Best Cordless Circular Saws 2023 (Latest) Reviewed – Comparison & Buying Guide

The Cordless Circular Saw is one of the essential tools of any good woodworking shop. It should even equip every home because we often need to saw if only a few planks or wood panels for various DIY jobs. Moreover, this tool has become widely democratized and is now offered by many brands and in a very wide price range. Faced with this huge choice, it is sometimes difficult to navigate, and comparing the different models is not easy.

It is not that easy to find the best circular saw because the range on the market is very wide. You don’t just have to decide on a design, you shouldn’t neglect the most important criteria such as performance, equipment, and workmanship. 

However, if you are short on time and just want to quickly make a good buying decision, you can follow our recommendation, as we have already done the research for you. So we can highly recommend Makita’s DSS501RTJ model, as the cordless circular saw impresses with high performance, very good equipment, and workmanship in conjunction with comfortable handling.

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Image Product Details   Price
backpac Makita DSS501RTJ 18V Power Source: Battery Powered

Speed: 700 RPM
Check Price
backpac Bosch Professional GKS 190 Item Weight : 4200 Grams

Voltage : 230 Volts
Check Price
backpac Festool HK 55 EBQ-plus Speed: 4500 RPM

Item Weight: 5 Pounds
Check Price
backpac Hychika CS-190C Power Source : Corded Electric

Voltage: 120 Volts
Check Price
backpac Makita HS7601J Power Source: Corded

Speed: 5200 RPM
Check Price
backpac Makita DHS680Z Power Source : Battery Powered

Item Weight : 7 Pounds
Check Price

Alternatively, the GKS 190 from Bosch is highly recommended as a corded circular saw because due to its solid construction, good equipment, and convenient handling, it offers very good value for money at a reasonable price.

Makita DSS501RTJ 18V 136x20mm – Variable cutting depth

Makita DSS501RTJ 18V 136x20mm – Variable cutting depth


  • Dimensions: 9.65 x 14.09 x 10.98 inches
  • Item Weight : 7.5 pounds
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Speed: 700 RPM

The Makita model prevailed in the test as the best portable circular saw with battery and therefore the test winner. The saw impresses with its extremely compact design, so that it can be easily operated with one hand and can even be easily guided along the wall.

You can freely adjust the cutting angle up to 45 °, the cutting depth is variably adjustable and the handling is very comfortable overall. As a kit you can order the saw with a carrying case, with two 5.0 Ah batteries, a protective cap and a charger, so you can get started right away, even if you haven’t used a battery yet. Makita cordless tools.

Despite the higher price tag, the bottom line is that it’s good value for money and if you’re looking for a compact cordless circular saw, you’ll get your money’s worth here. Of course, you have to accept reductions in performance compared to a wire saw, but for a battery powered model it is very powerful and reliable. However,

The parts are illuminated very well by the LED lighting and of course you can easily swap and replace the saw blade with a diameter of 136mm (20mm hole). The right tool is included.

  • Variable cutting depth
  • Angle adjustment
  • Scope of delivery
  • Maximum cutting depth

Bosch Professional GKS 190 1400 Watt 190x30mm – Cutting depth 70 mm

Bosch Professional GKS 190 1400 Watt 190x30mm – Cutting depth 70 mm


  • Dimensions: 7.87 x 11.81 x 3.94 inches
  • Power Source : Battery Powered
  • Item Weight : 4200 Grams
  • Voltage : 230 Volts

The Bosch hand-held circular saw has a compact design and impresses with a decent 1400 watts of power with a solid workmanship and a very low weight of 4.2 kilograms. Delivery already includes a hex key, a suitable saw blade as well as a suction adapter and rip fence, so you can get started right away.

With the 19cm saw blade model, you can also get good results in hardwood, and the cutting depth is also very good at 7cm. The angle is freely adjustable up to 56 ° and the cutting depth can also be variably adjusted. This, together with the right overall price, ensures that the saw offers excellent value for money. Compared to simple portable hobby circular saws, however, it is still a bit more expensive. However, it is also a Bosch Professional device that can cope well with higher demands.

Idle is very good at 5500 rpm and overall handling is very good thanks to the second grip and solid construction with low weight. Another advantage is that the sawdust is blown to the side so that the workpiece always remains free.

  • Cutting depth 70 mm
  • Price-performance
  • Power 1,400 watts
  • Not compatible with guide rail

Festool HK 55 EBQ-plus + 1200 Watt – Convenient and safe hinged guard

Festool HK 55 EBQ-plus + 1200 Watt – Convenient and safe hinged guard


  • Dimensions: 11.61 x 11.61 x 15.55 inches
  • Power Source : Battery Powered
  • Speed: 4500 RPM
  • Item Weight : 5 Pounds

The Festool circular saw is a very powerful 1200 watt saw in a compact design (4.4 kg) that can be used in many areas. Its price is high and only allows a maximum cutting depth of 5.5 cm; But it convinces with its excellent finish and very good equipment.

