Best Beard Trimmers In 2020 Reviews – Buyers Guide

Last updated on January 10th, 2020

In today’ era, it’s not just shaving or trimming your beard but its all about style and fashion because beard is the master weapon of a man to have and look handsome than other. This is the era of internet and access to style is way easier than the old days. Too look charming and handsome, you must give few minutes in trimming your beard as well as spend few money in buying the best beard trimmer.

Many guys and men have spent lots of money in buying different useless trimmers that have only wasted their money and time, but now this “Buying Guide” will not let them do this again. I have gathered data and compiled a list of 10 best Beard Trimmers for any kind of beard whether it is long, hard, soft or curly. So, you can now buy any trimmer which you think is best with closed eyes.

There are few basic and important elements on which behalf these trimmers are reviewed and these reviews are also based on few self experienced beard or Mustache trimmers that are done by me. So the factors and important elements are mentioned, please take a short look at these ones.


Clips or Blades: A trimmer who contains beard/mustache friendly blade is really a cool thing because many of us face this issue because we need a kind of Blade/Clip which can adjust according to the density which we want to have. So these 10 best Beard/Mustache Trimmers are ones who have this quality and their blades/clips are super friendly for that purpose.

Waterproof: As we have idea, that many guys want to trim their beard with wet beard/mustache on the behalf of the nature of their beard, so few among the mentioned ones are waterproof trimmers and this quality is also labeled over there.

Hard/Soft/Curly Beard or Mustache: If you think that there is a special kind of beard trimmer according to the strength of your beard, then I must say that you are wrong this time. All the mentioned beard trimmers in this buying guide are easily adjustable as per to the beard nature whether they are soft, hard or curly one.

Charging or With Wire: if I had to write few technicalities here, then I have too much to write on this topic, but saving your precious time. I would write the important ones and this is few of them to have excellent battery timing or with wires. All of the mentioned best mustache/beard trimmers are rechargeable.

Note: I won’t write the guide on how to use the beard trimmers because you would get a user manual with each trimmer in its box after you open it. And the entire method is written on it.

1. Remington PG6020 – Perfect Trimmer

According to me, Remington is my first choice and there are thousands of reasons for picking up this excellent beard trimmer and I would really love write few among the thousands. This is a waterproof trimmer having adjustable blade according to the nature of beard/mustache or head hairs. This is a complete trimmer on the behalf of its price, durability and contains vast range of choices available in it.

This trimmer is just like a complete foil shave and has full-size trimmer, 3 Combs and hair clipper with maximum 14 different settings which means that it has all the capability to groom your beard and help in making a beard more stylish.

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The 14 settings in it will help you in trimming the hairs of Nose, Head hairs and even Ears, so why should I not call this a complete beard trimmer. This item once listed in the best selling item on AMAZON (No .1 Online Shopping Market Place) and that was totally justified because it has all the capability to have such status.

This (Remington PG6020) beard trimmer is actually a complete trimmer which is actually use able within any kind of men’ hair whether at head, face, neck, nose, chest and even ear, I won’t mention that place because I haven’t test there yet and fortunately will take the risk in future too.

  • Affordable Price
  • 14 Different Settings
  • Waterproof
  • Travelling Kit
  • Compatible With Any Nature
  • Foil Heads
  • Low Battery Timing

2. Wahl Lithium Ion – All In One

I must say that this is an all in one beard trimmer with all those features and different sizing modes that are required in making a stylish bread of mustache. Wahl is oldest trimming company of the United States of America and yes they deserve this top position too, because of their outstanding contributions to the beard industry.

Their Lithium Ion invention has helped many young guys and men to trim and cut their beard with the style-friendly theme.

This trimmer contains different sizing features while blades of this trimmer are really considerable that are self sharpening too. It has a complete grooming system while 4 multi-purpose attachments to perfect for any nature of hairs.

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You will also find a T-Blade, Detailed Shaver, Rotary Personal Trimmer and Detailed trimmer for hair clipping, Mustaches, sideburns, body hairs, face, nose and ear hairs. The dual voltage helps in long lasting battery timing because it contains battery of 110v and 220 volts.

If you were to take my opinion to take my opinion then I would definitely suggest even recommend you to buy this Wahl Lithium Ion beard trimmer.

