorders, DSLR Camera and Smartphones. Dazzne is not that heavy and can also bear weight of 5 to 7 KGs easily.

This DSLR Gimbal is having an excellent design and structure, while there is no plastic used in it as it is totally made of carbon fiber and aluminum.

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Another big advantage of this stabilizer is its price because a Gimbal with so much perfection in video and ranges around $100 is not that bad. It also has few extensive spare parts that help making a smooth video to the next level. Well, there are no compatibility issues you are going to face, because it helps you to connect with vast range of DSLRs, camcorders and Smartphones including iPhone.

  • Cheap
  • No Plastic
  • Comfortable Grip (Handling)
  • No Quick Release Plate
  • Needs Little Practice


Well, after putting a review of 10 Best DSLR Stabilizers & Gimbals, I am sure that you are gonna buy all of these because all of them are really exciting, fun to be used and come up with excellent compatibility features. So you must take the advantage of my reviewed product as I have tried to cover the best possible things and present in front of you.

If you are really curios, possessive and serious about your videos, then DJI Ronin, Fosicam and Roxant Pro may be the best DSLR Gimbals for your stable and excellent result oriented videos. Don’t bother in investing few extra bucks, but of course they are gonna worthy enough. This was the Best DSLR Gimbals reviews; you may also find drone cameras reviews better than your expectations.

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