The cutting depth and angle (up to 50 °) are freely adjustable, a guide rail is already supplied and a carrying case and the appropriate connection cable are included in the delivery. The handling is very comfortable, which is due in particular to the remote control of the tilting hood, the guide wedge and the diving function.

The saw housing is made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, is very heat resistant, and cast metals are also used. It achieves speeds of up to 5,200 rpm, which is also sufficient for demanding jobs. The speed can also be set between 2,000 and 5,200 rpm. The bottom line is that the device offers very good value for money despite the high price tag.

  • Convenient and safe hinged guard
  • Integrated riving knife
  • The fast fix saw blade change
  • Power With 1200 watts
  • High Price

Hychika CS-190C 1500 Watt – Safety switch

Hychika CS-190C 1500 Watt – Safety switch


  • Dimensions: 15 x 11 x 7.7 inches
  • Item Weight : 11.73 pounds
  • Power Source : Corded Electric
  • Voltage: 120 Volts

The Hychika model is a very inexpensive but powerful hand-held circular saw for private use. It is equipped with a 190 cm saw blade with a 20 mm hole and two saw blades with different teeth (24 and 40 teeth) are also supplied. A guide ruler is also included in the delivery.

A laser equipped with button cells is installed on the front of the device, which allows straight cuts, even if you are working hands free and without rails. A rail is not available for the model.

Despite the very low price, the cutting depth and cutting angle are freely adjustable, which is not obvious in this price range. The maximum cutting depth at 90 ° is at a very good level of 65mm. The maximum speed can be freely adjusted up to 4700 rpm and, in addition to a safety switch, there is also a suction device. A suitable adapter is already included.

While you have to accept some compromises in the handling of the case and motor, the bottom line is that the price-performance ratio is very good. In addition, with about 4.5 kilograms, it is easy to handle and therefore can be used flexibly.

  • Safety switch
  • Aluminum guard
  • Optimized ergonomic slim grip
  • No rail guide
  • Overheating

Makita HS7601J 1 2 00 Watt Hand Circular Saw – Large cutting capacity

Makita HS7601J 1 2 00 Watt Hand Circular Saw – Large cutting capacity


  • Dimensions: 10.75 x 16 x 8.03 inches
  • Power Source: Corded
  • Speed: 5200 RPM

Like most models in our circular saw comparison, this Makita circular saw is mains powered. It weighs 4 kilograms and has a power of 1200 watts. The speed is 5,200 revolutions per minute.

Since the saw blade can be rotated, it is possible to make miter cuts with this Makita hand circular saw. The slope range is 0 to 45 degrees.

With a 45 degree tilt angle, the saw offers a maximum cutting depth of 46 millimeters. The saw reaches the maximum cutting depth of 66 millimeters at a tilt angle of 0 degrees. Changing the saw blade is extremely easy with this model thanks to the spindle lock. This hand-held circular saw can be used with saw blades with a diameter of 190 millimeters.

This unit is supplied with various accessories for portable circular saws. These include a hook wrench, rip fence, vacuum nozzle, carrying case, and carbide saw blade. The saw blade has twelve teeth and a diameter of 190 millimeters. Thanks to the suction nozzle, it is possible to connect a vacuum cleaner to the circular saw.

  • Large cutting capacity
  • Powerful 10.5 AMP motor deliver 5,200 RPM
  • Well-balanced and lightweight
  • Lower guard design
  • High Price

Cordless circular saw Makita DHS680Z – lightweight circular saw with LED light

Cordless circular saw Makita DHS680Z – lightweight circular saw with LED light


  • Dimensions: 7.8 x 14.02 x 10.43 inches
  • Power Source : Battery Powered
  • Item Weight : 7 Pounds

This Makita hand circular saw is a cordless hand circular saw. It is quite light at 3.1 kilograms. The saw can perform up to 5,000 revolutions per minute. The speed is adjusted automatically during sawing.

The delivery of this circular saw does not include a battery or charger. You must purchase these products separately. For this purpose, this model is offered with a carbide saw blade, rip fence, Allen key and suction adapter.

This model can be used with saw blades with a diameter of 165 millimeters. The cutting depth can be adjusted up to 57 millimeters. At a tilt angle of 45 degrees, the cutting depth is at most 41 millimeters. You can adjust the angle of this Makita cordless circular saw up to 50 degrees. At an angle of 50 degrees, the maximum cutting depth is 37 millimeters.

The Makita circular saw stands out with a fan and LED work light. Both features allow you to easily see the cut line. Other equipment features of this model are electronic engine brake, non-slip guide handle and battery capacity display.