  • Long Battery Life
  • Excellent Quality Blade
  • Too Many Sizing Modes
  • Different Attachments
  • Cordless
  • No Waterproof, but Water Resistant
  • Little Loud

3. TRYM II – Gentle Stylish Trimmer

If you are using a stylish thing for your own style, then style is guaranteed because style can understand style, yes this is true and you would agree with me. This trimmer also managed to make its place in my list of the best beard trimmers and that is totally justified too.

Sleek, Modern in design and heavy in performance, I am talking about TRYM II trimmer and it looks more elegant when it is displayed in the bathroom. Now I would talk about its performance and technicalities.

This trimmer contains Stainless steel which don’t let pulling hair while using shaving or trimming the beards. Long lasting battery helps you to give full attention in making your beard stylish. 4 Trim Attachments are also there that help you in bringing the desired design and look of your beard.

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You will get a trimmer, cleaning brush, clipper, charging dock and 4-Trim Attachments. These are the main items that are mentioned while you will get much more than that when you will buy this stylish and best beard trimmer.

  • Stylish in Design
  • Satisfactory Trimming
  • Durable
  • Long Lasting Battery
  • Slow Charging
  • Tricky Use

4. Andis 4775 GTX Professional – Durable & Economical

If you are going to have a trimmer that can be used on professional level, then Andis T-Outline professional trimmer is actually made for that and you won’t be regretting after buying this one.  This beard trimmer can be used for dry shaving and fading at professional level.

This beard trimmer contains T-Blade of carbon steel that helps in close-cutting with Zero gapped. While the design of this beard trimmer is quite comfortable in holding. You will also get 8-Foot cord and hanger loop which would make its use easier.

Most of the beard trimmers acquire irritating blades, but this trimmer is opposite to them because its blades are quite soft and they do not irritate much whether you trim your mustache or beard. There are few drawbacks and flaws in this trimmer, but they are not even important to discuss here.

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  • Heavy Performance
  • Economical Price
  • Durable
  • Soft Blades
  • Fewer Variations

5. Philips Norelco BG2040 – Complete Package

If you are in search of a full fledge beard trimmer with all the extra-ordinary features then I might suggest you Philips Norelco’ BG 2040 model which is no doubt a complete package. This trimmer is not just made for trimming the beard, but body and head hairs as well. This is waterproof beard trimmer and what you need else.

It comes with alternative head shaver which means you can shave your head, does not matter how deep the density of your head is. You can count this trimmer as an excellent electric shaver too because it helps in shaving your head hairs as well as the face hairs.

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Whether for your professional use or domestic use, this trimmer is all in one and complete package gadget that can fit in easily. The auto angel making ability helps in trimming or shaving the hairs easily with comfort and the “Hypo-Allergic” technology helps in protecting your skin when you are up to shave or trim the hairs on even sensitive skin.

This trimmer acquires 5 different setting of length that start from 3mm to 11mm. Long thick head hairs, long beard, hard mustache or curly hairs, this trimmer can give clean shaving as well as length as per your desire. Another best part of this beard trimmer is its fantastic battery which can last for hours and you can use this for multiple times after once charged.

  • Trimmer + Shaver (2 In 1)
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Long Battery Life
  • Affordable Price
  • Need To Buy Extra Battery

List of 5 Best Beard Trimmers 

There are few best beard trimmers that I have found best for you on the behalf of too many reasons. You can also buy any of among the following available with close eyes.

Philips Norelco Series 7200 Check Prices
Panasonic ERGB40S Check Prices
Braun Series 7790CC Check Prices
Philips Norelco 5100 Check Prices
Braun Trimmer BT7040 Check Prices

Buying Guide

After the arrival of too many companies worldwide, it is very important that you must go through a buying guide that can lead you to the excellent purchase and you should avoid buying the fraud ant’ gadgets just on the behalf of attraction. There are few important things that you must keep in mind while buying the best beard/mustache trimmer out of many. These important things are mentioned below.

 Length Adjustment

The most important thing of any trimmer/shaver is adjustment of blades for desired length of beard or hairs. Any shaver/trimmer will be perfect choice for you if you buy that trimmer which has maximum length settings and minimum 8 recommended from my side.


The second thing you must notice that if a trimmer is waterproof or not, but if you have no intentions to shave or trim your beard/mustache in wet atmosphere, then you should not bother this condition.

Battery Timing

Mostly men and young guys have hard beard that comes rapidly after shave or trimming and they use twice or thrice a week. It means they must take this thing seriously because in busy life, you can’t wait for the charging and that’s why you should have a trimmer which has a long lasting battery.

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