Why is 3D Pens Useful For a Child From 7 Years Old

Starting at the age of 7, children are actively developing abstract thinking. This means that they are able to fantasize voluntarily, without being tied to the images and ideas that are fixed in their memory.

Therefore,  toys for children 7-12 years old should promote the development of creative thinking. 11 Best 3D Printers – Top Choices For Work and Home Use.

And what can help develop a child’s imagination better than drawing? Especially if he draws in 3D space with a pen and can see with his own eyes how a cube differs from a square and how volumetric figures are obtained. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of a 3D pen.

The 3D handle can be used in many different ways. The child can draw with it like a regular pen or create with its help favorite characters from fairy tales. You can also make fridge magnets or key chains from your child’s drawings.

– The 3D handle “grows” with the child. Just as drawing skills only improve as children grow older, so the ability to use a pen grows every year. If at the age of 7 a child will draw mostly simple figures, then at 10-12 he will already be able to surprise you with his interesting drawings. And even all adults find useful use of 3D pens. For example, an American couturier uses it to design fashionable dresses. 12 Best 3D Pens – Create Worlds You Can Touch (For Kids, Hobbyists, Professionals)

– 3D pen develops your child’s imagination. It’s like drawing, only better =)

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