  • Automatic speed change technology
  • Bl motor delivers 5, 000 RPM for faster cutting and ripping
  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Weighs only 7.3 pounds with battery
  • Little Bit makes Noise

Buying Guide

In order to choose a circular saw, you have a few parameters that vary depending on the model. By looking at these, you will be able to get an idea of ​​the capacity of the circular saw and appreciate if it can match your needs. Indeed, one of the first things is to define what you are looking for. A circular saw for occasional cuts in soft or thin woods is not the same model (nor the same budget) as a saw with high working capacities in hard and thick woods.

What is a circular saw?

A circular saw is often compact and usually has an electric motor. You can optimally use such a circular saw if you need straight and long cuts. In addition, these devices are perfect for making angle cuts.

Before using such a circular saw, you need to clamp a round saw blade into the respective model. As soon as you turn on the saw, it begins to spin. Now guide the saw over the workpiece by hand to cut it. Portable circular saws can be used to process different materials. It is important that you use an appropriate circular saw blade to cut the respective material.

Hand-held circular saws are mainly used for cutting wood. You can find different saw blades for wood in the market. A specially hardened saw blade is useful for processing hardwood. If you want to make precise cuts, a thin saw blade with 60 teeth or more is suitable for you. If you want to roughly cut a piece of wood, you can use a saw blade with rough teeth.

Many hand-held circular saws are not only suitable for woodworking. You can usually also use such a saw to process the following materials:

  • Metal: Portable circular saws are mainly intended for the treatment of so-called non-ferrous metals. These include, for example, aluminum, bronze, and copper. If you want to work on other metals with a handheld circular saw, it is often more laborious and dangerous.
  • P lastic: Using a hand-held circular saw, you can saw different types of plastic. This often succeeds without major problems. For example, with such a saw you can cut PVC, plexiglass, nylon, hard paper, fiberglass panels, laminate panels, and plastic profiles.
  • Stone: Some hand-held circular saws are even suitable for cutting through stones. You can use a circular saw for stone, for example, if you want to lay pavers. As a rule, models designed for stone processing are of high quality.

Different types of circular saws at a glance

There are many hand circular saws available on the market. The most famous models are classic circular saws, mini circular saws, and plunge saws. Which of these types is best for you depends mainly on the intended use.

If you need a high-performance saw, the classic hand circular saw is the idea. If lower performance is enough for you, a mini circular saw is an option for you. If you want to make plunge cuts, it is worth buying a plunge saw. We present the three types in more detail below:


The classic hand circular saw is widespread and is often referred to as a pendulum hole saw. Most of these saws offer at least 1000 watts of power. In addition, many of these models have a high depth of cut.

A classic hand circular saw is ideal if you want to cut rough wood. For example, you can also use this saw if you want to cut planks, hardwood floors, or squared lumber.

As soon as you guide the classic hand circular saw through a workpiece, the saw blade guard folds up. This reveals the saw blade and the protection looks like a hood. Once the piece has been cut, this cover folds up and thus returns to its previous position.

The saw blade is not open on a conventional circular saw. For this reason, you cannot make plunge cuts with a pendulum hole saw.


The mini circular saw offers a more compact design and lower weight compared to the conventional device. As a result, most handheld mini circular saws are easier to use.

A mini circular saw is ideal for making fine cuts and for small repair jobs.

The downside of mini circular saws is their performance. Usually, a small circular saw is less powerful than a large one. At the same time, most mini circular saws have a shallower cutting depth. However, many models are suitable for processing harder materials such as tile and metal. However, this does not always work without problems.


Unlike a conventional hand-held circular saw, the motor saw blade, and the base plate of a plunge saw are not connected to each other as a single unit. The saw blade of this model can pivot freely downwards. If you direct the motor with the saw blade towards the workpiece, the saw blade will come out of the housing so you can cut the workpiece.

The special thing about a plunge saw is that you don’t necessarily have to start cutting with this device at the edge of the workpiece. Instead, it is possible to start in the middle of the room and thus perform plunge cuts.

Plunge saws are great if you need to cut something in a workpiece. For example, you can use these models well if you need a cutout for hobs, a sink, or a ventilation duct. In addition, plunge saws are useful for precise and fine sawing work. Many plunge saws also have a shadow space stop. These models are also intended for sawing shaded spaces.

One of the disadvantages of plunge saws is the purchase price. Plunge saws are generally more expensive than conventional models. In addition, many plunge saws have lower performance. Therefore, they are often not suitable for processing stable materials.

How do I find the best circular saw for my application?

Type is not the only feature that sets different portable circular saws apart from each other. There are also many other aspects that vary from model to model. With us, you will find many of the most important purchase criteria for circular saws. If you want to find the best circular saw for your application, it is a good idea to consider the following criteria, among others:

  • Performance: Performance tells you how fast you can work with the circular saw. Most models have power between 1000 and 2000 watts. A small circular saw, on the other hand, is often equipped with a lower power between 400 and 800 watts.
  • L is speed: Manufacturers generally indicate the speed in revolutions per minute. So the speed normally indicates how many revolutions the circular saw blade can make in one minute. Speed, like the diameter of the saw blade, is a deciding factor when it comes to the speed of the circular saw.
  • Cutting depth: The cutting depth indicates how deep you can cut into the workpiece with the saw. An inexpensive circular saw sometimes offers a maximum cutting depth of 40 to 50 millimeters. These saws quickly reach their limits. It is, therefore, more advisable to choose a hand circular saw with a higher maximum depth of cut. Some models even have a maximum cutting depth of 70 millimeters. 

    The cutting depth depends on the diameter of the saw blade and the angle of inclination. You can achieve a greater depth of cut at a 90-degree angle and by using larger diameter saw blades. If you want to buy a hand-held circular saw, it is best to check in advance whether the cutting depth is continuously adjustable.
  • The tilt angle: If you want to saw a miter, it is advisable to choose a hand circular saw with a swivel range. Because you can tip such a saw. Most models have a 0-45 degree tilt function. A professional hand circular saw is often equipped with a higher tilt range. It is advantageous if the saw is provided with an inclination angle scale. This makes it possible to adjust the tilt angle exactly.
  • Quality: A good circular saw has a high-quality finish and is extremely stable. If some components wobble and are unstable, dirty cuts can occur quickly. So it is better to make sure that the saw is of high quality.
  • The weight: The weight has a great influence on the handling of the circular saw. Many models weigh between 4 and 7 kilograms. Mini circular saws sometimes weigh less than 4 kilograms. If a circular saw has a low weight, the work is often not that hard. This is especially true for work at height as well as for working with one hand. However, a light hand circular saw is generally less powerful.
  • The saw blade: Most hand circular saws come with one or more saw blades. It is advisable to look at the number of teeth and the diameter of the saw blade (s). A larger diameter allows for greater cutting depths. The number of teeth determines the precision and cleanliness of the cuts. When purchasing a handheld circular saw, also check how to replace the circular saw blade. It is convenient if it can be done as quickly and easily as possible.
  • The connection for a suction device: Many hand circular saws have a connection for a suction device. You can usually connect a conventional vacuum cleaner through this. This sucks up shavings and other impurities as you work. It keeps the workplace clean.
  • The rip fence: Almost all circular saws come with a rip fence. This is useful if you want to cut several perfectly fitting pieces. Using a rip fence can be done without having to constantly mark the cut with the saw.
  • Cable length: If it is a mains-powered model, the cable length is a deciding factor. A long cable is advantageous so you don’t always have to use an extension cord.
  • Characteristics: Some models have additional practical functions. Some hand-held circular saws come with LED lighting so you can see the cut line better. Other models offer a laser that shows the saw line. There are also hand-held circular saws equipped with a fan function. This feature removes chips on the saw line so you can more easily follow the cut line.

Did circular saw with battery or cable – which variant is better?

Most circular saws are electric circular saws. These are powered either by mains or by the battery. Mains-operated devices and models with batteries have advantages and disadvantages. We describe them in more detail below.

The circular saw with cable:

A mains-powered circular saw has a cable. To turn on the saw, you must plug the saw into an electrical outlet using the cord. Thus, these devices are not suitable for mobile use, as a mains-powered circular saw will only work in places where there is an outlet nearby.

In turn, mains-operated models are distinguished by fundamentally sustainable performance. As long as the mains current is stable, you can saw with these devices without interruption. A hand-held circular saw with a cable is therefore very suitable if you want to use the device continuously for a long time.

  • Superior performance
  • Continuous use possible with stable power supply
  • Depending on the mains current
  • Equipped with cable

The cordless circular saw:

A cordless circular saw impresses above all with its mobility and flexibility. You can use such a saw regardless of the sector. You can use it even in remote places without an extension cord. You can also benefit from a cordless circular saw on construction sites. Often there is an unstable power supply here, so a portable circular saw with a battery is advantageous. In addition, there is no annoying cable with such a saw.

The downside is that these hand-held circular saws are sometimes heavier because of the battery. In addition, battery capacity and battery performance are limited. Therefore, these models are not ideal for more demanding projects. If you want to work with the cordless circular saw for a longer period of time, it is worth having a spare battery or several spare batteries available.

  • Mobile use

    High flexibility

  • No annoying cables available

  • Mostly underperforming

  • Limited battery life


A circular saw is often compact and usually has an electric motor. You can optimally use such a circular saw if you need straight and long cuts. In addition, these devices are perfect for making angle cuts.

To keep your circular saw in good condition for many years, it is advisable to maintain it regularly and properly. To do this, we advise you to process the following different elements.

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